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Saturday, December 1, 2018

Weekender: Bush 41's passing

~ Bush and Babe Ruth - 1948

We weren't expecting to do a weekend post but we also weren't expecting former President Bush 41 to pass away either so we felt it necessary to express a few thoughts

We're not going to be glowing and wax poetic because that would be a bit disingenuous; the kind of thing so many are doing right now from news networks to liberal former Presidents

Bush 41 was a good President.. Not a great one.
He could have been great had he been a sincere Conservative and not a moderate with hidden liberal tendencies but deep down he did not share the same convictions especially on social issues as Reagan did; Most Republicans saw through it by 1992 and abandoned him during the election

Most people will see Bush's greatest accomplishment in office being the Persian Gulf War which only lasted a couple months and saw maybe at best 100 US military deaths

We see Bush's #1 success being the nomination of Clarence Thomas to the Supreme Court and sticking with him through thick n' thin of that horrible confirmation ordeal those black-soul Democrats orchestrated back then.
If every Justice on the bench could interpret the law like Thomas, we'd have so much better a nation then at present especially on social issues like abortion and gay marriage

You will notice over the next week, a lot of people and news entities on the left heap massive amounts of praise on Bush 41 and mourn his passing

Understand it for what it really is.. Another opportunity to middle finger Trump
Gotta look at it in very basic terms like we do -

If these despicable people on the left admired Bush that much, why was he only a one-term President?

Why did those people call him a wimp and make him out to be a dishonest liar when they manipulated him to go back on his 'Read my lips- no new taxes' pledge when he was in office?
And why did people who are supposedly admiring a man now dead, do everything possible to ridicule, degrade and spit on his son, George 43 when he was in office?

Hard to show respect for the father when you shit on his child

We glanced at Twitter earlier..  So many hypocritical liberals out there posting innocuouly insipid quotes taken out of context from Bush about having a government that shows civility to one another and posting a letter he wrote as to why he left the NRA

Wish we could hard face-slap every person on Twitter who posted those things
Government today would be a lot more civil if not for God-Damn liberals crying hysterically after the 2016 election as if the country was taken over by coup then bellowing 'Not my President' like immature little pieces of trash while Democrat leaders obstructed everything positive Trump has tried to pass

And 'hate' would be nonexistent if liberals would tone down their Trump derangement by a 100 notches

Also Bush was wrong on his views of the 2nd Amendment just like he was on practically every social issue.. He sure didn't mind taking the NRA's political contributions though

People have different thoughts on Bush pro or con..

This is how we will always remember him - It was during one of the 1992 Presidential Debates between himself, Clinton and Independent candidate Ross Perot who really was the best of the three..
Clinton was speaking as he was answering a question from a panelist and Perot was watching Clinton speak, giving the guy respect even if he knew everything Clinton was uttering was empty slick bullshit

Bush?  He looked at his watch

Somewhere else he needed to be perhaps?  A more important or pressing engagement he was late for?

Never forgot that - said all about the man we needed to know.
So now he's passed away..

Bush 41 was not a bad man like John McCain who was an absolute parasitic piece of shit ..  In many ways Bush was very decent and honorable especially prior to being President

But like the cadaver who died this summer, you will see everyone go overboard the next week using Bush's death for their own political opportunism and outlet to express Trump hate

Just understand why as we expressed before and it won't make you feel so ill amid all the insincere gushing of love and rememberence