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Wednesday, December 18, 2019

Why? Why?! Why??!!!

Why is it the world is as it is?

Why are most people as they are?

Why don't they think for themselves?

Why don't they stop believing politicians and the news?

Why must they follow the pack and seek acceptance and validation from others?

Why don't people seek to break free of collective; break free from group think and the need to be 'cool'?
Why are people so afraid to be capital-I Individuals?

Why do people honestly believe getting tattoos, piercings and/or dying their hair makes them unique and special?

Why don't women with tattoos understand they're looked upon by decent people as trash and classless easy fucks?

Why is life and this nation so messed up?

Why does/did Trump make such a big deal over Impeachment when he has/had nothing to fear as to being removed?

Why does he tolerate liberals?  Why?!

Why does he allow them to exist and share the same life space?

Why does the 2020 election even matter?

Why should anyone really care since the end result isn't going to matter and liberals will never be wiped out?
Why should we care when nothing will change where political correctness and social progressivism is concerned?

Why does Trump pander so much to coloreds?

Why do we pander so much to coloreds?

Why do we treat them as exceptional and interracial love and bi-racial children as 'beautiful' instead of disgusting, putrid and bile-inducing?

Why does Trump and others bend over backwards to accommodate and patronize backwards people with the fuck-fake 'Afr Am' moniker instead of calling them 'black' which they are

Why is Trump so God Damn fucking fake?

Why are most people so disingenuous?

Why do we never say what we sincerely think and feel?

Why is truth always buried down deep?
Why do we personalize and humanize everything we have no power to combat like say cancer?

Why do we only pretend to have compassion and empathy for others at Christmastime?

Why is it so difficult for a person, especially a woman to show any friendliness or flirtation towards man in a supermarket or Target?

Why don't women hit on men?

Why do they pretend their equal yet can not ever have the courage to ask a man out?

Why do even the fat and fugly women think so highly of themselves that a man his to hit on them first?

Why is a woman incapable of making the first move?  Or refusing to go dutch unless its as 'friends'?

Why do men allow them to get away with it?
Why does life seem so much Better 100 years ago vs today?

Why can't people stop being so selfish and thoughtless and heartless on a constant basis to one another, and why do people continually get away with thinking they're the opposite?

And lastly.. 

Why can't people stop accepting and embracing the faults within themselves and others and start to demand better?

Why Why Why?!!

Sunday, December 8, 2019

President Parrot..The Repetitive Bullshitter

President Trump has been in office nearly three years and whether you like him, love him or loathe him, there is no denying he is by far the most repetitive parrot President this nation has ever had, saying the same phrases and soundbites over n over n over..

No originality or sincerity in anything he expresses; as Tucker Carlson expressed in a positive way, Trump is a total bullshit artist

We vote for him in 2016 and after three years, we are sick of it

In Trump's vernacular, everyone is a 'special person' and a 'friend' until you go against him or disagree on anything, no matter how trivial

All media is 'fake' unless its conservative news except if someone on Fox attacks him, and then they are fake as well until the next ass kissing

He expresses there was no quid pro quo with Ukraine a million-billion times and says his phone call was 'perfect', often referring to it as the best phone call ever..

What the fuck is he talking about?  A phone conversation or the figure skating at the Winter Games?  Was there judges present scoring 10's? ~eyes rolled

And most Disgusting of all, while Trump constantly trumps (clever & original, yes?) the economy and stock market going up to Infinity and beyond, he keeps trumpeting (more brilliance) the success of blacks in the job market as if only those people matter..

Which they don't..

Black lives Do Not Matter more than whites or Hispanics or Asians or Jews or Musl..   Um, well OK, they matter a wee bit more than them..

And more offensive, is the level of putrid pandering by calling blacks that absolute bullshit hyphenated term 'Afr Am' (if we typed it in full, they keyboard would be covered in vomit)

Those god damn people - how did they get to a position where they're allowed to feel superior and exceptional at every turn and why did we as a Caucasian guilt and shame ridden society allow them to basically take over every aspect of society?

Why does it matter that 14% of the population succeed and often at the detriment of the other 86% who are generally far more intelligent, hard working, law abiding and possess a higher degree of quality as people?

Afr-Am..  Afr-Am..  Afr-Am..

