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Tuesday, January 22, 2019

The United Mental States of Zzzz..

Often here at A&G we express sentiments that to some readers come across as very harsh or a bit shocking in content, tone and in word choice

We do it purposely.

A lot of the language we use here we don't use in every day life but we want you to wake up

And no different than a person in a literal deep sleep of happy fantasy bliss, one is more likely to jar someone into a state of at least semi-alert Truth through dramatic action vs whispering soft candy sweet purrs in the ear
And if you already are awake, we hope to motivate you to wake others up because there sure are a lot of sleepypusses out there

You hear or read people say that we're losing our freedoms gradually.. daily.. Some just don't wish to fully believe or accept it

But its done at a lobster in pot pace

Social media right now is among the best and most horribly dramatic examples of this
Four days ago through a friend's feed, yours truly ran across a re-tweet where someone was expressing among things that homosexuality is not a mental illness

So being that I find the sexual behavior personally abhorrent, I tweeted in response that it Was a mental illness

No cursing.. No threats..  Just that brief, simple opinion expressed in disagreement to someone else's outward belief
Then yesterday out of the blue, my Twitter account was suspended and I could not access it again until I removed the offending tweet and gave Twitter personal information such as my phone number and then I'd still be prevented from tweeting for 12 hours from that point

Doesn't matter if one agrees with my views or not..  In a free society there is back n forth flow of opinion and the 1st Amendment is not there to protect popular speech, but rather the potentially offensive and unpopular

So anyways, of course I did what any Twitter user should do in that situation..
I did not delete the tweet or did not give my info to them

I just created a brand new profile and continued expressing myself.

But the bigger point at play is that Twitter being a privately owned company like Facebook continually censors and/or expels others based solely on their political and social values
Want to tweet 'Fuck Trump' a million-billion times, or wish him or some other Conservative gets cancer or express Death to anyone wearing a MAGA hat... 

Nothing would happen to you..  You would probably made those who own and operate Twitter smile if you did so

Express homosexuality is disgusting or wish a liberal celebrity get cancer or call a politician a despicable rotten bitch (Pelosi)?  -- Account suspended..
I know this for a fact because I had a previous account suspended 6 months back for simply wishing cancer to former TBS talk show host Samantha Bee after she made absolutely disgusting tweets stating that Ivanka Trump should 'suck n' fuck her Dad to get him to not be such an asshole' on immigration

Nothing happened to Bee by Twitter and of course nothing could have possibly happened to her from my tweet..

 It was a wish.. a hope..

It's not like I am 'I Dream of Jeanie' or Samantha from 'Bewitched' where I can just wiggle my nose, but to Twitter I guess my tweet to Bee possessed the same power  ~ sigh ~
That's the world we live in today..  Somehow conservative Caucasian Americans have become the 21st century version of 1930's German Jews except we are a very large statistical majority and should not be letting this happen

But we are.

Blacks are made to be powerful and exceptional even though they are neither and only represent 14% of the population, homosexuals' perverse lifestyles are 'normal' and white guilt/shame pieces of shit openly welcome and embrace being put into a subservient status
We have said this often and we will keep saying it again and again --   An individual has the right to think, feel and express any thought or belief about any other individual or group whether the reason(s) be valid, stupid or just complete idiocy, and Not be persecuted or silenced for it

They are just opinions.. feelings..  personal choices.

Nothing more.
You Love potato chips, Hate whiskey, think blacks are worthless bastards, whites are evil incarnate, think Jews are awesome, Muslims are scum and/or prefer using Dove to Irish Spring in the shower..

Opinions..  Feelings..  Personal Choices

As long as a person is not causing bodily harm or doing anything to threaten another or interfere with the forward progress of their life, then it is just words
But somehow we as a society have gotten very gentle and afraid to offend anyone while those who are offended have lost the ability to defend themselves or at least toughen up

'Sticks n' Stones may Break My Bones but Words will Never hurt Me'

How did that life lesson from early childhood get lost?
This is not something one can fight back physically against and we wouldn't ever recommend it..

Never take the law into your hands.. It is just not worth it..  Never..

Besides, the evil soulless left wants every excuse possible to make thoughts a true Orwellian-like crime where you lose more than just your job and reputation..  They want blood
The way to fight back is to express what you really think and feel through the outlets you feel comfortable i.e. social media, website comment sections, face to face..  whatever it takes

Public profile.. Anonymous..  Does not matter..  Just keep getting your thoughts out there and combating the other side

And if you get frozen out or your account suspended, then create a new one; create a thousand new ones..  Do not let anyone on the left censor what you wish to say or how you wish to express it
Lots of little tricks you can use when it comes to spelling and grammar to get through some bot censors..  Just don't give up if you're determined to get your point across

And you should always be determined

So you can completely agree or disagree with how we feel about gays - that is fine

But you better seriously understand that you/we are more and more being silenced and dominated in ways that go far beyond how you view homosexuals or blacks
They are a very controlling, powerful and determined social progressive, politically correct socialist communist left

No one can or is going to fight for your freedoms more fiercely than you.

It just depends if you really want to be awaken from your dream-sleep that everything now is as its always been and/or its not all that a big deal

Or rather live in a mental state of Zzzz..