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Thursday, January 31, 2019

MLB Honors Jackie for the Superficial; Never for What Matters

~ Jackie Robinson served as a lieutenant in World War II

We went on the website earlier today and saw that they're going to devote the entire season to honoring Jackie Robinson because had he been alive, 2019 would be his 100th birthday.

We don't say and think Ugh! because of Jackie himself..  He actually was a quality person to match his baseball skills

No, we say Ugh! because it is just another example among too many of black exceptionalism pushed by whites who either feel never-ending guilt for things that happened before most were even born or because it makes for in their eyes a great business marketing strategy.
In terms of baseball talent and ability, there are a couple dozen players from the game's past who were statistically far superior to Jackie in every way possible

And in terms of the most important figure ever in the history of baseball, it was Babe Ruth who most people forget single-handedly drew back the fans to care about the game after so many were repulsed by the Black Sox scandal which also occurred exactly 100 years ago

But liberals can't feel that all is right in the world today by celebrating the Bambino
In the case of MLB it started about a decade ago when they realized that black participation and interesting in playing on a high school level and watching on TV was dropping precipitously

They by and large were gravitating toward football and basketball, why it was mostly whites and Hispanics who were following baseball

And because we live in a society where whites and Hispanics and American-born Asiatics and just about everyone else not black really does not matter, MLB decided to do a full on marketing blitz to get blacks back into the fold
First they pathetically forced every team to retire the number '42' even though Jackie only played for one organization (Dodgers) then declared April 15 as a 'Civil Rights Day' so every player on every team Had to wear 42 on their uniform as some kind of fascist act uniformity

And with that, the league took every opportunity to promote black baseball players more than white ones and the empty hype got to the point where those who cover the game had the audacity to express that nothing in baseball should matter prior to Jackie' entrance into the game

'Fuckin' Hell' is right..
So now 100th Anniversary of Robinson's birth means an entire year of intense marketing to blacks while white liberals can feel good that someone of a different race is superior and exceptional to them

Funny thing is, as a person Jackie Robinson really was superior to many both back then and especially today in terms of character

So many deeply worthless horrible people live in this country at present - people you want to.. well, let's just say wish lived elsewhere

Instead of MLB honoring Jackie because of who he was inside,  they like every other entity with a political, social and/or economic agenda want to honor him for what was on his outside
Here's an example of how quality a person Jackie Robinson was which I heard from the late Robin Roberts who was a Hall of Fame pitcher for the Phillies..

In 1950, his team and the Dodgers battled in a one game playoff to determine who was going to the World Series to face the Yankees and ultimately after 10 innings, the 'Whiz Kids' beat Jackie's Dodgers to advance

After the game, Jackie went to the Phillies' locker room and shook every player's hand and wished him good luck in the upcoming World Series

This was an act of pure class especially when understanding how he was treated by the team in the past when they played one another.
The corporate world couldn't care less..

Jackie is there to sell product; to get more blacks to rekindle interest in baseball,  attend games and buy the overpriced merchandise

And don't you kid yourself.. There will be A Lot of 100th Anniversary MLB merchandise for people to gobble up because at the end of the day, as the cliche goes, all corporations don not care about black or white.. only green.
We wonder how Jackie would feel if he could see his name, image and every other aspect of himself continually exploited this way

We imagine he'd be sickened because Jackie was not an empty attention whore like most famous people today..  He worked hard, enjoyed the fanfare but also respected his image and desired his privacy.

Obviously his family couldn't have cared less because they get handsomely paid for allowing MLB the rights to milk Jackie's memory for profit
Reminds us of a vacuum cleaner ad from a decade or so ago where they got the rights from the estate of Fred Astaire to super impose the Hollywood icon dancing with an extremely long vacuum cleaner hose

Nothing worse than legacy exploited by worthless piece of shit kin who use a dead family member to make them money instead of going out and working on their own

Whoever gave MLB the rights to Jackie to turn him into a pitchman from the grave, be it his wife or some other family member is pure garbage
So this is what we constantly vent about when we talk about black exceptionalism

