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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

Time To Stop Yappin' and Start Giving Enemies Rabies

The last 27 months or so have been the most politically toxic we've ever observed in our lifetimes

Even if we lived through the 1960s, we'd still state that what's going on at present is far worse than anything Nixon experienced outside of Watergate which was of his own doing

We wonder what the catalyst will be before things take a very violent turn
Now the left desperately wants a catalyst..  Very badly

They seem to believe the young and stupid will galvanize, take to the streets and achieve some new Marxist-like revolution where the colored peoples i.e. the have nots will stand as one, overthrow the system and beat, starve & if need be kill those evil whites who have it all and balance will be restored

We wonder what it will take to put these deeply rotten people down; what provocation must occur for law enforcement and if need be National Guard to stomp these liberal Millennial losers into mulch
Right now everyone hates one another and wants to go to war with one another over beliefs and the direction of the country in the present & future

Of course those who scream the loudest for confrontation are often hidden at the very back when it does occur

But social media allows cowards to have courage so there's a lot of paper lions and tigers about representing the ass(hole) political party
Liberals deeply hate Trump because he's well..  Trump

Conservatives are beginning to hate Trump because he's showing himself more and more to be a big bloviating bullshitter, especially when it comes to statements in recent past where he said he could sign an emergency at the border at any time and get his wall funding

Ann Coulter tweeted last week after the President's pathetic attempts at compromise that would allow the DACA scum illegals to stay, that we voted for Trump and ended up with Jeb Bush..

Kinda seems so at times..
Everything right now has a feeling of chaos, like at any moment the country is going to be torn to pieces with anarchy ensuing

As much as the fuck-liberal media is to blame, we also blame Trump

We overall support him but really at no time in the last 2+ years have we ever felt calm that he's in real control; that he can handle the adversity and attack back with necessary viciousness
Oh sure it was nice to see him basically prevent that geriatric cunt Pelosi and the rest of the small contingent of Enemies to the State from flying overseas, but that's not what we're talking about

For example, last year Time-Warner entered into a $85 billion merger..   Time-Warner owns CNN and HBO among other corporations

If yours truly were President, the head of Time-Warner would have been called on the phone and a direct warning made that if CNN wasn't controlled and prevented from their daily smear of my Presidency, I would prevent the merger (something a President has the power to do)
This would have cost Time Warner a $500 million penalty based on the terms of the merger

Trump does nothing..  Says nothing..

Probably in some sick-fuck way he enjoys being constantly shit on every hour of every day by the liberal media
Certain people like Trump, there's this mindset of 'say whatever you want about me, no matter how god-awful as long as you spell my name correct'

We will never understand that but it does exist.

Back in the 1850s, people from the North and South were just about ready to literally kill each other, the hate was that deep but it had still been restrained
Certain events like 'Bleeding Kansas', the Dred Scott decision and 'Uncle Tom's Cabin' inched the two sides closer and closer to all-out war

Then John Brown at Harpers' Ferry was the catalyst and there was no turning back..  The nation could not simply continue as it was even if more compromises on slavery or Senate representation were made

The hate was too deep
We feel that now in 2019..

Felt it since those pieces of feces snowflake liberals cried and protested and marched 'Never Trump' immediately after his 2016 victory

Of course there's no sincere secessionist movement and no new nation that will be formed or creation of a rival army and navy for the Union to fight like in the 1860s

But there are a lot of people with deep mentally sick violence in their heart and head for all things Conservative and the fuck media only fans the flames, caring more about ratings than anything else
We don't doubt for a second many in the media along with God knows how many other liberal scum secretly wish and hope..  you know what we're getting at..

Had an ex online friend like that..  Pretended for many years to be a 'she' and turned out to be a He from Tennessee..

Besides being a complete piece of shit for faking his gender, he also was pure verminous trash because he was a Democrat and we would at times have these long drawn out political fights
On a couple occasions I would state that deep down I knew he or she or it would love nothing more to see Trump wiped off the earth and probably secretly prayed for it to happen; it was a test to see how disgusting a liberal this loser was

Whenever I expressed it, the response I got was silence..

The spiritually defective fucker couldn't even bring himself to fake pretend he didn't feel that way toward Trump.

Yes a real piece of shit this guy from Murfreesboro was - in so many ways more than one.
This is how liberals are..  Just about all of them especially the worthless Millennials who believe every propaganda lie they see and read

We believe Trump if he wished to could take control of the situation better and convey to his supporters that he really is in control

One way is to bypass Congress, get the funding and stop the partial shutdown

Another way is to once and for all stop courting minorities that by and large will Never Ever support him no matter how many times he evokes the name of Martin somebody-nobody or patronizes this group or that group
He was elected by and large by heterosexual Caucasians who right or wrong, do not give two shits about the plight of blacks or Hispanics or the sexually deviant

He was elected by people who by and large wanted Trump to put their needs first; to celebrate their importance and value in society

Absolutely amazing this fucking guy does not get this!

Sorry but subtlety is not our strong suit
So instead of a leader who cracks down on the Enemy of the State i.e.e the (dis)loyal opposition, he just talks and tweets and repeats the same things while doing nothing and the Democrat dogs know he's mostly bark and little bite.

We overall love ya Trump but time for him to stop tweetin' and yappin' and start chompin'or he will lose his base by next year