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Monday, January 28, 2019

An Open Letter to the President

For today's post we're going to use one of those literary contrivances that editorial sections of newspapers enjoy doing to get points across - it is called an 'open letter'

This is where one 'writes' to a specific person knowing full well he or she is never ever going to read it, much less know about it enough to bother to not care, but done anyways because the real importance and focus is more on the reader(s).

And we start with an original beginning..
Dear Mr President...

What can we say?  You certainly have our heads scratching here in Trump-loyalist land

Funny to think that as recent as a few months ago if we were to grade your Presidency, it would have achieved very high marks; in fact if not for the painful to watch race, ethnic and gender pandering,  you were just about Mt Rushmore worthy

Then something strange happened.. 
Democrat voters across the country who are 100% wrong in every belief, value and worldview along with genuinely stupid independents and non-party affiliated people voted for Democrat candidates running for House seats

Either that or your loyalists got too lazy and contented and collectively sat their asses down on the couch rather then go to the polls last November with the same passion they did in 2016

Whatever the reason(s), you now have a pure unadulterated cunt of a political party to deal with that last year at this time you didn't..  Not where they had any real power anyways.

So, OK.. we get it..  But didn't mean you needed to change/adapt
We are sure that your handlers said that its a new ballgame..

Gotta act more conciliatory..  Gotta be open to compromises and small concessions..  Gotta act more 'Presidential' in dealing with others...

Except that is Not why you were elected by your core supporters.
You were voted to be the same person you were as a candidate and bring that style and mindset into the White House to um.. what was that cute catchphrase?  Oh yes.. 'Drain the Swamp'

You were elected to be a complete total bastard and absolute asshole; to continually treat Democrats the way you treated the other Republicans you ran against in the primaries.

Please understand we express this with affection, not as negatives because history has shown that by and large every President ultimately is a phony and a liar and will not govern in a way where the needs and concerns of everyday people 'trump' the establishment

Oops, we made a bad pun..
Democrat.. Republican..  Can't think of a President in history that on the whole truly kept their campaign promises

So why do you want to join that list?

Why didn't you declare an emergency at the border 5 weeks ago?

Why do you treat that repugnant Speaker Pelosi with respect?

Why do you even think for a half-second that you can reach any kind of compromise with a Nazi-like entity that believes as she put it 'our strength lies in our unity' and that unity is to topple your Presidency?
You keep trying to court independents and some liberal leaning barnacles to vote for you in two years but are you sincerely oblivious to the fact you are turning off more and more of your base to not support you?

If there was a moment in your Presidency thus far that showed a side in which we honestly felt repugnant toward you (and thankfully thus far those moments are very few), it involved the whole affair with the past Super Bowl champions Philadelphia Eagles not visiting the White House last summer.
Yes, their owner is a disgusting anus liberal (is there any other kind?) and the team was full of knee kneeling colored and white-cuckold malcontents & fake social warriors who hated you and were not going to attend

But there were about 8-9 people connected to the team including the coach and MVP winning quarterback who supported you and were looking forward to meeting you in the rose garden.

But they did not matter to you..  The event was cancelled because it was more important to you to have those who deeply despise you attend then to appreciate and celebrate those who felt joyful to be in your presence.

More important that piece of shit Democrats like you and want to support you than loyal Republicans?.. Is that your M.O.?
That is a deeply immature and insecure way to look at people and life

No different really then all those teen movies where the guy completely ignores and doesn't appreciate the female best friend that adores him because he only wants the hot bitch or the cool crowd to embrace him and anything less, and he sulks.

So congrats.. You were and we guess still are at times a movie cliche.
We can't speak for other supporters - everyone has minds of their own, but Sir, you better change back to who you were prior to winning election and do it fast because right now you are looked upon as something betweena  joke and total let down and all because of how you handled this wall funding and partial government shutdown standoff

Ann Coulter called you a wimp on that issue..  Is she right?

You compromised.. You appeased.. You conceded power to Pelosi.. You further emboldened your enemies -- can you even admit to yourself much less publicly that Democrats are Enemies of the State?
You looked as weak and declawed as you acted or non-acted.

Absolutely unacceptable.

The last time this nation faced such a dangerous threat from within by its own citizenry was during the LBJ and Nixon years which coincidentally was the last time the ignorant rabble known as liberal youth were given such a voice to express idiocy then push themselves onto the mainstream.
While they basically sabotaged their party in 1968 and 1972, we fear they could be successful in 2020 and you are not helping things by pissing off your base with the gutless way you are dealing with the wall funding battle

Something better change..  You better change..

Sincerely yours,

Every intelligent, informed conservative who voted for you in 2016