Everyone so conditioned and mentally programmed to spew that hyphenated term which makes the place those former slaves came from as more important than the nation they're living in today

It is kinda fucked up yet true - every black person who calls themselves an American should thank God their ancestors were taken as slaves centuries ago because the quality of life they enjoy is far more comfortable and superior to the life of a native West African living in the Dark Continent today

Saw two commercials just the other day which shows how absolutely warped and distorted this society has become; an Emperor's New Clothes society where no one has the courage to openly state its all wrong

First ad was for Audi to advertise an expensive SUV and of course it was a colored man buying it to surprise his colored family as if its commonplace that those people can commonly afford $60,000 cars as Christmas gifts

Truth is without credit cards, loans and leasing options, most blacks couldn't afford Kias

The following ad was for Mr Clean and guess who was scrubbing her bathroom like a common maid?  Yep, a white woman..

God Damn Trump for making absolutely no effort to stop this scorge and double damn him for calling those secondaries that bile inducing 'Afr Am' like the rest of this sheep society..

Everything Trump says is repetitive and the vocabulary level of an imbecile

Since he's a Wharton grad and that's a very exceptional Business School, we have to assume he says and tweets moronic things again n' again with a 5th grade vocab because he assumes his base supporters are on that intellectual level

Are they?

Only the stupidest of stupid allow the most powerful person in the free world to continually whine and bitch and moan and beg for everyone to help him out when he has many legal tools at his disposal to crush his enemies and inflict as much pain as possible

He doesn't though.. just goes 'wah wah' and expects us as everyday nobodies to protect and defend him..

Fuckin hell!

Such a piece of crap and this is the absolute best choice of everyone out there to vote for in 2020  ~sigh

Thursday, November 28, 2019

Where Does Deep-Seeded Trump Hatred Originate

~ DeNiro once had prostate cancer.. He survived..  This is why we don't donate to prostate cancer research

It's Thanksgiving evening and we have not written in a few weeks

Sorry about that..   Then again, we're not.

We swore at the onset of A&G that we would not write just to write; just to fill space and time and earn undeserving paychecks like pretty much All written and visual media do..

That we'd write only when there is something worth writing on
And in the past few weeks, has there been anything actually important or memorable going on in the news?

The pretend Americans (liberals) in Congress have wasted a lot of time and money and energy conducting phony-fuck 'hearings' to try to justify grounds for an impeachment that many of these soulless sub-humans have wanted since before Trump's inauguration in January, 2017

With that much determination, can anyone believe the outcome will be anything other than a formal vote with the majority saying 'yes'?
Of course remember the Senate is GOP controlled and 2/3 vote is needed to actually remove a sitting President which makes all this so insanely inconsequential unless one is a news junkie who finds masturbatory pleasure watching toast dry hearings..

Absolutely nothing has happened in 3 to 4 weeks worth even a second's energy to follow or cover this big shrug of a non story

So we wanted to address something a little broader in scope - why is it so many still deeply hate Trump as a person?

Now politically speaking its sorta-kinda understandable
For instance if you truly hate this nation, want illegals to swarm in and get full rights and protections at citizens' expense and believe white straight men are evil incarnate and the reason for everything wrong about this country, sure you will find the President repugnant..

Those people wish America's destruction while he's trying to make it great again as the slogan goes so naturally there's going to be hate

But why hate Trump as a person?
Comes down to two words:  jealousy and resentment

We don't mean regarding him being so wealthy or his life of hobnobbing with the famous, powerful and influential for pretty much all his life though we're sure some out there feel it

There is a more primal jealousy and resentment in people that goes beyond what a person can afford or what is in their bank account and it involves the very child like attitude that goes 'I am not allowed to say or do X, so why should he/she?!!'

"I" am not allowed to speak my mind or offend others in my daily life, so why should 'X' get away with it?!
You see this pathetic attitude often by those who follow sports - some wealthy ball player speaks out on an issue or expresses a very blunt opinion and it doesn't even matter to most if what is expressed is agreed or not

To the commoner, its 'how dare this wealthy successful person get away with it when I can't..  just shut up and play'  or something like that

Trump is brazen.. uncensored.. doesn't hold back

Personally we don't think he is blunt, vicious or cruel enough but in terms of the general population, three years into his Presidency and he is still a shock to many a system
The media still can't handle being called fake, Democrats can not accept being called obstructionists and Hillary voters get rankled every time Trump mocks them with some harmless taunt

And all those genuinely Horrible fake Americans on the left can never accept when Trump even makes reference to what a complete corrupt Bastard that colored guy (whose backward African Muslim name escapes us) who was President in office was prior to Trump.

