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Friday, January 18, 2019

If A Day Ends in 'Y', Must Be Time For More Fake News

~ What a typical liberal looks n' sounds like

When we think of how much irrational deranged hate Democrats have for the President, its hard for any sane thinking person to understand how 50% of the population could be so deeply mentally ill

But we often think of something once uttered by a wise man long ago

'When dealing with a stupid person, you can imply he/she is stupid, use big words to insinuate he/she is stupid and even cleverly mock a stupid person..  You just don't directly tell a stupid person he/she is stupid.  Then you have a stupid enemy for life'
While on a personal level we absolutely loved how right after the election, he invited the heads of the various TV media to come to Trump Tower so he could directly scold them how rotten they all were (they attended assuming there'd be a detente), it didn't make for good political strategy

Everything the President has had to deal with when it comes to an openly hostile, extremely fake media with a personal vendetta to remove him from office or provoke a heart attack originates from that meeting in November, 2016

Oh sure they thought Trump was a buffoon and so beneath them, like they seem to think every conservative is but rats will be rats and with Trump, they don't have to pretend they're any different.
Not only does this putrid liberal media distort truth, purposely leave out key facts in stories and Refuse to report anything positive about the Administration's successes but they also feel emboldened to create fake stories out of the blue based on 'unnamed sources' that do not exist

The most recent and horrible example occurred last night as BuzzFeed report that President Trump "personally instructed" his former attorney Michael Cohen to lie to congress about negotiations to build a Trump Tower in Moscow.

Less than 12 hours after the report, its credibility has been called into question after the two piece of shit so-called 'journalists' who wrote the story gave vastly different answers as to whether they had actually the evidence
One of them, Anthony Cormier, admitted to CNN's "New Day" that he hasn't actually seen the evidence in the case.

When asked if he had seen the evidence, Cormier replied: “Not personally.” He then clarified that “the folks we have talked to — two officials we have spoken to are fully, 100 percent read into that aspect of the Special Counsel’s investigation”

His co-writer, Jason Leopold however told MSNBC "We have seen the documents. We have been briefed on documents."

Who is right?  Who are these mysterious 'sources'?
This fake news story is as good an example as any to explain the behind the scenes strategies at play when one wonders why such bullshit is written or reported

Obviously its sensational and attention grabbing which means increased viewer or readership and that pleases the advertisers greatly

Beyond that, when something anti-Trump and unsubstantiated is reported, we all know that 99.9% of liberals are going to make absolutely no effort on their own to research and see if the information is true, especially if the Trump hate item validates their personal derangement bias
In addition, it works with other made up news collectively or in aggregate to constantly put the President on the defense as an attempt to distract from him touting his successes

It also works as part of a collective lie narrative that works long after Trump is out of office to seek to forever taint his historical legacy like the vultures successfully did with Nixon

As god-awful as the media is today, in truth it really has never possessed any semblance of fairness and objectivity..  Ever

It's just that everyone has rose-colored glasses that media of the past was more fair or professional or civil toward those they disagreed with
We remember reading a fascinating book once about the how terrible the media was even as far back as Washington's Presidency

Back then in the 1790's, the newspapers would treat any and every decision by Washington as an assault on the Constitution and stir up fears he was really becoming a King no different than that other George in Britain

Then in the 1796 election pitting John Adams v Thomas Jefferson, the newspapers by and large were all so pro-Adams, that Jefferson later blamed them for losing and realized the only way he could ever win in the future was to create and own his own newspapers that pushed his points of view

Jefferson won the Presidency in 1800
And for much of this nation's history, newspapers were very open in their bias.. Some papers were called the 'Democrat' or the 'Republican' which was good because at least you knew where the media outlet stood

Intelligent people today know what side of the political fence most outlets are..  The stupid people believe their go-to news sources are unbiased

Only two US Presidents have had the guts to deal with the press in the correct manner so to control the beast
As we've written often here, Lincoln declared Martial Law during the Civil War and threw into jail any journalist who wrote anything that hurt the Union cause or defended the Confederate point of view

They'd be kept in prison for long duration in prison without due process and their places of employment would be seized by the government

Lincoln also directed Union soldiers to be posted in front of the Supreme Court to prevent them from entering since the Justices, especially the Chief Justice Roger Taney had southern sympathies and didn't want them ruling on legal validity of secession
Then Woodrow Wilson did similar to the press who dared to write anything negative about our involvement in WWI and even sent back immigrants to their nation of origin who dared to speak against the government

Wilson believed Lincoln did not go far enough in controlling the press

We used to think this mindset was horrible and very un-democratic but then we saw what happened to LBJ and Nixon concerning Vietnam when you let the media run amok and what's happening now to Trump is downright scary

The media gets away with it because they can, and Trump for all his positives is mostly hot air; a man who boasts and rarely backs up words with deeds..

However, we absolutely loved what he did to that geriatric cunt Pelosi and the other Democrat congresspeople yesterday,  preventing them at the last moment from boarding a plane and flying overseas for a week

Wish he'd do more spiteful acts like that.. It was beautiful.
Because when its upfront and direct who your enemy is and you to they, its very freeing - no more needless fake formality and silly civility

We believe Trump will survive all this never-ending bombardment of media evil

It's just a shame he is incapable and/or unwilling to see liberals, especially in the media as the Enemies of the State which they are and act accordingly.