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Thursday, December 13, 2018

Even Great Presidents Need to be Professional

For today's post, we'll start with a true story which I promise will ultimately relate to a broader theme..

Earlier in the year yours truly needed some dental work done and since my old dentist had retired, I was forced so ultimately I found one based on recommendations of how good he was

The thing is, those who recommended him were not enthusiastic in their praise but just repeating he was very good at dentistry beyond the basics
So I went to my appointment and saw what they meant -- If you remember the TV show 'House' which was on Fox about a decade ago, and what a complete nutty asshole the character was i.e. a brilliant doctor with horrible bedside demeanor who constantly popped pills like candy, and acted like he wasn't all there..

Well that was my dentist

As an aside, 'House' was a modern medical version of a Sherlock Holmes...   Holmes..  Homes.. House..   Holmes liked heroin, House liked Vicodin, etc..
So anyways the dentist was good like they said and he did very competent work that normally one would have to pay 3x for with specialists

But in exchange I had to sit through someone shoving Rice Krispie Treats in his face in front of me while he talked & worked, had loud rock music blasting as he would sing off-key while drilling, would get nutty and fight with me over the slightest thing..

All those who worked for him treated the dentist with kid gloves - it was obvious this person at one time had a mental break down and even more obvious his staff were doing all they could to keep him calm and in the process, keep their jobs
In the end, the dental work held up, the guy really was skilled and yet in the process after many visits and many Many fights between us, I decided I would never go back again

Just got to be where his repulsive and unpredictable personality was more then I could take

And this brings me to Trump..
In terms of policy and actual legislation, we couldn't be happier..  A+ all around...  His defiant stance on keeping those backwards illegals out of our country alone is Mount Rushmore worthy..

Problem is we're starting to get more and more grated by all the little things that normally should not matter but on aggregate does

Being tired of the bitching and complaining on social media about things he has the power to fix himself is a biggie
We already mentioned how absolutely annoying it is that he keeps venting about the Mueller witch hunt, which it 100% is and how its wasting millions in taxpayer dollars (true too) but seems to forget he has the power to stop it at any moment and expresses in interviews he will not interfere


Sorta reminds me of a restaurant patron going nutty over needing another napkin or replacing a fork when all that person has to do is get up off their ass, walk 6 inches and pick up another set of silverware from another table
Then all this griping about funding the wall..  Could have sworn he stated during the whole 2016 election campaign that Mexico was paying for it

You would also have figured that while negotiating the new trade treaty to replace NAFTA, that this topic would have come up and devised a way to get them to fund the wall over time

So why ask Congress i.e. us to pay for it?

Also since the Republicans have control of both Houses of Congress for another few weeks, why isn't Trump working feverishly to push a bill for the $5 billion Now instead of whatever they're doing?
Then there's that little sparring match in front of the cameras on Monday..

We hate Pelosi and Schumer and everything they stand for, but that needless back and forth made us feel a bit ill - probably the first time we really felt Trump was not 'presidential'

And wasn't this the same so-called wonderful bitch that Trump said a few weeks earlier he wanted to see as Speaker of the House and would help her get votes?  ~eyes rolled~
Of course we understand why he did it.. They did not expect to be going back n forth in front of the public - they were blindsided and Trump was pissed from their abstinence on this issue and all the bad press of the last two weeks

But all leaders of all nations need to have some level of decorum and protocol or else one becomes nothing more than a caricature expressing pure buffoonery

It's one thing when crap TV shows like SNL and late night talk do it as mean spirited satire..  Quite another when one genuinely acts on one's own
We can tell at times Trump is frustrated and lacks the balls or at least word-choice to really attack in a way that actually matters

All that meeting did was made these black souled people along with the political evil they represent, want to obstruct, sabotage and destroy Trump even more than before

A President can be loud, boisterous, egotistical, a show off and say/do things to rub others the wrong way..   Nothing wrong with that

But a President can not become publicly unhinged - not even for a moment
For instance we admit it was fun to watch him attack the media and rip CNN's Jim Acosta a new asshole but it is also completely unnecessary and admittedly a bit disturbing he would bother to deal with someone so low on the significance meter

If yours truly was President and I held a press conference, I simply would not pick Acosta or anyone who treated me badly to get to ask a question, or verbally toy with them like Professors often do with students they don't like like

Or not even have the press conferences in the first place -- Done.
But being a President with a limited vocabulary who often repeats the same thoughts twice in the same sentences is sorta like a QB of a football team who can only hand off the ball to the running back

It makes all the loyal faithful concerned and restless

The vast majority of people do not feel any deep loyalty or connection to those meant to represent them..  This goes for Democrats and Republicans
Even we who support Trump quite often here really would not want to be friends with him or hang out with the man

Trump was elected by tens of millions of people to get things done; to push policy and an agenda which we as conservatives support and the reward for that is getting to enjoy all the little perks of being President

But few who support him want to see Trump act nutty or like he's lost control of his full faculties just like we're all sick and tired of him pandering to identity politics groups like any common piece of trash Democrat politician would

Ultimately behavior and how one conducts themselves matter
Presidents like doctors, dentists, attorneys and accountants do not need to be our friends but as people, we demand a certain professionalism and decorum from certain professions in order to gain our respect and trust

And we have concerns that Trump, a President we overall love, is slowly deteriorating based on this non stop onslaught of non-news and nothingness which the left keeps making a big deal about

Hope he uses the Christmas holiday to refresh and recharge..

Otherwise its going to be a brutal 2019 for everyone.