It is a continual never ending marketing campaign by all aspects of society from politics to sports to entertainment to media to use blacks and create a false narrative that they are better than all others so to expand those entities' profit margins

And absolutely no one cares about the black individual just like no one cares about any individual of any grouping when it comes to selling product

If every ad must have a interracial romantic couple or family to sell hamburgers and automobiles, so be it even though its really saying 'we don't believe in black families and they preserving their history and heritage.. a black is only happy when mating with a white'
Thank goodness most blacks know its bullshit and are very content being 100% equal

But of course so many evil, rotten whites out there (they vote Democrat) who control all the mechanisms of propaganda so we have this continually deteriorating society based all on illusions

If you want to honor Jackie Robinson this year, that is great but don't do it the pathetic lazy way by buying a baseball cap and jersey with a '42' patch

Actually take the time to read about him outside of Wikipedia.. Watch videos about him on YouTube, etc..and you will not only see how much of a gentleman he really was but how Disgusting and Pathetic the ways MLB exploits his legacy for their financial ulterior motives.

Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Moderate Liberal and Flirting Independent? Expect to be Destroyed

If the 2020 Presidential Election was held today, it would be between Trump and a socialist-liberal extremist

Whether the Democrat candidate truly believed and embraced that platform of turning America into a complete hand-out state where those at the economic, educational and spiritual bottom get everything is not important

In this climate where the most rotten rot of the rotten left are calling the shots in their party, he or she would have to make the hard turn left.
Now we're positive some establishment Republican(s) would run against Trump in the primaries; someone like Mittens Romney who only cares about the richest of the rich and whatever else the ideology of fiscal conservatism espouses..

Come to think of it, making the wealthy wealthier is the only thing fiscal conservatives care about

So in this election which thankfully is 20+ months away, who represents the Clinton supporters? (We mean Bill, not Hillary)
Who represents what would now be called moderate liberals or as the far left sees them, the worthless?

The other day Howard Schultz who was former CEO of Starbucks, hinted he is flirting with the idea of running for President to represent the values of moderate Democrats who've been left out in the cold

Many in the Democrat party, showing how much they value democracy and respect difference of opinion, have spewed many a curse word and threatened to boycott Starbucks if he runs because to be blunt about it, they would sell their souls to the devil and watch their mothers, wives and daughters be raped if it meant Trump does not win re-election.
During an event in New York where Schultz talked about how disgusted he is by the increased partisan hostility in politics, a heckler yelled out "Don't help elect Trump, you egotistical, billionaire asshole"

And that really sums up the walking talking bowel movements that live, work and congregate among us every day.

We remember last year, two shiftless lazy blacks were sitting in a Starbucks in Philly socializing for hours.. Never ordering anything..  Just there in a place of business, treating it like it was some library or park bench
And after they were rightfully kicked out of the store, because of protests from the far left, Schultz made every store across the nation close for a day to be taught 'sensitivity' training, thus allowing colored people with no money a major victory in the political correct social progressivism war which technically the good guys lost a long time ago

So it shows even if you cater to this Scum, ultimately its not about being placated but more about them holding the power stick and if you do anything to cross the far left, they will figuratively or literally bash you over the head with it like a shillelagh

We hate Hitler and Nazism with a passion but we do understand why they felt the need to go after the socialist communists so aggressive, and that is what Democrats are becoming

All because Trump beat their lesbian candidate.
Back in 1992, yours truly had a choice for President..  Could go with Bush 41 who I supported and voted for because I was duped into believing he'd carry out Reagan's policies or Bill Clinton who from the beginning of his candidacy was along with Hillary pure unadulterated trash

Thankfully I had a third choice that year - Ross Perot

Republicans hated him because he was going to take votes away from Bush but I felt then as I do at present that if Bush hadn't been such a fake conservative, he'd have gotten the Perot votes no matter what
Honestly, had not Perot ended his campaign briefly because of a temper tantrum due to the press attacking his family which turned off many people, he might have won..  who knows..

