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Tuesday, January 8, 2019

The President Will Be Addressing the Nation Tonight.. Why?

At 9p tonight, the President will speak to the nation about "the Humanitarian and National Security crisis on our Southern Border"

It is a nice and polite way of saying what we have no problem expressing directly - a crisis of deeply ignorant and backward people from Mexico and Central America trying to flood into our nation to milk all our benefits while giving nothing back in return other than drugs, crime & future Democrat votes and bankrupting the country in the process
Honestly we're not sure why Trump is bothering just like we really don't understand why the effort is made to negotiate with the Democrats

Last week he expressed he had the power through past precedent to issue a national emergency and get his $5.6 billion in funding to build the wall of concrete or steel so why bother with all this nonsense?

As an aside, maybe he should ask for $6 billion so he can build some machine gun turrets and barbed wire too..    Not being sarcastic here..  Honestly stated
And why keep the partial shutdown going if in a split second Trump can just issue his declaration and get his money?

Unless he's bluffing...  Is he bluffing?  Who knows..

During the campaign he constantly stated those worthless people south of the border (our words, not his) would pay for the wall...

If so, why ask taxpayers to do it?
And a week ago he said Mexico actually is paying for the wall through the newly negotiated deal to replace NAFTA

So once again, why are we footing the bill?

And if the money is coming from them, what is this whole funding fight all about??
Also, why such an effort to keep illegals out of our country at the Mexico border yet Trump wants to keep the DACA scum in the country?!!

Illegal is Illegal is Illegal Damn it..

Every good paying skilled job a DACA illegal is currently taking should be done by someone else either born here or Legally made a US citizen
So if those at the border are to be prevented from entering because they want to do it illegally (which we agree) then every single illegal who is already here should be kicked out as well

No clue why Trump does not understand this

All of this is such convoluted nonsense and we don't expect the President's speech to make things any clearer
If yours truly was President, this is what I'd do

1)  Issue the Executive Order to take control of this wall funding and completely bypass Congress..  If this is not a power the President has, I would attach funding to the military budget for the next year..   The partial shutdown would as a result end immediately.

2)  All those in this country vis a via DACA are Gone!   Sent back to the nation of their birth and if they don't know their native tongue, language dictionaries would be provided

3) Expand funding to ICE and cut all Federal funding to any state, county or city that calls itself 'sanctuary' to those who do not belong here

And even if it ended up killing any chance of a re-election, some things are just to important to the nation to play political games with.

While its great that Trump has put his foot down and drawn a line in the sand on this issue, it also feels so needless..

Sorta like a burglar determined to jimmy open a front window to get in when all along the front door was unlocked but it was some sort of principle he enter through the window..

Guess we'll all find out more tonight..

Or we won't.