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Tuesday, January 29, 2019

Moderate Liberal and Flirting Independent? Expect to be Destroyed

If the 2020 Presidential Election was held today, it would be between Trump and a socialist-liberal extremist

Whether the Democrat candidate truly believed and embraced that platform of turning America into a complete hand-out state where those at the economic, educational and spiritual bottom get everything is not important

In this climate where the most rotten rot of the rotten left are calling the shots in their party, he or she would have to make the hard turn left.
Now we're positive some establishment Republican(s) would run against Trump in the primaries; someone like Mittens Romney who only cares about the richest of the rich and whatever else the ideology of fiscal conservatism espouses..

Come to think of it, making the wealthy wealthier is the only thing fiscal conservatives care about

So in this election which thankfully is 20+ months away, who represents the Clinton supporters? (We mean Bill, not Hillary)
Who represents what would now be called moderate liberals or as the far left sees them, the worthless?

The other day Howard Schultz who was former CEO of Starbucks, hinted he is flirting with the idea of running for President to represent the values of moderate Democrats who've been left out in the cold

Many in the Democrat party, showing how much they value democracy and respect difference of opinion, have spewed many a curse word and threatened to boycott Starbucks if he runs because to be blunt about it, they would sell their souls to the devil and watch their mothers, wives and daughters be raped if it meant Trump does not win re-election.
During an event in New York where Schultz talked about how disgusted he is by the increased partisan hostility in politics, a heckler yelled out "Don't help elect Trump, you egotistical, billionaire asshole"

And that really sums up the walking talking bowel movements that live, work and congregate among us every day.

We remember last year, two shiftless lazy blacks were sitting in a Starbucks in Philly socializing for hours.. Never ordering anything..  Just there in a place of business, treating it like it was some library or park bench
And after they were rightfully kicked out of the store, because of protests from the far left, Schultz made every store across the nation close for a day to be taught 'sensitivity' training, thus allowing colored people with no money a major victory in the political correct social progressivism war which technically the good guys lost a long time ago

So it shows even if you cater to this Scum, ultimately its not about being placated but more about them holding the power stick and if you do anything to cross the far left, they will figuratively or literally bash you over the head with it like a shillelagh

We hate Hitler and Nazism with a passion but we do understand why they felt the need to go after the socialist communists so aggressive, and that is what Democrats are becoming

All because Trump beat their lesbian candidate.
Back in 1992, yours truly had a choice for President..  Could go with Bush 41 who I supported and voted for because I was duped into believing he'd carry out Reagan's policies or Bill Clinton who from the beginning of his candidacy was along with Hillary pure unadulterated trash

Thankfully I had a third choice that year - Ross Perot

Republicans hated him because he was going to take votes away from Bush but I felt then as I do at present that if Bush hadn't been such a fake conservative, he'd have gotten the Perot votes no matter what
Honestly, had not Perot ended his campaign briefly because of a temper tantrum due to the press attacking his family which turned off many people, he might have won..  who knows..

As it was, he had enough support to force himself into the debates and finished with about 20% of the vote

It is a vote I was happy to give back then and to this day proud I supported him instead of settling for absolute crap like I did when voting for McCain in 2008 and Romney in 2012 vs that hollow licorice stick.
Would we ever support Schultz for President?    No

If we're ever going to vote for someone who treats colored people as exceptional and plays that pathetic pandering of identity politics instead of simply embracing people as 100% equals who are special because of their individuality, we'll vote for a Republican who does it

But this shows how deeply evil and dangerous Democrats are..

How desperate they are to get back into the Oval Office and finish the job of destroying the nation forever which Bill Clinton started, Obama expedited and Hillary was supposed to complete.
America is such a beautiful, wonderful, amazing nation..

It really is..

Just a damn shame Democrats get to live in it instead of where they'd be happiest

Cuba or Venezuela perhaps?