As it was, he had enough support to force himself into the debates and finished with about 20% of the vote

It is a vote I was happy to give back then and to this day proud I supported him instead of settling for absolute crap like I did when voting for McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012 vs that hollow licorice stick.
Would we ever support Schultz for President?    No

If we're ever going to vote for someone who treats colored people as exceptional and plays that pathetic pandering of identity politics instead of simply embracing people as 100% equals who are special because of their individuality, we'll vote for a Republican who does it

But this shows how deeply evil and dangerous Democrats are..

How desperate they are to get back into the Oval Office and finish the job of destroying the nation forever which Bill Clinton started, Obama expedited and Hillary was supposed to complete.
America is such a beautiful, wonderful, amazing nation..

It really is..

Just a damn shame Democrats get to live in it instead of where they'd be happiest

Cuba or Venezuela perhaps?

Monday, January 28, 2019

An Open Letter to the President

For today's post we're going to use one of those literary contrivances that editorial sections of newspapers enjoy doing to get points across - it is called an 'open letter'

This is where one 'writes' to a specific person knowing full well he or she is never ever going to read it, much less know about it enough to bother to not care, but done anyways because the real importance and focus is more on the reader(s).

And we start with an original beginning..
Dear Mr President...

What can we say?  You certainly have our heads scratching here in Trump-loyalist land

Funny to think that as recent as a few months ago if we were to grade your Presidency, it would have achieved very high marks; in fact if not for the painful to watch race, ethnic and gender pandering,  you were just about Mt Rushmore worthy

Then something strange happened.. 
Democrat voters across the country who are 100% wrong in every belief, value and worldview along with genuinely stupid independents and non-party affiliated people voted for Democrat candidates running for House seats

Either that or your loyalists got too lazy and contented and collectively sat their asses down on the couch rather then go to the polls last November with the same passion they did in 2016

Whatever the reason(s), you now have a pure unadulterated cunt of a political party to deal with that last year at this time you didn't..  Not where they had any real power anyways.

So, OK.. we get it..  But didn't mean you needed to change/adapt
We are sure that your handlers said that its a new ballgame..

Gotta act more conciliatory..  Gotta be open to compromises and small concessions..  Gotta act more 'Presidential' in dealing with others...

Except that is Not why you were elected by your core supporters.
You were voted to be the same person you were as a candidate and bring that style and mindset into the White House to um.. what was that cute catchphrase?  Oh yes.. 'Drain the Swamp'

You were elected to be a complete total bastard and absolute asshole; to continually treat Democrats the way you treated the other Republicans you ran against in the primaries.

Please understand we express this with affection, not as negatives because history has shown that by and large every President ultimately is a phony and a liar and will not govern in a way where the needs and concerns of everyday people 'trump' the establishment

Oops, we made a bad pun..
Democrat.. Republican..  Can't think of a President in history that on the whole truly kept their campaign promises

So why do you want to join that list?

Why didn't you declare an emergency at the border 5 weeks ago?

Why do you treat that repugnant Speaker Pelosi with respect?

Why do you even think for a half-second that you can reach any kind of compromise with a Nazi-like entity that believes as she put it 'our strength lies in our unity' and that unity is to topple your Presidency?
You keep trying to court independents and some liberal leaning barnacles to vote for you in two years but are you sincerely oblivious to the fact you are turning off more and more of your base to not support you?

If there was a moment in your Presidency thus far that showed a side in which we honestly felt repugnant toward you (and thankfully thus far those moments are very few), it involved the whole affair with the past Super Bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles not visiting the White House last summer.
Yes, their owner is a disgusting anus liberal (is there any other kind?) and the team was full of knee kneeling colored and white-cuckold malcontents & fake social warriors who hated you and were not going to attend

But there were about 8-9 people connected to the team including the coach and MVP winning quarterback who supported you and were looking forward to meeting you in the rose garden.

But they did not matter to you..  The event was cancelled because it was more important to you to have those who deeply despise you attend then to appreciate and celebrate those who felt joyful to be in your presence.

More important that piece of shit Democrats like you and want to support you than loyal Republicans?.. Is that your M.O.?
That is a deeply immature and insecure way to look at people and life

No different really then all those teen movies where the guy completely ignores and doesn't appreciate the female best friend that adores him because he only wants the hot bitch or the cool crowd to embrace him and anything less, and he sulks.

