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Wednesday, December 26, 2018

One Raindrop At a Time Upon The Blissfully Unaware

Well we're back...  Hope you had a good Christmas and onward we go..

Guess if we were like all the TV and print news, we would talk nonstop about this partial government shutdown as if it was supposed to mean something terrible for the nation

Or maybe make reference to the drop in the stock market on Monday by 650 points or whatever which is really only 2.8% of its valuation i.e. not a big deal and we all know then there is a dip, the deeply greedy swoop in to buy more stocks and everything returns to normal
No we're going to talk once again about how distorted advertising is when it comes to accurately projecting race, ethnicity and sexual orientation in our society and use T-Mobile as our starting point

For those customers who use that cellphone company, every week through their app for 'T-Mobile Tuesdays' they give their users discounts on things like RedBox or Dunkin Donuts, etc..

So being Tuesday, yours truly clicked the app to see what were the deals for the week
At the very top, it says 'Holiday deals, all wrapped up' and the photo shows 4 people in their 20s opening gifts and laughing together in someone's home..  3 women, one being black with intentional nappy frizz and 1 black man

Um, ok..

Then I scroll down..  There is an offer for $5 off a movie ticket..

In the photo there are 5 people in their 20s in a movie theater smiling for a selfie (because who doesn't take group selfies in a theater)..

2 whites, 2 Hispanics and one mulatto female with that exaggerated nappy frizz hairstyle to show they're 50% white but 100% embrace their blackness
Next was a discount for 25 cents off per gallon of gas..

In the picture are two female friends in their 20s smiling and laughing in a car - the driver, the one in the position of control and dominance in an automobile was, you guessed it -- black.. the passenger is white

Then next is a discount for $20 dining credit through some company

In the accompanying photo are 4 people in their 20s (guess everyone over 29 is dead in the world of advertising) - there are two couples..  2 whites and 2 blacks but they're not sitting together at the restaurant table

Nope.. one side has a pretty white girl with a colored guy and on the other side of the table, a weak emasculated white guy is sitting next to what is supposed to be his frizzed out nappy-haired mulatto girlfriend

Fuckin' Hell!
At the bottom of the page there's a woman who looks Hispanic or Indian holding her phone and smiling at it as it says 'Play for a chance to Win' next to it..

Guess all the white struggling actors were too busy being restaurant servers and busing tables to head over to T-Mobile's casting call

A few weeks ago, T-Mobile had a theme for its discount app called 'Tis' the Season for Giving' and the accompanying photo was a loving couple, one giving a gift to another

Except this was a couple of faggots.. One behind the other with one arm wrapped in an embrace and the other giving his gift of 'love'
Only 10% of people are gay but in the world of advertising its 50%

This is just one of millions of examples of the horrible society we've created mainly because those bothered by it never felt like bothering to do anything about it

And now its a part of our daily lives..  This onslaught of black exceptionalism and secular progressivism that no one can escape, especially the young and impressionable who have this force-fed every day through pop culture and the public school system

Every ad has to have blacks in it.. one.. two.. everyone..  Sometimes black couples.. sometimes whole families..
Sometimes a token white is allowed if she plays the role of leg spreader of the black male and the mixed children which come out of her

Let's put it this way..  If you turned on any TV channel and played a 'game' where you took a shot of vodka every time you saw a commercial with needless black representation, you'd be thoroughly drunk in 15 minutes and probably be dead of alcohol poisoning within 30

There are certain statistical facts you must remember and keep remembering no matter how hard white guilt/shame liberals want you to ignore..
- Blacks only represent 14% of the population.. 1 in 7.. That's it..

- Only 10% of all marriages are between people who are black/white

- Only 8% of all children born in this nation are mulatto

They are Not the majority in Any segment of our society!
And yet Madison Avenue and the corporations they work for along with movies, television and all other forms of liberal control continue to depict a phony world where blacks are the dominant race and dominant population, everyone is dating outside their race and bi-racial children are not only 'beautiful' but cool

You are married to a person of your own race/ethnicity and your children have a true identity as a result?

'What losers you are.. Get with the times, man!  Gotta get yourself someone different than you who doesn't share your history, traditions, culture and values - Everyone's doin' it..  Haven't you heard?'

That's the hard push..
Now the question that no one asks or bothers to answer is 'Why'

Simple.. To have a true globalized world with one centralized government (UN), one centralized set of laws.. one centralized currency and taxation..   You have to have everyone become One

No national identity.. No racial, ethnic or religious identity

Just secular, agnostic/atheist and 50 degrees of caramel

Heterosexual.. Homosexual.. Bisexual.. Pansexual or you like to fuck sheep..  No one judges anyone
No one holds any moral compass..  We're all people and should love and accept and tolerate one another..  Well unless you're Conservative or Southern or Midwestern or Christian - then it OK to be as vicious and derogatory as possible

No distinctions.. No differences.. No 1st place.. No winners.. No losers  Everyone gets a ribbon

All just Earthlings under the auspice of a centralized world controlled by centralized banking

Absolutely nothing is accidental.. Not in an advertisement or movie or TV show and not when it comes to social change
Any social change happens only because others more powerful than us allow it and see some kind of financial profit or ability to control the collective easier

So something like a T-Mobile app may seem harmless or inconsequential

It's just a rain drop among so many that keeps falling upon the saturated brains of the blissfully unaware