People are accustomed to people in the public eye, especially in positions of power watching every word closely, doing everything to not offend and allowing the rotten public some deviant pleasure in seeing successful people destroyed over something like word choice

Trump basically doesn't give a damn and millions hate him for it
Some people i.e. Trump's enemies want to see consequence..  Want to see the President set ablaze for being confident in himself and his ability and speaking truth without toning down the rhetoric in getting messages across

Liberals are pretty much parasites..  No they really Are..

All liberals are spit-on-face worthy and they are not used to anyone telling them directly to their faces how rotten and wrong they are on every believe, conviction and value system

And there are supporters of Trump's policies who hate the President as a person because he gets to tell feces they are feces without worrying about losing wages or his job in the process like so many everyday people would

Yep, jealousy and resentment are strong emotions

So we'll be back again when something is worth writing about beyond this daily deluge of complete drek non-news

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Understanding that Impeachment is Meaningless

We start by paraphrasing a lyric from a 1960s Vietnam protest song:

"Impeachment.. Good God, Y'all.. What does it mean?.. Absolutely Nothin'.. Say it again.."

So much about this impeachment nonsense that amazes us and it has nothing to do with Trump or Ukraine or whatever else the pretend Americans on the left come up with
Amazing that the evil Democrats keep pushing this when they know they will not successfully remove the President

Amazing that Trump and the Republicans keeps acting like impeachment means something

And amazing, though maybe it shouldn't be, that most Americans haven't a clue what impeachment actually is, which is just the way the establishment wants it

Luckily, we're here, eh..
We are going to go through exactly what the impeachment process is to show just how absurd and waste of time the actions by those liberal bastards are..

1)  The first step is any member of the House of Representatives can introduce articles of impeachment at any time and as often as they wish, whether grounded in fact or not as long as it is based on arguing a President committed treason, bribery or high crimes and misdemeanors.

2)  Next step is the charges go up before a House Judiciary Committee who analyze the accusations and determine whether they're valid or a complete waste of time to be thrown into the trash.  

This needs a simple 51% majority of those on the bi-partisan Committee to continue to the next step and since all committees are headed by Democrats with the sewer rats possessing majority representation, then figure in due time we'll head to step 3..
3)  Next the entire House of Representatives discuss and debate the accusations and then vote - if a simple majority find validity in the claims, then the President is impeached but that does not in itself mean he is removed from office..

Think of impeachment as what it is - a Presidential version of a grand jury.

A President is not removed because he is impeached..  He can voluntarily resign but legally he remains in office, does not lose any Presidential powers, etc..   
4)  The next step is where the Articles of Impeachment are brought to the Senate where they go through the charges formally.  

The Senate at this point writes up the bill of indictment and formally notifies the President of what he is being accused of..  It is assumed at this point if not prior, the President would obtain legal council

5)  At this step, there is a Senate trial headed by the Chief Justice and jury made up of the Senators.. They listen to the arguments pro and con and collect evidence..

6)  After the hearing is over, the Senate deliberates privately then votes publicly on whether to remove and to do so requires 2/3 majority i.e. 67 Senators must vote to remove
The House is run by despicable Democrats..  The Senate by the Republicans.

Trump will Never Ever be removed..  Never..  Ever..

So you can see how deeply stupid and gullible the average American liberal Trump-hater is to get excited over impeachment

As for the timeline, it took five full months from the time articles of impeachment were submitted against Bill Clinton to the House Impeachment vote and finally the Senate formally deciding not to remove him

So even if the President did break the law and chose not to resign, it is a lengthy process that can take many months, not a couple weeks like so many uneducated Democrats believe.
Just a complete utter waste of time

Two Presidents have been impeached in our history - Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton - Neither removed.

Johnson escaped removal by one vote in 1867 and Clinton knew he had the Senate in the bag so never even acknowledged or cared on the impeachment

So why at present do both sides make much ado about absolutely nothing?

For Democrats, its a smoke screen to distract people from the fact all the current liberal candidates to be their party's candidate in general election are absolutely unappealing to anyone outside their hardcore base
So if the focus is on Trump and not Biden's illegalities or Elizabeth Warren's wealth redistribution plan or any other candidate's socialist-Communist utopia platform, then maybe by the time the general election comes and that person presents him/herself as 'moderate', no one will remember the 12 months prior

Also the Trump hate is deep..