So congrats.. You were and we guess still are at times a movie cliche.
We can't speak for other supporters - everyone has minds of their own, but Sir, you better change back to who you were prior to winning election and do it fast because right now you are looked upon as something betweena  joke and total let down and all because of how you handled this wall funding and partial government shutdown standoff

Ann Coulter called you a wimp on that issue..  Is she right?

You compromised.. You appeased.. You conceded power to Pelosi.. You further emboldened your enemies -- can you even admit to yourself much less publicly that Democrats are Enemies of the State?
You looked as weak and declawed as you acted or non-acted.

Absolutely unacceptable.

The last time this nation faced such a dangerous threat from within by its own citizenry was during the LBJ and Nixon years which coincidentally was the last time the ignorant rabble known as liberal youth were given such a voice to express idiocy then push themselves onto the mainstream.
While they basically sabotaged their party in 1968 and 1972, we fear they could be successful in 2020 and you are not helping things by pissing off your base with the gutless way you are dealing with the wall funding battle

Something better change..  You better change..

Sincerely yours,

Every intelligent, informed conservative who voted for you in 2016

Friday, January 25, 2019

Wall or Nothing? A Big All For Nothing

It's Friday afternoon and Trump finished speaking at the Rose Garden about a compromise on border security and wall funding

The temporary bill will leave government open until Feb. 15. If no deal is reached by then, a national emergency order to circumvent Congress and build the wall is expected.

The stopgap won't include funding for a border wall.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) is reportedly planning to pass the stopgap bill on Friday, and Congressional leaders have agreed to advance the bill which includes arrangements for negotiations on border security

The bill would extend funding for border security at current levels - that is, $1.3 billion, but not expressly for a wall.

We do not know yet if this means the State of the Union is back on for next Tuesday but we have to assume it is since the condition that Queen Nancy imposed on jester Donald was he was not allowed to have dinner until he cleaned his room.. umm.. we mean he had to end the shutdown
Funny how of all the things Trump has said and done in the 3.5 years since he officially announced his Presidency that have annoyed and/or angered people and this impasse with the Democrats is the first time we have sincerely felt it

Oh sure we absolutely hate his gender, race and ethnicity pandering but that's mere annoyance, like when one breaks a hemorrhoid

But this has been worse because at no point in the last 5 weeks on this matter has the President shown himself to be strong or manly or have consideration or thought for those who financially aren't in the same position as he
We keep repeating this point ad nauseum but that's because it needs to keep being repeated:

Trump said weeks ago he had the power to declare an emergency and bypass Congress..

He said he didn't want to.. Preferred making a deal.. How noble

In the process 800,000 people economically no different than you and we had to go without a paycheck for 35 days including through the Christmas - New Years holiday
All that stress and strain on top of any other tensions a normal person goes through in their financial lives which of course seeps into one's home life and relationships with spouses, lovers and children..

For Nothing...   NOTHING!

Once Trump could sniff the foul stench from between Pelosi's legs and her ears of recalcitrance (stubbornness), the emergency should have been declared immediately.

So nearly a million people had to suffer for no reason
 To be clear, had there been no executive order option, we would have supported the shutdown as long as possible because the wall is too important

But this was different..  once Trump boastfully uttered weeks ago he had the power to end the shutdown at any time and get his wall money with a snap of a finger or stroke of a pen, then those workers turned into nothing more but hostages and were collateral damage in a fight that didn't need to be

That's the kind of thing Democrat Presidents do because they are devoid of conscience and ethics

Really terrible..
So what did we learn this week kids?

1)  Pelosi is the most powerful person in the free world now until Trump starts acting like a man, becomes the person he was during the '16 campaign and takes the reins back

2)  800,000 Federal workers had to suffer for 5 weeks for Nothing

3)  Our President is no different than any other politician.. a liar and compromiser who plays political games to strategize for the next election and/or to mold legacy

4)  That if you know any person who is a liberal who voted for a Democrat candidate for the House in a mid-term election where said Democrat won, helping to propel Pelosi to speaker...

