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Tuesday, December 18, 2018

Trump Bluffs, Blinks & Folds..

When we look at a President and his decision making or political strategies, no matter if the person in office is Democrat or Republican, the way we judge whether it was a success isn't necessarily by the short term end result

Rather it is based on how we would have handled things in the same situation because here and elsewhere, we talk a long term view when it comes to politics, economy, social issues, etc..

Admittedly if you can assign a human nature to a blogsite, it is that we are blunt, combative, do not communicate out of both sides of our rumps and if we hate something or someone, its genuine and we will non-stop attack
We thought our President was like us..  As tough as a stale roll

Nope..  Trump in many ways is quite milquetoast

All bluff & bluster and when one actually likes Democrats as people like Trump does (we see them as excrement) then its impossible to deal with them in any meaningful way
Remember all that silliness a week ago when he invited those parasites Pelosi and Schumer over to the White House for a needless public argument session on getting $5billion for the wall and these ethnic weasels standing defiant to big guy..

And remember that Trump said he was happy to have a government shutdown and actually wanted it to be all on him - you know, whatever must be done in the short term for long term benefit to the nation...

Well that was bullshit
Schumer called Trump's meeting with them a 'temper tantrum'..   Guess it was since he caved like a child who refuses to eat his/her peas

The White House on Tuesday said that it wants to avoid a partial government shutdown and has found other ways to fund President Trump's border wall, according to spokeswoman Sarah Sanders.

Sanders told Fox News: "We have other ways that we can get to that $5 billion. At the end of the day we don’t want to shut down the government, we want to shut down the border." 

She then said that the White House was looking into other funding sources and believed that it could be accomplished legally.
Let's ask the obvious questions..

1)  If there were 'other ways' to get the $5B, then why even the possibility of a shutdown over it?  And why no mention of it until now?

2)  The goal was an exchange with Democrats that they'd keep DACA in exchange for wall funding..  Well, why?! 

What makes one set of illegal immigrants better then another? They're all breaking the law by being here

Is it because they are working and paying taxes (taking jobs from Real Americans here naturally or legally) and those trying to come across the border are seen as incapable? 
3)  The shutdown had it happened would have been partial..  Very few people would have been affected..  Bill Clinton wasn't afraid of a lengthy shutdown..  Why is Trump turning into a coward?

Is it because its nearly Christmas?!  Think Jesus gives a damn about if a few thousand Federal employees are temporarily out of work a couple weeks?

Really.. Is there ever a time in American politics where a damn President is not always looking over his shoulder and not calculating blowback instead of just being a Man and just making the decisions he was elected to do?!!
4)  We say it often because Trump said it often..    Wasn't inferior Mexico supposed to pay for this?!!

BTW, $5 billion is not to complete the wall.. It's to build a section of it

The big problem going on is the only people wanting the wall is the President and most everyday people who support him, but many in the GOP do not
Illegal immigrants are pure trash and both parties know this but don't care

Democrats see them as a large future voting bloc to manipulate so they'll be in power for a 1000 years and fiscal-conservative Republicans see these backwards people as a very cheap labor force who will look at being paid minimum wage as if they won the lottery based on where they came from

So they all talk the talk but few in power really want the brown scum people to be genuinely prevented from coming in

And if they enter our neighborhoods and deal drugs and rob and rape and kill ehh.. that's for local law enforcement to deal with
So we finish here where we started - Trump blinks and folds.. 

Now this is what we'd have done - We would have stood strong and drawn a line in the sand and if there's no 2020 re-election victory over our tactics so be it.. 

No point in being in power if you can't use it without paranoid fear of repercussions

We would have held firm.. partial shutdown.. full shutdown. a week.. a month.. a year..
Any partial funding by Congress if we as President had the power to veto, it would be

We'd do all this And look for alternate means to pay for the wall because if that is the route we'd be forced to take, we'd cause as much pain and tension and anger as possible in the process

And why not?

That's the simplicity of didactics..  Yes or No, Black or White, Love or Hate.. no middles.. no shades or subtlety
The Democrats Hate Trump.. never going to change so if Trump was a sincere asshole as he should be, so what's the worst that happens?  People who deeply hate him and wish him dead are going to hate him more?!

Amazing how much Trump does not understand and he is an intelligent man

You'd think the pure bottom feeders he had to deal with in NYC and NY state politics would have made him understand Washington DC a bit better..