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Thursday, December 6, 2018

Random Thoughts on Bush 41's Funeral

~ Any person who looks or thinks kindly upon those two isn't worth honoring

Since this is Bush 41 week, we might as well continue with it by sharing some random thoughts and observations on yesterday's funeral

1)  We did feel genuinely bad for the Bush family, especially Bush 43 who gave a genuinely great eulogy..

You can tell the family loved elder Bush deeply so on a personal level, we felt for their loss - it is never easy to see a loved one that you actually sincerely care about pass away

But getting beyond that, we go to the next observation
2)  How much did this cost the US taxpayers?

This is a difficult specific number to come up with for we tried to look up how much President Ford's funeral cost as a comparison and had no luck finding a specific number

We just hope Bush's funeral cost taxpayers less than the $11.5 million we Wasted so that black bastard Obama could attend Mandela's funeral a few years back

The only thing more wasteful in this country than a state funeral of a President is all the celebrations involving the inauguration of one

How we love to celebrate and fete the egotistical and power-hungry - Bush 41 was as much that as Trump or anyone else who's won a Presidential election
3)  Don't know who felt sicker seeing Trump sitting just a few seats away from those God-Damn Obamas and that rot-rotten fugly Hillary..   The President or us?

We imagine we felt sicker since deep down they're all friends and to everyone politics is a game and conviction & principle are just words

And did you see how Hillary was dressed..  Like she shopped at the clothing boutique 'Dykes R Us'...
We're kinda surprised her 'confidante' Huma Abedin wasn't sitting next to her holding her hand but guess the first row was for former Presidents and First Ladies

Political funerals are funny things.. kinda like Mafia funerals.. 

Everyone attends whether the person in the casket or funeral urn liked them, loved them or wished them dead
Also BFFs (Best Friends Forever) Ivanka Trump and Chelsea Clinton sat together in row 3..

That was just as repulsive - just shows how behind the political curtains, enemies are really friends and if anything deservedly bad happens to Hillary, it will be because of God's judgment and not Trump
4)  Last point which we said before and say it again and again..

Bush 41 appeared to be a good man - a good husband and good father.. but he was Not an exceptional man

And like every President and every other dignitary before him from MLK Jr to John McCain absolutely positively did NOT deserve this kind of funeral and honoring
We are all supposed to be created Equal and treated as equal according to the basic tenets of this nation and in the eyes of the Lord and yet events like today show just how inconsequential we all are compared to the deaths of our 'kings'

When was the last time a normal hardworking, patriotic, law abiding everyday citizen who loved his/her family and was an all around quality person ever got the kind of Bullshit over the top homage that Bush 41 got this week?

Most of us who pass away, we're lucky if a dozen or so people show up
Everyone made such a big fucking deal that Bush served in WWII as if that was some kind of justification to honor him

Earlier this year a family member of mine who fought in the Korean War and suffered severe injuries during his time there, passed away..

Only 2 people showed up for that, myself being one of the two
Where were the phony fucker Obamas and the morally bankrupt Clintons and the oil-rich Bushes?

Why didn't effete Prince Charles fly over to the US to attend that funeral like he did yesterday?

Why weren't flags flown at half-staff and why didn't the post office stop delivery of mail that day or to honor any veterans of wars of distant past who die?
Guess my relative should have dedicated the rest of his adult life to amassing power, being privy to all the nation's secrets and clandestine operations (Bush was one time CIA director), doing 'scratch your back, you scratch mine' favors for others and hungrily pursue the Presidency like Bush did in 1980, 1988 and in 1992 when running for re-election

We're glad its over though probably have to experience the nonsense of a Jimmy Carter funeral in the near future since he and Bush were the same age

Looking forward to more normalcy where the political left and right start hating each other again and stop this phony pretense of civility