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Thursday, December 27, 2018

Doth How We Hate Liberal Media.. Let Us Count the Ways

God how we hate liberals..   deeply, Deeply, DEEPLY so..

Especially the media.

Remember Monday.. Christmas Eve day.. Dow drops 650 points because of partial government shutdown fears and by implication that Trump is an asshole who doesn't know what the hell he's doing

Remember all scare tactics that this was the beginning of great big pullback that would lead to a massive run and then look out.. 2008 all over again..

Remember that?
Yesterday, the first trading day after Christmas the Dow went up 1,086 points to close at 22,878

Where are the liberal feces in the media to report that turnaround?

The feces ridden media then made a big deal that Trump had not ever visited the troops in all his time in office compared to the black tar Obama who visited within the first couple months then rewarded' the troops by keeping them there the full 8 years of his Presidency
Then Trump went over to Iraq on Christmas evening.. The troops were incredibly excited and he told them that his goal was to bring them home like he will be doing in Syria as soon as possible

The liberal fuck media covered it briefly.

Then they kept making a big deal over the last couple days over the partial shutdown as if it meant something to most of the 320+ million Americans who function perfectly well without the Federal government and its contingent of lifetime security employees
Remember the government shutdowns of 1995 & 1996 between Bill Clinton and the Republican controlled Congress?

Most likely not..    Why?  Because it wasn't worth remembering just like this partial shutdown will not be remembered by anyone

Besides, no one is ever affected in any meaningful way from a shutdown since welfare, Social Security. food stamps, etc never stops being delivered to those who need it (and many in some urban communities who do not)
And if let's say Trump wins, gets his $5 billion and the partial shutdown ends?

You know those deeply despicable people will never give Trump credit

One bullshit sensationalist non-news story after another

No one knows what the future will hold in 2019 but right now.. this second.. this very moment, Trump's first 2 years in office while not perfect is the best of any President in post WWII America, accomplishing more and boosting the overall economy greater than any before him
And the liberal hate is so distorted and mentally sick, they can not and will not give a great President who was far superior to their mulatto mother-trucker any credit whatsoever, even daring to suggest Obama should somehow get the credit for a full recovery which never took place during his 8 years of hell..

Their hate makes us hate and the cycle goes on and on

And it is pretty pathetic when people of color have seen their unemployment rate go down 47% in just 4 years (2018 v 2014) and yet are so slave/plantation minded, they overwhelmingly voted Democrat in November's midterms in spite of Trumps constant nauseating pandering to those people including recent legislation to help ex-convicts (mostly black) find work after they're released
We don't expect donkeys to change how they think - asses be asses

We do hope in 2019, Trump starts changing back to the very aggressive, take no shit candidate that destroyed the competition among fellow GOP nominees and then that rancid dyke Hillary and not be conciliatory toward the bertuccia Nancy Pelosi

'Bertuccia is Italian for ugly old Italian woman
Sorry but it is impossible to speak even with basic neutral subtlety about a group of people who are just so genuinely rotten and evil to the core, and who control every single apparatus of public discourse and information gathering from news to entertainment in all its forms

We've seen liberals over the decades work in single minded concentration to destroy everything about America that is good and wholesome and moral and pure

Now they're in overdrive.
And those media outlets who claim to be conservative..  Actually they never have..  They are 'fair and balanced' or deluge the reader with endless 'gotcha' captions to get you to click to appease their advertisers

Few to no media outlet, establishment or otherwise speaks in brutally honest truth about the state of the nation and the world

We're happy to do it but certainly there must be others out there?

You'd think?!