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Thursday, January 31, 2019

MLB Honors Jackie for the Superficial; Never for What Matters

~ Jackie Robinson served as a lieutenant in World War II

We went on the website earlier today and saw that they're going to devote the entire season to honoring Jackie Robinson because had he been alive, 2019 would be his 100th birthday.

We don't say and think Ugh! because of Jackie himself..  He actually was a quality person to match his baseball skills

No, we say Ugh! because it is just another example among too many of black exceptionalism pushed by whites who either feel never-ending guilt for things that happened before most were even born or because it makes for in their eyes a great business marketing strategy.
In terms of baseball talent and ability, there are a couple dozen players from the game's past who were statistically far superior to Jackie in every way possible

And in terms of the most important figure ever in the history of baseball, it was Babe Ruth who most people forget single-handedly drew back the fans to care about the game after so many were repulsed by the Black Sox scandal which also occurred exactly 100 years ago

But liberals can't feel that all is right in the world today by celebrating the Bambino
In the case of MLB it started about a decade ago when they realized that black participation and interesting in playing on a high school level and watching on TV was dropping precipitously

They by and large were gravitating toward football and basketball, why it was mostly whites and Hispanics who were following baseball

And because we live in a society where whites and Hispanics and American-born Asiatics and just about everyone else not black really does not matter, MLB decided to do a full on marketing blitz to get blacks back into the fold
First they pathetically forced every team to retire the number '42' even though Jackie only played for one organization (Dodgers) then declared April 15 as a 'Civil Rights Day' so every player on every team Had to wear 42 on their uniform as some kind of fascist act uniformity

And with that, the league took every opportunity to promote black baseball players more than white ones and the empty hype got to the point where those who cover the game had the audacity to express that nothing in baseball should matter prior to Jackie' entrance into the game

'Fuckin' Hell' is right..
So now 100th Anniversary of Robinson's birth means an entire year of intense marketing to blacks while white liberals can feel good that someone of a different race is superior and exceptional to them

Funny thing is, as a person Jackie Robinson really was superior to many both back then and especially today in terms of character

So many deeply worthless horrible people live in this country at present - people you want to.. well, let's just say wish lived elsewhere

Instead of MLB honoring Jackie because of who he was inside,  they like every other entity with a political, social and/or economic agenda want to honor him for what was on his outside
Here's an example of how quality a person Jackie Robinson was which I heard from the late Robin Roberts who was a Hall of Fame pitcher for the Phillies..

In 1950, his team and the Dodgers battled in a one game playoff to determine who was going to the World Series to face the Yankees and ultimately after 10 innings, the 'Whiz Kids' beat Jackie's Dodgers to advance

After the game, Jackie went to the Phillies' locker room and shook every player's hand and wished him good luck in the upcoming World Series

This was an act of pure class especially when understanding how he was treated by the team in the past when they played one another.
The corporate world couldn't care less..

Jackie is there to sell product; to get more blacks to rekindle interest in baseball,  attend games and buy the overpriced merchandise

And don't you kid yourself.. There will be A Lot of 100th Anniversary MLB merchandise for people to gobble up because at the end of the day, as the cliche goes, all corporations don not care about black or white.. only green.
We wonder how Jackie would feel if he could see his name, image and every other aspect of himself continually exploited this way

We imagine he'd be sickened because Jackie was not an empty attention whore like most famous people today..  He worked hard, enjoyed the fanfare but also respected his image and desired his privacy.

Obviously his family couldn't have cared less because they get handsomely paid for allowing MLB the rights to milk Jackie's memory for profit
Reminds us of a vacuum cleaner ad from a decade or so ago where they got the rights from the estate of Fred Astaire to super impose the Hollywood icon dancing with an extremely long vacuum cleaner hose

Nothing worse than legacy exploited by worthless piece of shit kin who use a dead family member to make them money instead of going out and working on their own

Whoever gave MLB the rights to Jackie to turn him into a pitchman from the grave, be it his wife or some other family member is pure garbage
So this is what we constantly vent about when we talk about black exceptionalism

It is a continual never ending marketing campaign by all aspects of society from politics to sports to entertainment to media to use blacks and create a false narrative that they are better than all others so to expand those entities' profit margins

And absolutely no one cares about the black individual just like no one cares about any individual of any grouping when it comes to selling product

If every ad must have a interracial romantic couple or family to sell hamburgers and automobiles, so be it even though its really saying 'we don't believe in black families and they preserving their history and heritage.. a black is only happy when mating with a white'
Thank goodness most blacks know its bullshit and are very content being 100% equal

But of course so many evil, rotten whites out there (they vote Democrat) who control all the mechanisms of propaganda so we have this continually deteriorating society based all on illusions

If you want to honor Jackie Robinson this year, that is great but don't do it the pathetic lazy way by buying a baseball cap and jersey with a '42' patch

Actually take the time to read about him outside of Wikipedia.. Watch videos about him on YouTube, etc..and you will not only see how much of a gentleman he really was but how Disgusting and Pathetic the ways MLB exploits his legacy for their financial ulterior motives.