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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

How Accurate/Inaccurate is Racial Representation in Ads?

~ A still shot from a recent Wal-Mart commercial.. 

We write a lot of race and misrepresentation in pop culture especially advertising and many agree while others still roll their eyes and prefer to be like ostriches

If that's the posture one wants to take - head bent down in sand with exposed tush up in the air, that is your right even if you are wrong

But to emphasize the point we continually make, for today's post, we're simply going to go on different major retailer websites and describe what we see on those pages as of 2p-ish, New York time, 12/11/18 and you can double-check for yourselves if you wish
Before we start, there are some statistical facts you must know & remember so the attitude doesn't become one of a big delusional 'so what?!'

Blacks only represent 14% of the US population - 1 in 7

According to a Pew Research study, only 8.4% of marriages in America are interracial, with almost half being between a white and Hispanic..  Of all interracial marriages currently, only 11% are between whites and blacks 
Only about 5% of children today are bi-racial and of those who are mulatto, it is even less

70% of black children are born out of wedlock when its two black parents and when interracial, it jumps to a whopping 97%

OK..  now let's begin with Wal-Mart's web page
Since this post is not about sexual identity, we won't mention Ellen Degenerate's boy-face plastered throughout as Wal-Mart hard-pushes her product lines based on 'inclusion' rather than quality of merchandise sold..

At their top L to R scroll bar, at one point its a mixed family modelling PJ's - Asian woman, Caucasian man, and 3 mixed children..

When we click the 'Gifts for Her' and scroll, we see an Asian model wearing a shitty sweater from Ellen's clothing line then under 'Gifts for Him' a bi racial black man in his late 20s
Scrolling further down its 'Gifts for Kids'..  For girls its a black child with a Hispanic;  For boys, its two Caucasians..

As we go forward, you will see Wal-Mart actually had the better representation of whites on their website and it is not saying much

Now onto Target's web page..
Scrolling down to where its BOGO (Buy One Get One) for kids, it is an Asian child with a Hispanic boy and a rarity in ads - a blonde haired, blue eyed white child

Next to it under BOGO for sleepwear its a black man and dark Hispanic woman who could also pass for Eastern Indian

Scrolling down further, is a link to click for toys and the photo is a black child sitting on a toy car
Then further down you get to various categories, each represented by a picture - a light skinned black woman represents 'women' and a light skinned black guy represents 'men'..  A very light Hispanic girl represents 'children' and a white infant represents 'baby'

So clicking on 'women' we see a white woman model coats, an Asian model sweaters and then scrolling down, there's 4 models smiling.. the fattest one is white and blonde, the others are two blacks (one is heavy) and one Asian

Keep scrolling down and..  well you get the point..
Next is Macy's

Scroll down and under 'Kids Holiday Dresses', a Hispanic child and a mulatto and under 'Coats' the models are a dark skinned black and emaciated looking white..

The model for sweaters is white and for men's clothing, its an extremely pale-skinned black

A Hispanic child models kid's pajamas while blacks are chosen for Juniors, dresses and sport coats
Underneath all that is a commercial video to click..

 A white educated mother is asking her bi-racial child 'Isn't that beautiful?' as she looks at a piece of jewelry and her black educated husband then comes over..   Then you see this 'adorable' colored child shake some quarters out of her piggy bank so she can buy her Caucasian mother the gift..

So insipid and so unrealistic, we stopped watching.. 

If it was accurate, the interracial couple would be low class, she would have tattoos and possess no self esteem, he would curse her out in public, hit her in private and the child would have no true identity
Underneath was a picture of 9 people with the header 'Gift Guide'..   Let's count the beans  - 4 were black or looked like they had black blood, 4 looked partially or fully Hispanic and one boy looked Caucasian

It's all so fucking sickening, especially the video..  Nothing is accidental - the casting of models and actors in commercials are all purposeful and strategic..

To push product (they think) and to push boundaries of acceptance
Yours truly was actually in Macy's last night.. well, dragged by a friend and in the cosmetics and perfume section, nearly all the model photos on display around that area were colored.. 

Didn't see a single white woman not counting the specific actresses/models who are displayed to push Dior, Lancome, etc..

The really fucked up part is while most of the in-store advertising were blacks upon more blacks upon more blacks, the mast majority of customers in this crowded area and we do mean Vast, were White women!
One last website - Nordstrom, a very high-end store that most whites can not really afford to shop in, much less blacks though we admit credit cards seem to be the great equalizer and anyone with no money can buy now and pay later or default on their cards..

It starts with the header 'Let's Go Gifting' where 14 people of various looks and sizes and ages are depicted..  2 genuine blacks, 3 disgusting mulattoes including one that looked so white, we had to do a triple look, 2 extremely dark skinned females that could be Indian or black/Hispanic mixed, 3 light Hispanics,  1 Asian child and 3 Caucasians
The race that is the Majority and Dominant group in America gets less than 25% representation in an over-priced department store website photo where rarely any blacks ever shop in the first place!

Scroll down a bit..  An Asian girl is model for something called 'Daily Drop', an ugly bi-racial teen models headphones, a black child models the toy section

And then an absolute Rarity! - a family of 4 where both 'parents' and the children are 100% White.. 

God, is that even Allowed anymore?!
Nothing is an accident - you Are being bombarded and socially/culturally manipulated - Intensely.. Incessantly...

So if you find yourself angry or start thinking/saying things on race and ethnicity that in the past you'd never Ever genuinely feel inside (we are the same), do not beat yourself up because what you think is happening IS happening..

A complete top to bottom turnover of society to black exceptionalism and where whites are to be at the very bottom, and more importantly to shut up and take it..

Did it start with those God-Damn Obamas?  Who knows but its permeated, infested and infected All aspects of society and you have white guilt/shame liberals in positions of media and corporate power to thank or blame for it

It's all real and know you're more aware of it