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Friday, January 11, 2019

Mailbag Q&A - 1/11/19

Well it is the end of the week and we're tired of talking on the wall for now so once again we'll take questions and aggressively work to keep our responses to 25 words or less, especially if they're connected to that topic

So we start with a few questions which, what do you know..  is directly/indirectly about the wall

Q:  Who do you think will come out the victor in the Trump/Congress dispute over the wall?  Also think he will declare an 'emergency' or was that a bluff?

A:  Hope Trump wins but fear compromise and some concession.  Declare emergency? - Doubt it.  Too time consuming.. Too many liberal activist judges to delay it.
Q:  Federal workers need their paychecks to survive.  How long do you see the partial shutdown going ?

A:  Difficult to predict.. Trump is determined; Democrat hate for him so deep, they would watch their children get raped if meant President be removed.

Q:  I admit I still don't know purpose of Trump's Address to the Nation the other day. Certainly he knew it wasn't going to sway Pelosi or Schumer

A:  Goal was to re-frame debate that building wall was humanitarian i.e. good v evil and to sway those on the "fence" to support him
Q:  It seems Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is more in ill-health than was led to believe.. She has yet to appear alongside the other Justices to hear cases presented..  Think 2019 is the year she retires?

A:  Chance of retirement?  Zero..  Chance she dies?  Very possible..  Can very elderly Justice be removed due to illness?  By Senate, yes but never has happened

Q:  Often here you criticize different groups at different times and use strong sometimes shocking language..  Any group you do like that's not white or Republican?

A:  We do not like Any group.. Black.. White..  etc..  All groups are worthless.. We embrace and celebrate the Wonderfulness of the Individual over any collective.
Q:  A&G has made a lot of criticisms about number of blacks, bi-racials and interracial couples in movies, on TV and your target especially being in ads.  What are you afraid of - that everyone in society be represented?

A:  No, we are afraid the young and stupid will believe lies that they are majority, are 'exceptional' hold superior status and deserve constant deference. 

(Here's a similar question but presented from a different point of view)

Q:  I agree with A&G that there's too much of a push by advertising and corporations to depict blacks as the dominant race but from business standpoint, do not understand why they feel this is profitable?

A:  Blacks complain when not represented.  Whites keep quiet or actually celebrate seeing those people as dominant.  White guilt/shame.. True disease of the mind.
Q:  In a previous posting you said if the wall wasn't built, illegals would come in and flood our nation causing it to go bankrupt but hundreds of thousands come in every year and our economy keeps going.. actually thriving right now.   Aren't you simply wrong and just fear mongering like the President?

A:  No.  Currently 11 million illegals i.e. 3% of population..  As US economy grows or another global recession/depression, they will push through in larger numbers
Last question..

Q:  I'm surprised Trump hasn't had Impeachment charges against him seeing how that was a major campaign issue for Democrats in the midterms.  When do you see it happening?

A:  Strategically we see it closer to end of 2019; Democrat controlled House can impeach then use election year 2020 for the Senate trial for removal

Have a good weekend~