Some on the left, mostly the colored caucus in Congress like brillo-pad head Maxine Waters and glad he's dead Elijah Cummings wanted Trump impeached even before he was sworn into office

So many uneducated people represent those people..ugh..

Then again to be fair, white Democrats are feces too
Shame every person who hates Trump so much isn't slapped repeatedly in the face as hard and often as an open hand could stand it

For Trump, deep down he loves this because he knows he's never being removed from this and as often before can rally his base through constant whining of victimization, knowing full well most people on the Right will

Perhaps if Clinton was allowed to run for a 3rd term back when his sex scandals occurred, he'd have done the same thing but he knew he was a lame fuck..  um.. duck.. we mean duck.. and couldn't run again

So don't get caught up and sucked into to all this impeachment bullshit

Unless something is uncovered or comes out which is truly newsworthy, its all garbage to distract and both sides are using it to what they believe is their political advantage

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Voting for a President that One Grows to Hate

We've written very sporadically in the past month which is a break from the 4-5 posts a week the past 9 years prior

Part of it is life has a way of throwing monkey wrenches into one's day to day and its harder to make the time to write on topics that are repetitive

Another part is that those who agree with the points of view express seem to make little to no effort to spread word of mouth about A&G and the time it takes to read, research and write near daily is not not worth the payback, and since we do not advertise, we need you to help us to grow

Finally, we've gotten to an odd place; a crossing of the rubicon to where we plan next year to vote for a President that over the last 12 months we've grown to truly hate

Maybe even more than Obama if possible
That's the thing when it comes to one you put your faith and trust in only to find out is shit vs one you knew was black-tar diarrhea from the onset

So what has changed with us?  A policy decision?  Threat of impeachment?

No..  its the utter fakeness of the man

Anyone who uses the politically correct bullshit hyphenated term 'Afr-Am' to refer to black people whether its due to patronizing, fear or operant conditioning vis a vis public education or workplace sensitivity training is deserving of a spit on the face
And when a President who campaigned in 2016 as the anti-PC candidate comes into office and doubles down with extra heaping helpings of 'Af-Am' to those people, it is vomit inducing and a betrayal

Trump is pandering and it is non-stop and deeply shameful; worst of all to a group of people who by and large bought into the Democrat backward-thinking slave plantation mindset of 'racist' and who will never like him..


We also are absolutely sick and tired of the God-Damn tweets, 95% are just bitching and whining as if he is completely powerless and needs our help

Fuck him..
The President is supposedly the most powerful man in the free world..  So why is whimpering to me and you as to how unfair he's being treated?

What does he want us to do about it in a nation that purposely wants its citizens as politically weak and impotent as possible?

If Trump hates the 'fake' media so much, why the fuck does he spend 20-30min every time he leaves the White House to talk to them and grant exclusive interviews to his enemies?

If that bitch Pelosi is so horrible why did the bastard President say just 10 months ago he'd campaign on her behalf to be Speaker?
Why doesn't this son of a bitch genuinely Attack the left?

Why does Trump not try to hurt Democrats every way legally possible?

Why does he not see them as true enemy of the state and a far greater danger to this nation than ISIS or Iran?

How many of those entities are in Congress, work in the media or run the entertainment industry compared to liberals??

Really horrific
Every person votes for President for different personal reasons; for us it was that we wanted someone who would use all power of his office to stop social progressivism, end political correctness, put the uppity people back in their place and get this country back as much as humanly possible to the pre-Obama days

We did not want a President who would serve all the people but a man who would make the lives better for 50% and as harshly punish the Hillary supporters as much as realistically possible from the elite snobs of NYC to the gutter trailer trash from Murfreesboro, TN

We also wanted that rancid closet dyke to be prosecuted and thrown behind bars so she could spend her remaining years fucking other women which is her true proclivity in a federal prison
So the long and short of it is how does A&G continue when the President we loved and felt so much joy for in 2016 became someone we feel so disgusted by and yet forced to support because fake Americans (liberals) are so rancid in belief and soul?

Its an open question of course and one we will have to figure out in time

So until we do and you spread the word of us to where readership is higher, we will be continuing to post sporadic.

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

What if E.T.s Came to America & Stayed

~ "E.T...  Vote me..  Free everything...  Vote Change..."

