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Thursday, January 17, 2019

Just Do It!!

The last couple days we've written long albeit informative posts so today while still important (we don't just write to write), it will be much shorter

Perspective is a funny thing..  How quickly it can change based on one verbal or nonverbal gesture or tweet

A few weeks ago our stance was when it comes to funding the wall, it is so important that even if the partial shutdown must last weeks or months or over a year, so be it
Then Trump uttered what in our minds was the game changer i.e. essentially he could declare an emergency at that border and based on precedent, get the $5.7 billion in ways that bypass Congress

Now while we have written on why the President may have such reluctance, the point was that legally what he boasted was true - he Can do it albeit all the legal challenges that would come from it

He also said Mexico is indirectly going to be paying for it

And so....    Why all this constant bullshit?
Does Trump think he's making clever political points?  Does he really believe those parasitic Democrats are weakening? 

We all know they're scum..

We all know they put their party and identity politics before what's best for the safety and prosperity of the nation
This is honestly the first time we at A&G have been consistently frustrated and resentful at the President because none of this nonsense including depriving pay to nearly a million Federal workers has to be taking place

Only if funding absolutely had to come from Congress would the involuntary financial sacrifice of so many need to take place..   But this all could end at a stroke of his pen

Trump also said a couple weeks ago during a cabinet meeting when comparing himself to Obama regarding foreign policy that when a President makes threats or warnings, he essentially must back them up or they become worthless

It wasn't the evil fake media that created a non-news story that Trump had that power to do an end-around Congress

It was Trump's words.

The real problem is originally Trump wasn't going to fight for funding.. His press secretary directly said so in answer to a reporter's question

Then many influential Conservatives howled and basically threatened they'd not support Trump in 2020 if he went back on his word to build the wall (rightly so) and Trump had to do a 180 and is still looking a bit discombobulated over it
We don't know why he doesn't just declare a border emergency now

Worse that happens is the emergency order gets bogged down for a bit in the courts which is still more forward progress than this impasse with the putrid Democrats

And who knows, if Trump pursued this avenue and ultimately it looked like he would win in the Supreme Court, perhaps Congress would fold for fear that a modern legal precedent for increased Presidential power was not worth a few billion and just allocate the funds

Whatever.. Whatever..
All we know is while our need for a wall has not wavered, we are getting sick of how Trump is handling things

He said he can get the funding without Congress?

Well. DO IT!