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Friday, December 21, 2018

We Thought Trump Folded.. Were We Wrong?

Seems with Christmas nearly upon us, some of us at A&G have taken the decision to post things light, frothy and in the holiday spirit of 'fun' so to avoid anything tense or critical that might spoil Christmas cheer

Guess yours truly will briefly play the Grinch

We at A&G love Trump overall..  policy wise we couldn't ask for a better President and we state this very often here

But it does not mean one can not also feel a maddening feeling of frustration either; a feeling of 'Wake up, Sir!  ~ shake shake~  Where's the aggressive dominant bastard I voted for?'
We know Geminis can be all over the place mentally (his astrological sign) and so inconsistent in thought and deed but still..

On Monday his Press Secretary states Trump has decided there will be no partial shutdown and he will find the $5 billion elsewhere, which really was a downer since Dems saw it as a victory

Then yesterday he supposedly came to his senses and said there will be a shutdown and it will be prolonged if need be (Yay! if he's sincere.. Who knows?)
Republicans in control of the House for another 10 days got the $5 billion wall appropriation bill passed on Thurs and yet the Republican controlled Senate refuses to support it!


Last week Trump said if there was a shutdown, he'd happily take credit..

Today in a tweet, he said it would be a Democrat shutdown
That part doesn't matter all too much except to show that its sometimes very hard to figure if what Trump says, he will follow through on

In two years as President, he's yet to get into a true bare-knuckles scrap with those Evil, rotten Democrats over anything

He tried to dismantle Obamacare..  The Senate failed him because that fucking cadaver John McCain, a man not worth spitting on, did a spiteful 180 and reversed his promise to support the measure,  then thankfully died

Trump never re-engaged those parasites on the left over it
The whole battle over Justice Kavanaugh, even though he got his nominee through, that was still not a situation where Trump could use Presidential power to punish liberals

This is the first true test of how strong Trump really is or isn't

Remember this is not a full shutdown.. only a partial one.  Only Federal government employees are affected so if you're not one of them or dependent on their paycheck to survive, don't feel bad for them
Government employees have more benefits, perks and job security than you in the public sector will ever have and if one is colored, they can practically rape or kill someone and not even receive a pay reduction much less job termination

Social Security checks will still be sent..  So will welfare and food stamps and every other kind of financial assistance that 1/3 of the nation depends on to survive

So let government be shutdown and if it takes a full year to get those G-D Democrats to put the nation before their political party, then so be it

Assuming of course Trump has the courage to follow through with the tough talk
Then there's this whole thing with the pullout of troops from Syria which we support

But why the Hell is the Commander in Chief taking a posture of asking why our troops are still there instead of simply saying 'I ordered them pulled out of Syria..  Done!'

God knows how many times he tweets things where he seems to demand and you and we take care of something that only he as President has the power to actually do!

And it just makes him look so weak to the Enemy of the State - Dems
When we think of Democrats, we see them as they are and not as they wish to be seen, and to us they are rats and roaches

And just like in real life when you have an infestation, you have to control it; to really go after them or they will spread and contaminate every every aspect of your home and essentially take over

No different here except Republicans especially Presidents have either never seen Democrats in an accurate light or just didn't care or wish to bother confronting them
In a way, the old South of the 19th century was the same - for better or worse, the North refused to deal with slavery directly one way or another for 80 years; took the cowardly way of compromise

So obvious Republicans do that now with Democrats - been happening for decades where you have a complete refusal to engage the enemy and fight a protracted war as to what direction this nation is headed - traditional and conservative or immoral and social progressive?

Guess who won that and seems to keep winning?
Wonder if Trump can be the modern version of Lincoln and make a concerted effort to genuinely put the Democrats down or will he treat this fight and the next two years as a series of weak compromises as the liberal-controlled House works feverishly to impeach him?

How Trump handles this border wall fight will tell us a lot and right now we wouldn't place a dime's wager one way or another

Our next posting will be on Wednesday, Dec 26th unless something genuinely important happens, and government partial shutdown is not worthy of a pre-Christmas post

Merry Christmas to all our wonderful, loyal readers!