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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Analysis of Trump's Address to the Nation

~ Political Cartoon on Illegals from when Obama was President

President Trump spoke to the nation last night for a few minutes on the need to build the wall, trying to convince us of its importance and to pressure Congress even though he said he can bypass them and fund it through executive order though for some reason has not

It was followed by a couple minutes of empty nothingness by Pelosi & Schumer who care more about identity politics and positioning for 2020 then the well-being of the nation.

So let's move beyond that and try to picture what America will be like in 10 years if not already if nothing is done to stop the influx of Hispanics from illegally entering
We could give you a long list of what the future will look like but it comes down to one thing ..

The nation Will go bankrupt and it will make 2008 look like a picnic

Right now we have a debt of $21.9 Trillion dollars and annually spend $852 Billion more than what the nation takes in taxes..

The last time the government took in more revenue then it spent was the last year of W Bush so that's now 10 years..
There are currently 38.1 million Americans living in poverty receiving government handouts of some form

As it stands, on average 700,000 illegals enter the country annually who possess little to no education, even less ability to support themselves unless picking strawberries or cleaning toilets and are benefiting from the financial altruism of the government care of the taxpayers i.e. you and we

Without a wall of some kind to prevent those south of the border from entering, you are going to see mass influx of people over time even greater in number than the current Democrat organized and funded caravans
The illegals bring with them more than intellectual ignorance - they bring in crime and drugs

Here's from an article written by NBC News back in 2009 when they weren't leftist ideologues tainted with Trump hate (link below):
"Just before sundown, the nightly ritual here begins. On the south side of the rusting, battered fence which separates the United States from Mexico, young men climb the bluffs overlooking the border. 

They will serve as spotters for other Mexicans who try to cross the border illegally under cover of night. These hilltop observers watch for U.S. Border Patrol agents guarding the north side of the boundary and alert the smugglers huddled near the fence below when it's safe to attempt a crossing.

Farther west in the vast and rugged Arizona desert, smugglers are also busy and routinely take advantage of what U.S. drug agents describe as wide gaps in the border security system there. 
“It is very conducive to smuggling activities,” said Anthony Coulson, the Assistant Special Agent in Charge of the U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency District Office in Tucson. 

“Once they've defeated the fence or the car barriers, a vehicle can spread out and go on dirt trails, on washes [dry beds of seasonal streams], up to their stash location where they'll drop off their product.”

That product is often marijuana, but it can also be cocaine, methamphetamine or heroin — all of it paid for by American drug abusers.
The amount of illicit drugs believed to enter Arizona alone each year from Mexico is easily in the thousands of tons, according to U.S. officials.

“Right now, the volume of marijuana that will be seized in southern Arizona will be approximately, we predict, 1.4 million pounds [700 tons] by the end of this calendar year. That is beyond what we've ever seized before,” Coulson said.

While that number is staggering and can be credited to effective and coordinated law enforcement efforts, agents said, it only represents an estimated 20 percent of all the marijuana that will enter the United States through Arizona this year. 
That means another 7 million pounds (3,500 tons) is being smuggled into the U.S. undetected through this state alone.

“If they get in through Arizona, they're into the highway system of the United States, they're into literally the bloodstream of the United States,” Coulson said. “And once they're in the bloodstream of the United States, it's very hard to root them out.”

You can keep reading by clicking the above link if interested..
And where there's drugs, there's crime, often very violent crime..  All the things Trump has talked about endlessly which Democrats truly don't give a fuck

Oh they once did.. when their thin Cacao dark chocolate bar was in office

Will a wall stop all those narcotics from flowing in?

No.. not all..  But it is a good first step and an important one
Democrats want illegals to flood the nation because by and large they're a very ignorant backward people who can be easily molded once given the vote to support their party for decades

That's truly the #1 motivation for scum like Pelosi and Schumer to do nothing

The fact they make wonderfully cheap under the table labor for wealthy liberals and corporations run by people who make heavy donations to the Democrat Party doesn't hurt either
Of course there's Republicans who happily take advantage of the situation but corporate America has really turned far-left in its politics and ideology and one only has to look at who they donate to during elections and the multicultural and interracial / bi-racial garbage pushed in movies, TV and ads

Just such a mess and most Americans like most people of any nation are just very ignorant to what's going on, mainly because news gives the intellectual 'nutrition' of a Pop-Tart and most are too busy or unwilling to seek out information on their own outside the corporate media control mechanisms.
We don't know if last night's little speech made any difference to anyone

We do know Trump better not cave in on this..  No compromise.. No concession..

He Must win this fight vs the Enemy of the State (Democrats) and it needs to be something even the dumbest of the dumb will understand to be a Trump victory

Otherwise, he will be in the same political position as Bush 41 with his 'Read my lips...' pledge, Trump's base will turn on him like Bush's did and not only will Trump lose thus making the last 4 years practically inconsequential but the nation will not survive it
If ancient Rome had built a wall to keep out the Germanic invaders at its gate, it might have survived

It didn't so it didn't

We love America but don't think it is that exceptional to survive an onslaught of backward brown people from Central America and Mexico

It can't and it won't.