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Friday, December 14, 2018

Economic Positives Galore

A week or so ago we provided very positive statistics to show how strong the US economy was for October even though the media refuses to cover it because its a positive for a man they all wish dead..

Sorry but we won't pussyfoot around it.  Liberals do think and wish it all the time which is why they are so despicable and deserving of a nice hard slap across the jowls

So what about for November?
We start with unemployment which remains at 3.7% for the third straight month

As written prior, since Nixon's 2nd term in the very early 1970's, unemployment in this nation has only been at 3.7% or lower only one month in the last 45 years up to the present and that took place in 2000.

In other words, to quote Tony the Tiger, the current unemployment rate is Grrreattt!
Every index that is positive for the nation is rising - non-farm payroll employment, real hourly earnings, the producer price index, productivity for non-farm businesses..

All positives which once again is why you've read, heard and/or seen virtually nothing on this

Since so many people like breaking Americans down into little identity group subsets, let's compare unemployment rates from November 2016  to at present
Nov. 2016 unemployment

Adult Men/Women/Teens - 4.3% / 4.2% / 15.2%

Whites/Blacks/Asians/Hispanics - 4.2% / 8.1% / 3.0% /  5.7%

Nov. 2018 unemployment

Adult Men/Women/Teens - 3.3% / 3.4% / 12.0%

Whites/Blacks/Asians/Hispanics - 3.4% / 5.9% / 2.7% / 4.5%
Every single category unemployment has gone Down since two years ago

People overall are just unappreciative of Trump, especially those who have found work in the last 2 years who were unemployed prior

Seems with many people when they're out of work, 'its the economy stupid' and when one is working, no one cares anymore about the rest of the nation and vote Democrat like asshole donkeys which the party skillfully represents
To drive this very important point home of how Wonderful and Amazing the President's economic policies have been, we're going to look at one more set of comparative stats, this time from November 2014 vs the present

Adult Men: 5.4% (2014)  --  3.3% (2018)   39% drop 

Adult Women:  5.3%  (2014) --  3.4% (2018)  36% drop

Teens:  17.7%  (2014) --  12.0% (2018)  32% drop
Whites:  4.9%  (2014) --  3.4% (2018)  31% drop

Blacks:  11.1%  (2014) --  5.9% (2018)  47% drop

Asians:  4.8%   (2014) --   2.7%  (2018)  44% drop

Hispanics:  6.6%  (2014) --  4.5% (2018)  32% drop
Just amazing to us that black unemployment has dropped a whopping 47% in just 4 years to its lowest number Ever and still so many of these deeply ignorant people still have that slave plantation mentality of automatically voting Democrat like they did these past mid-terms

How genuinely imbecilic must a race of people be to still hold deep hate for Trump and look back at that bastard Obama's administration with fondness and nostalgia

So many distractions.. So many evil, rotten, terrible people out there (liberals) wanting to destroy a good man who has done great things for this nation

There's a Joni Mitchell song with the lyrics 'You don't know what you've got til' its gone..'

Sure to shit hope people out there in the nation, the non-ideologues can appreciate Trump and vote accordingly in 2020 or this country is going to be severely you know what down the road