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Monday, December 10, 2018

Observations of Two and A Half Major Retail Stores

Over the last week or so, yours truly have found myself shopping at what I refer to as two and a half major retail stores - Wal-Mart, Target and K-Mart (can you guess which one is the 'half-store'?)

It wasn't all for Christmas shopping but it just happened to be I was at the various stores at around 9p-ish so my observations have a certain time consistency to it

Normally one saves the worst for last but since K-Mart was the first place I shopped, I will start there
As I walked around the store at the very end of November, which is amazing to think locally there still is one near me, two emotions kept coming to the surface which no shopper seeks to feel when walking around a store..

Sadness and annoyance

Felt a bit sad that this store packed wall to wall with merchandise including many Christmas themed product was just sitting there as I was just one of maybe 3 or 4 shoppers in the whole store
It's the kind of situation where even if you don't read the news and know the long recent history of store closings, one has to assume a business can not stay open much longer this way

Then I felt great annoyance not just how K-Mart over the years was run to the ground since the merger with Sears - sorta like the chicken/egg question of whether K-Mart destroyed Sears or Sears destroyed K-Mart..

But really deeply annoyed at its prices because everyone knows that practically every non-sale item there is at least 10% higher than Wal-Mart and Target
The night I shopped there, the prices were so terrible, I felt more like I was at a convenience store:  $6 for a 6-pack of Snickers bars (the other places charge $4.50), $2.50 for a box of holiday cherry cordials (the other places charge between $1 to $1.49)

Ended up I wasted 30 minutes in a muggy store that night to end up buying nothing

There's no reason that chain store had to be run into the ground as it is.. Terrible corporate management and refusal to adjust their prices to compete with other retailers
A couple nights later on December 2nd, I visited the local Target to take advantage of a one-day only special where their gift cards were 10% off

It may not seem like all too big a deal but when you consider you only get 5% back when you use their credit or debit card, the gift card was like getting $100 of stuff for $90

So I walked around..  not a ton of people but enough traffic to justify being open until 11p
One thing that really deeply irked me was as I walked around the women's clothing section and look up at all the various models on the wall, it was completely devoid of color

The color White that is

Every single model was colored..  Hispanic..  Black..  Mulatto...  Guess Caucasians don't shop in Target stores anymore or because we're not worth the time or bother to court on their walls or circulars
Really disgusting how Target and everyone else keeps pushing bi-racial people as the standard to which we and our children should all look like. 

Truly vomit inducing

Also noticed in the electronics section, a poster of a G-D Muslim woman with her headscarf playing with her child..     Jesus help us all!

Funny how this store does not sell a single thing for Christmas other than greeting cards that actually celebrates the true reason for the holiday - you know... Christ, and yet pushes the cult-faith of every person responsible for nearly every terrorist act of the last 30 years in their marketing
Then again it is the store that defiantly supports transgenderism as if the mentally sick belief is a real 'thing'

But I don't believe in spiting my nose to save my face so even though I find Target's values absolutely repulsive, if I need something there and its a good price, I will buy it

A few days later I visited Wal-Mart which admittedly is my favorite of the three, or rather two and a half retail stores

Judging by how many others were shopping there that evening, I am obviously not alone
Their values are just as repulsive (hiring Ellen Degenerate as a spokesman um.. spokeswoman and bringing his/her clothing line into their store but like Target, practicality comes first

Plus aside from Chic-Fil-A and Hobby Lobby, name one major retailer that embraces true conservative values?

There were no real 'sales' but Wal-Mart's prices are generally low enough that they beat Target even with their 5% off cards and always crush K-Mart
The Christmas section was also the biggest among the three and their Christmas tree prices can not be beat unless you want a capital Q - Quality tree and you have to do HSN or QVC for that

Among things bought was a box set of 30 greeting cards for $2.97 which comes to 9.9 cents per card and a lot of stocking stuffer treats for $1.50 or less - not bad

The big knock on my local Wal-Mart and maybe you have this trouble too, is their food section is very badly stocked, they do not carry much variety of product and you never know when shelves will be replenished

Other than that Mrs Lincoln, how was the play?
Seriously though it can get quite annoying and force a person to needlessly overstock on certain items at the register to ensure one has what one wants, or force a person to be absolutely gouged at a grocery store

So as it gets closer to Christmas, the stores obviously will be more and more packed (K-Mart? - who knows) and I'm happy to avoid as much as possible but overall I expect with few exceptions that retail and department stores will do great business this season especially due to the strong economy

And like everything else good about this country in the last two years, we have Trump his economic policies to thank