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Thursday, January 24, 2019

And the New Most Powerful Person in the Free World Is?

~ "Trump can't do shit now unless he asks my permission to visit the toilet"

Some people think and believe the most powerful person in the free world is the President of the United States

Maybe it was once..  Maybe it will be again

It just is not at the moment.

No, the most powerful person in the free world is a despicable cunt named Nancy Pelosi, Speaker of the House
Who else in the free world possesses the power to single-handedly prevent funding to build the wall to allow bottomfeeders to cross into our country at will?

And who else but her could force the President to re-schedule a State of the Union address

Yep..  Trump tweeted essentially that she won and he won't be giving one next week but some point in the future

Pretty emasculating, yes?
Think about it..  Name another person around the globe who would have the ability to alter a sitting President's schedule in this matter?

Another world leader?  A Queen?  A Pope?

A terrorist could threaten to blow up the Capitol if the Union speech was delivered and we as a nation would respond with a defiant 'Fuck you - The President doesn't alter his schedule for anyone'

Yet a domestic political terrorist bitch from San Francisco is stating Trump is not allowed to deliver his speech to Congress and instead of standing up to her and the rest of that rancid Democrat party composed of the spiritually rotten our society, Trump tweets acquiescence.
Deeply sad on so many fronts

Didn't Neville Chamberlain already try appeasement with Hitler? 

Why Trump thinks he'll get a different result with that old pancake make-up whore is beyond us

Reminds us of that scene from the film Superman II, where the evil villain General Zod makes the President kneel and swear his loyalty to him in the Oval Office to save the world from Zod's wrath

Except Trump did it in a couple tweets while sitting in a chair.
Now there is absolutely no motivation for the despicable Democrats to concede an inch

Had Trump stood his ground, he could have used the State of the Union as a platform to once again get his message out why the wall is so desperately needed

Now that he's conceded, if Dems end up giving him money, then Trump will deliver his speech soon after and it will be touting how he beat them - no way they will ever allow that
Democrats know they can not concede in any way

Trump campaigned so hard on this issue, albeit lying about where the money would come from (Mexico was supposed to pay for it) so if they hold firm, then his base will be furious that Trump did not keep his word and perhaps sit out the next election rather than support him

The whole thing makes us sick to our collective stomachs
Two years ago these pieces of shit liberals were sobbing hysterically, coloring in their coloring books, and drinking cocoa from their sippy cups as they shook back n forth in their safe spaces

Now they are emboldened and feeling more and more aggressive and powerful by the day

Trump never did anything to stomp them out.. Conservatives never made a collective effort either

Now you got all this shit, and still no sign that Trump gets it
So right now a verminous twat named Pelosi is the most powerful person in the free world, taking a sitting President down and humiliating without the slightest effort on her part.

And just like a 'strong' man who allows a strong woman to pull down his pants and smack his bottom with a crop Domme/sub style, this was all done with his consent.

It's all so bile inducing.