Was thinking the other day what would happen if extra terrestrials came to Earth

I mean the friendly small E.T. kind - they came to Earth, specifically the good ol' USA, we as humans embraced them and the peaceful space aliens were allowed to live among us

First thing of course is the ETs would have to individually be identified, categorized, imprinted... perhaps some kind of tracking device attached to each like we do to wild animals

Then give out social security numbers because society isn't going to just feed them, and if these aliens ate something easily accessible like leaves or grass, we'd figure a way to convert them to carnivores so they'd be motivated to ultimately work and pay taxes
That means educating them, especially their children so they would attend the same schools via forced integration whether or not segments of human population desired it or not

These small ETs would befriend our children and ultimately date and mate and procreate to establish new life identities destroying millions of years of genetics for 'love' and it would be fashionable and 'cool' to have extra terrestrial blood flowing through one's veins

And ultimately no one could say a negative thing no matter how true for fear of being called racist or whatever clever term a marketing department came up with and be shunned and lose their job
Now if the aliens and humans could not literally make coitus, some scientist somewhere would figure out some device, contraption or drug so a human could put his penis inside the female member of their foreign race, or their male member could fuck our women and inseminate at will

And to them, it would be most beautiful

And of course lots of multi-species porn would follow
Ultimately once the multi-species family was established, you'd see Hollywood, advertising and every other aspect of pop culture push it hard upon the masses and do everything they could to promote this deviance onto the mainstream, especially the impressionable children

You'd see constant visual and print ads of ET fathers with human mothers and mutt-children all smiling and laughing as you look and made to feel miserable that you are stuck with your own human kind as you're conditioned to believe.

And of course now that ETs are working and paying taxes, they will be buying homes and the laws will be changed to force humans to live and interact among these damn entities and you the human will have no say
Don't forget elections...  The despicable Fake American Democrats will do everything possible to register them to vote and create fake problems and victimization fantasies to get these ETs to support their soulless party along with all the other academically ignorant who they successfully corral into their sheep pens

So one day there'd be an ET President with ET First Lady and ET cabinet members controlling the fate of this nation and pushing their fake 'exceptionalism' while the humans, the real people who belong here and actually created the nation these creatures have taken over, celebrate it as a good thing, happily giving away their power to inferiors

And the humans would be conquered and put into inferior secondary status without the aliens ever firing a shot

Don't worry.. this is all conjecture.. a complete fantasy

Or have we already experienced it and continue to?

Thursday, October 17, 2019

Presidential Condolences to One So Unworthy

~ Rep. Elijah Cummings... Gone... Hopefully forgotten very soon

Sorry about the inconsistencies in postings.  Sometimes life throws curve balls that force a readjusting of priorities but we will do our best to get back to a regular posting schedule as soon as practicable

So for now a very brief post

We heard today that Congressman Elijah Cummings from Maryland passed away..  He was a liberal

A rotten rat Democrat..  A Fake American
One of those pieces of feces who wanted Trump to be impeached even before the man was inaugurated

One of those colored people that only cared about black people and black issues and only could stomach whites who showed deference to him and his jelly bean color

A rotten person is dead..  Good

So why is Trump tweeting condolences to him and his family?
Why are flags to be flown at half staff for that creature?

No really, why?

Don't care about what is 'proper' or expected... Why would any sincere person be so disingenuous and hypocritical to show compassion toward someone representing such an evil ideology as social progressivism

Maybe Trump is sincere... 

Maybe politics is just a God-Damn game to him like all the other rotten to the core Presidents we've had for generations who are oblivious that their decisions impact hundreds of millions of people and in some cases for generations
Maybe Trump is one dumb bastard..

Maybe he is too stupid to understand that the former Cummings, Nancy Pelosi and Democrats like that brown anus squirt Congresswoman Alexandra Cortez are a far greater danger and threat to this nation than ISIS or Iran could ever be because those other foreign enemies can't infiltrate the system from within

ISIS or Iran can not remove a sitting President through legal trickery

Maybe Trump didn't sincerely mean condolences - so why tweet it?!

Why keep pandering to secondary people?
Maybe Trump is delusional...

Maybe he thinks those black-soulled fucks on the left will have newfound respect and not call him racist because he gave condolences so a bitter colored man?

Who knows.

The whole thing is just sickening...
It is just another reminder that at the end of the day, all politicians are the same...