Whether it be male or female, please punch that person in the face

Thursday, January 24, 2019

And the New Most Powerful Person in the Free World Is?

~ "Trump can't do shit now unless he asks my permission to visit the toilet"

Some people think and believe the most powerful person in the free world is the President of the United States

Maybe it was once..  Maybe it will be again

It just is not at the moment.

No, the most powerful person in the free world is a despicable cunt named Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House
Who else in the free world possesses the power to single-handedly prevent funding to build the wall to allow bottomfeeders to cross into our country at will?

And who else but her could force the President to re-schedule a State of the Union address

Yep..  Trump tweeted essentially that she won and he won't be giving one next week but some point in the future

Pretty emasculating, yes?
Think about it..  Name another person around the globe who would have the ability to alter a sitting President's schedule in this matter?

Another world leader?  A Queen?  A Pope?

A terrorist could threaten to blow up the Capitol if the Union speech was delivered and we as a nation would respond with a defiant 'Fuck you - The President doesn't alter his schedule for anyone'

Yet a domestic political terrorist bitch from San Francisco is stating Trump is not allowed to deliver his speech to Congress and instead of standing up to her and the rest of that rancid Democrat party composed of the spiritually rotten our society, Trump tweets acquiescence.
Deeply sad on so many fronts

Didn't Neville Chamberlain already try appeasement with Hitler? 

Why Trump thinks he'll get a different result with that old pancake make-up whore is beyond us

Reminds us of that scene from the film Superman II, where the evil villain General Zod makes the President kneel and swear his loyalty to him in the Oval Office to save the world from Zod's wrath

Except Trump did it in a couple tweets while sitting in a chair.
Now there is absolutely no motivation for the despicable Democrats to concede an inch

Had Trump stood his ground, he could have used the State of the Union as a platform to once again get his message out why the wall is so desperately needed

Now that he's conceded, if Dems end up giving him money, then Trump will deliver his speech soon after and it will be touting how he beat them - no way they will ever allow that
Democrats know they can not concede in any way

Trump campaigned so hard on this issue, albeit lying about where the money would come from (Mexico was supposed to pay for it) so if they hold firm, then his base will be furious that Trump did not keep his word and perhaps sit out the next election rather than support him

The whole thing makes us sick to our collective stomachs
Two years ago these pieces of shit liberals were sobbing hysterically, coloring in their coloring books, and drinking cocoa from their sippy cups as they shook back n forth in their safe spaces

Now they are emboldened and feeling more and more aggressive and powerful by the day

Trump never did anything to stomp them out.. Conservatives never made a collective effort either

Now you got all this shit, and still no sign that Trump gets it
So right now a verminous twat named Pelosi is the most powerful person in the free world, taking a sitting President down and humiliating without the slightest effort on her part.

And just like a 'strong' man who allows a strong woman to pull down his pants and smack his bottom with a crop Domme/sub style, this was all done with his consent.

It's all so bile inducing.

Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Time To Stop Yappin' and Start Giving Enemies Rabies

The last 27 months or so have been the most politically toxic we've ever observed in our lifetimes

Even if we lived through the 1960s, we'd still state that what's going on at present is far worse than anything Nixon experienced outside of Watergate which was of his own doing

We wonder what the catalyst will be before things take a very violent turn
Now the left desperately wants a catalyst..  Very badly

They seem to believe the young and stupid will galvanize, take to the streets and achieve some new Marxist-like revolution where the colored peoples i.e. the have nots will stand as one, overthrow the system and beat, starve & if need be kill those evil whites who have it all and balance will be restored

We wonder what it will take to put these deeply rotten people down; what provocation must occur for law enforcement and if need be National Guard to stomp these liberal Millennial losers into mulch
Right now everyone hates one another and wants to go to war with one another over beliefs and the direction of the country in the present & future

Of course those who scream the loudest for confrontation are often hidden at the very back when it does occur

But social media allows cowards to have courage so there's a lot of paper lions and tigers about representing the ass(hole) political party
Liberals deeply hate Trump because he's well..  Trump

Conservatives are beginning to hate Trump because he's showing himself more and more to be a big bloviating bullshitter, especially when it comes to statements in recent past where he said he could sign an emergency at the border at any time and get his wall funding

Ann Coulter tweeted last week after the President's pathetic attempts at compromise that would allow the DACA scum illegals to stay, that we voted for Trump and ended up with Jeb Bush..

