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Friday, December 7, 2018

Mailbag: Friday, Dec. 7th

Well its been a long week of news about basically nothing of genuine importance i.e. Bush 41 week so we end it with reading some questions and trying to answer as best we can , limiting ourselves to no more than 25 words per response

Let's see if we're capable..    First question:

~ A lot was made in the media this week including President Bush's funeral about civility and how it is lost today..  How accurate or not is that?

Fake news..  Fake historical representation.   Calling a war vet a wimp is not 'civil'.. Degrading then VP Quayle's intelligence and dignity isn't 'civil'
~  What do you see for the US economy in the coming year?

Unfortunately we see it more unstable; Democrats will do everything they can to sabotage it because Socialist-Communists can not get elected President otherwise

~  What do you see for the stock market in 2019

Probably more unstable for same reason - Democrats will try to scare corporations and Investors to pull out - Will it work?  Depends entirely on Trump
~ It has been over a month and I am still trying to rack my brain how the Democrats took control of the House when policy-wise, Trump has been a great success, especially when it comes to economy?

Many reasons - Deranged Trump hate,  some Democrats would vote Hitler or Stalin if they had a 'D' next to name, others deeply ignorant on issues

~ You attack Obama a lot and make references to him being black..  Don't you think blacks are capable of being President?

Yes we do..  Many quality blacks could lead this nation - just not liberal ones.  Obama won because of white guilt and worthlessly bad Republican nominees
~  Yesterday Trump celebrated Hanukkah at the White House - why?

Pandering.  No holiday really should be honored at White House just like no gender, race, etc. over another but society demand Presidents play identity politics

~ Why does pop culture push multiculturalism and multi-racial families  & bi-racial children to such an extent?  I can't figure out the endgame

Endgame: A one-world, one race society devoid of any individualism or identity..  You are not American.. Not black or white.. You are just fondue
~ What if anything can be done to stop this social scourge of political correctness and social progressivism that has taken over the country?

Stay true to You; do not compromise your word choices or thoughts or beliefs; Work extra hard to ensure your children are not school indoctrinated

~ I keep hearing talk of a possible government shutdown connected to a battle over funding the wall..  What does that mean and should I be concerned?

Only if you are a Federal Government employee- you will not get paid.  Government benefit checks do Not stop in a shutdown; Mail continues delivery
~ Why are Democrats opposed to a border wall and support illegal immigration?

Backwards illegals becoming US citizens mean massive numbers of new Democrat voters then they would be in power forever; country would be destroyed

~ Why doesn't Trump go more on the attack and really Hurt liberals?

Some argue he is unable due to witch hunt investigation and liberals looking to impeach.  Trump does not sincerely want to see them as enemies.
~ The other day on NBC News, I saw Steven Spielberg interviewed about 'Schindler's List' on its 25th Anniversary and how he was stating the movie is more important today than ever before.  It seemed like a Trump slam or maybe I am hyper sensitive?

No you are correct - To liberals, Trump hates minorities and breeds/encourages hate and violence among others.. Classic fear mongering by political second-rate people.

Well we covered a broad array of topics here..   Now go enjoy your weekend