Phony to their very empty core.   

But guess it makes sense.. 

You didn't think Trump got so wealthy through honest, fair dealings did you?

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Who Has Been a Brave President in Past History?

In our last post, we made the point that the modern President possesses no bravery or courage and the last to do so was LBJ by pushing the Civil Rights Act of 1964 which was Deeply unpopular in many segments and sectors of society to the point that by 1968, many changed allegiance to Republican to get even...

There's many reasons.. advanced polling, fear of not being reelected, the politician mindset of forever compromise, scummy people in power, bloviators and big-mouths whose bark is more then their bite

Believe it or not there was a time where pretty much every President exhibited some form of bravery and/or courage while in office so the voters just took it for granted that whoever would be elected of either party would possess those qualities

To be brave or courageous in office does not mean a President has to be correct in his decision; just possess the ability to pursue a policy goal with very minimal if any deviation in spite of the ultimate outcome.
So very briefly we're going to cover as many Presidents as we can from Washington to JFK to see how many have shown those qualities (demonstrating bravery or courage prior to becoming President i.e. former soldiers, etc does not count in terms of this exercise)

Washington - He was brave to trust Alexander Hamilton's economic strategy for US to incur as much debt as possible from Europe banks to establish line of credit and keep us out of a 2nd war with Britain which public was clamoring for  *Ultimately we fought them again in 1812

Adams - He was courageous albeit stupid to push for the wildly unpopular Alien and Sedition Acts which among other things put people in prison who spoke negatively about the President
Jefferson - Many examples of courage, the most obvious example being the purchase of the Louisiana Territory from Napoleon prior to Congress' consent, an act that almost brought impeachment charges against him (not that impeachment holds any significance)

Madison - We don't see him as particularly brave but his wife Dolley certainly was as during the burning of the White House by the British, she directed staff to save as much as possible while the building was in flames including Washington's portrait

Wonder if any Democrats would make the effort or instead cheer the fire?
From the end of Madison's Presidency to James Buchanan, the 15th only a handful would be considered brave or courageous from our viewpoint

Certainly Andrew Jackson was - absolute guts to take on the evil banking establishment of the day even as behind the scenes they set off an economic panic to force Jackson to sign a law establishing a Bank of the US (a predecessor of the horrible Federal Reserve) - Old Hickory would not budge, thank God

John Tyler, our 10th President was also an extremely courageous President.. Would not accept that he was an 'accidental' President upon William Henry Harrison's death and successfully staved off a 2nd attempt by the soulless financiers of his day to push for a 'Bank'

Zachary Taylor, our 12th President was kinda brave to eat that bowl of cherries and glass of milk in the hot sun but we're sure he had no idea it would kill him
James Buchanan was also very brave though hated then and now for his refusal to attack the newly formed Confederacy before Lincoln took office...Whatever his reasons, he stood up to massive public pressure and that is admirable

Some may be surprised but we do not see Lincoln as brave or courageous in any way...  The Union had more manpower, superior military technology, more weapons, ships, etc. and he caused the deaths of 600,000 Americans because of a need to shotgun marriage force two sections who hated one another to live as a single nation

Even Emancipation Proclamation was not done out of courage but was a ploy to get Union soldiers to re-enlist under the guise of making a political and economic war something 'moral'
Andrew Johnson was far braver than Lincoln - he had fired one of Lincoln's Cabinet members and Congress said he did not have the power to get rid of someone appointed by a President who died in office so ultimately he was impeached and survived removal in the Senate by 1 vote

Unlike coward Nixon, he stood his ground, never sought to resign and ultimately was able to get rid of the Cabinet member

From Ulysses S Grant our 18th President until Teddy Roosevelt, we didn't really have a President that fits our definition of 'brave'..  A lot of graft and corruption back then, more so than even at present
Teddy Roosevelt is borderline brave - he pushed for the Sherman Anti-Trust act which was a big deal because no one before Teddy took on the corporate establishment so directly yet during the Panic of 1907, made an exception to allow a monopoly on train ownership as a means of calming the markets which we see as gutless

From William Taft to Herbert Hoover, no President in office was all that brave or courageous

Some may argue Woodrow Wilson was brave for leading us into WWI but that was more stupid and pigheaded and only done to help US banks recoup all the billions in loans they made to England and France