Kinda seems so at times..
Everything right now has a feeling of chaos, like at any moment the country is going to be torn to pieces with anarchy ensuing

As much as the fuck-liberal media is to blame, we also blame Trump

We overall support him but really at no time in the last 2+ years have we ever felt calm that he's in real control; that he can handle the adversity and attack back with necessary viciousness
Oh sure it was nice to see him basically prevent that geriatric cunt Pelosi and the rest of the small contingent of Enemies to the State from flying overseas, but that's not what we're talking about

For example, last year Time-Warner entered into a $85 billion merger..   Time-Warner owns CNN and HBO among other corporations

If yours truly were President, the head of Time-Warner would have been called on the phone and a direct warning made that if CNN wasn't controlled and prevented from their daily smear of my Presidency, I would prevent the merger (something a President has the power to do)
This would have cost Time Warner a $500 million penalty based on the terms of the merger

Trump does nothing..  Says nothing..

Probably in some sick-fuck way he enjoys being constantly shit on every hour of every day by the liberal media
Certain people like Trump, there's this mindset of 'say whatever you want about me, no matter how god-awful as long as you spell my name correct'

We will never understand that but it does exist.

Back in the 1850s, people from the North and South were just about ready to literally kill each other, the hate was that deep but it had still been restrained
Certain events like 'Bleeding Kansas', the Dred Scott decision and 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' inched the two sides closer and closer to all-out war

Then John Brown at Harpers' Ferry was the catalyst and there was no turning back..  The nation could not simply continue as it was even if more compromises on slavery or Senate representation were made

The hate was too deep
We feel that now in 2019..

Felt it since those pieces of feces snowflake liberals cried and protested and marched 'Never Trump' immediately after his 2016 victory

Of course there's no sincere secessionist movement and no new nation that will be formed or creation of a rival army and navy for the Union to fight like in the 1860s

But there are a lot of people with deep mentally sick violence in their heart and head for all things Conservative and the fuck media only fans the flames, caring more about ratings than anything else
We don't doubt for a second many in the media along with God knows how many other liberal scum secretly wish and hope..  you know what we're getting at..

Had an ex online friend like that..  Pretended for many years to be a 'she' and turned out to be a He from Tennessee..

Besides being a complete piece of shit for faking his gender, he also was pure verminous trash because he was a Democrat and we would at times have these long drawn out political fights
On a couple occasions I would state that deep down I knew he or she or it would love nothing more to see Trump wiped off the earth and probably secretly prayed for it to happen; it was a test to see how disgusting a liberal this loser was

Whenever I expressed it, the response I got was silence..

The spiritually defective fucker couldn't even bring himself to fake pretend he didn't feel that way toward Trump.

Yes a real piece of shit this guy from Murfreesboro was - in so many ways more than one.
This is how liberals are..  Just about all of them especially the worthless Millennials who believe every propaganda lie they see and read

We believe Trump if he wished to could take control of the situation better and convey to his supporters that he really is in control

One way is to bypass Congress, get the funding and stop the partial shutdown

Another way is to once and for all stop courting minorities that by and large will Never Ever support him no matter how many times he evokes the name of Martin somebody-nobody or patronizes this group or that group
He was elected by and large by heterosexual Caucasians who right or wrong, do not give two shits about the plight of blacks or Hispanics or the sexually deviant

He was elected by people who by and large wanted Trump to put their needs first; to celebrate their importance and value in society

Absolutely amazing this fucking guy does not get this!

Sorry but subtlety is not our strong suit
So instead of a leader who cracks down on the Enemy of the State i.e.e the (dis)loyal opposition, he just talks and tweets and repeats the same things while doing nothing and the Democrat dogs know he's mostly bark and little bite.

We overall love ya Trump but time for him to stop tweetin' and yappin' and start chompin'or he will lose his base by next year