We really don't see FDR as a brave or courageous President - all his Depression economic policies he was able to pass because he had a Democratic Congress to make sure they did so didn't have to risk political ruin, and a truly brave or courageous President would have sought to enter WWII prior to Pearl Harbor

By the time of the attacks, everyone was onboard for war so how brave can one be to seek it
Truman most certainly was a brave leader

He will always get massive respect and lots of big dick points for dropping two bombs on evil Japan...  It was the right decision then as it is now in hindsight,,,

We can not imagine any President or really any politician on any level having the balls to do it today

Eisenhower was not brave in our eyes as a President but JFK, the last on our list before LBJ most certainly was; the way he stared down the Soviets during the Cuban Missile Crisis - that was gutsy.

No wonder so many still admire him all these decades later.

Tuesday, October 8, 2019

Who Was the Last Modern President Who Was Actually Brave?

We've been thinking a lot about our last post - Hong Kong, China and the NBA and how in the entirety of that rotten barnyard animal infested sports league, only one person attached to it possesses bravery..

Well semi-bravery since the Houston Rockets GM deleted the tweet upon threat of being fired which the parasite owner of the Rockets expressed he debated

And it made us realize that even semi-bravery on this issue is more than what Trump has displayed

For all his worthless, imbecilic and inconsequential tweets, well 99% of them, he has not once openly expressed support for the people of Hong Kong who are rebelling against the totalitarian rule of evil China

Not one word..
He like his predecessors don't even acknowledge Hong Kong as an independent nation, which is tacit acknowledgment that they belong to China and can do what they want with them

Trump is even scared like those who came before him to openly state that China manipulates and devalues their currency and when he does criticize them, its always with two caveats:

1) That he doesn't blame China for screwing us over on trade for decades, instead being our past leaders' faults

2)  That President Xi is a good man and a friend

Fuck him and Xi
Honestly it has been a very, long time since we had a President that was genuinely courageous - let's hop on the A&G Time Machine and see how far back we have to travel

Trump.. No, he is not brave at all.. has good qualities but he's really a bloviator; more bark then real bite

Obama?   Nigger, please!  As cowardly a man as they come - not even a real man and certainly nothing black about him other than the 50% negroid thanks to an African man fucking his white mother

Ordering the raid on Bin Laden's compound was not brave - those who actually did it were - he was safe in the White House munching away on bananas while it happened
W. Bush?   No he was neither brave or courageous - he was brazen and sloppy and thoughtless

We have been in a constant state of war for nearly two decades and its not because of 9/11 - that was the excuse

Saddam Hussein tried to kill W's worthless father Bush 41 - That was the catalyst for so much blood and money wasted

Clinton?  If one's definition of bravery is getting a blow job in the oval office by a average looking chunky intern and not caring where his ejaculate lands, then sure..

But as President, nothing about him was brave - he was a sex addict who would lob missiles to distract the public every time it looked like impeachment was imminent
Bush 41?  He was brave as a WWII combatant but not as President

Brave would have been to take on Saddam alone after Iraq invaded Kuwait in 1990; instead he seeks out a 'coalition of the willing' to use a political cover in case the invasion is doomed and politically blew back in his face

Reagan?  We like him overall but not brave or courageous as we define it though we give him borderline credit for leaving the Reykjavik, Iceland summit with Gorbechev back in 1986 when the Soviets wouldn't budge at the negotiating table

Carter?  ~laughs..

Ford?  Brave would have been not pardoning Nixon..  Cowards always seem to pretend that they make decisions for the greater good of the nation when its often really just a lack of desire to stand up and do what's right

Nixon?    Can't think of a single thing that was brave about him..  Perhaps if he had not resigned and faced Congress and ultimate removal to the final Senate vote, that would have been courageous

Instead like so many others, he took the easy way out and resigned based on a backdoor deal that if so, he would not face criminal prosecution
LBJ?   Even though we deeply despise the man, we give the devil his due and acknowledge passing the Civil Rights Act of 1964, even though wrong to do so, was very brave and courageous

It faced a lot of opposition and it could have severely torpedoed his Presidency even before Vietnam escalated but he kept going n going and as horrible a law as it is, the Texas piece of trash stuck to his convictions

So in summary, it has been 55 years and 9 Presidents and counting since someone sat in the Oval Office with any balls

Maybe that is why at least partly why we're such a deeply fucked up nation socially, morally and ethically