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Monday, January 21, 2019

Wake Up or Keep Embracing Worthless 'Dreams'

We could spend today's post writing on government shutdown and/or wall funding or the President or despicable spit on face worthy Pelosi but we won't

Instead the focus is going to be on what we call with non-originality, 'same shit, different year'

So yesterday yours truly stopped off at Burger King for lunch - should have taken the food to go but I sat down to eat, and of course like every fast food restaurant across the nation there has to be a TV with the Clinton News Network (CNN) showing to guarantee any quiet, peaceful meal is to be ruined
So there was this 'news' item about a viral video of some inconsequential person or persons making fun of an old Indian man

The colored anchorwoman read the teleprompter off the camera showing in her vocal tone, tense face and moving eyebrows how disgusting and terrible this was

Not the fact someone who was a senior citizen was being harassed..

No No.. That crap network does that 24/7 when the elderly person is named Trump
This was made into a big deal because the man was an American Indian though they like everyone else can't just use proper nomenclature so instead its ahem.. the hyphenated 'Native-American'

Now we don't believe in making fun of or degrading anyone to their face unless that individual directly provoks the response

But why did it matter that he was an Indian?  Why was that deserving of being news-worthy?
What if the Indian was made fun of by blacks - would CNN have reported it?

Hint..  Starts with N.. O..

And Yes Yes we know.. White people especially men are worthless and rotten to the core according to the social progressive left, especially when liberal white-guilt/shame losers are leading the charge

But how the hell did it get this way and why did the majority race allow this over the last 5 to 6 decades?
We have thoughts on it but really there's no one specific answer to explain such absurdity

Which leads us to today..  Martin somebody's birthday

Why do we continually make a big deal of it?

So many more Important people in the history of this great country who achieved greater success and did more to make America a wonderful country than that black guy
Why doesn't Benjamin Franklin have an official birthday where everyone takes the day off and contemplates how much his life and achievements mean to us at present?

Or Thomas Jefferson?  Or Andrew Jackson?  Or Thomas Edison?  Or Henry Ford?  Or... Hell, Anyone?!

So every year..  Every single damn year for the rest of eternity we are Forced to honor that black guy
Then in another 10 days or so later we're supposed to Pretend that Black History Month means something..

28 days to make every black person feel more exceptional and powerful and wonderful then they're already told they are

And where is the brave one(s) i.e 'Emperor's New Clothes' to call out the illusion and have the guts to outwardly say, 'Um, no you are not all that special'?
Black History Month is then followed at some point by Hispanic Heritage Month thenAsian-Pacific Mont and somewhere on the calendar are two different months during the year to celebrate people with sexual and gender identity defects (homosexuals)

And then squeezed in somewhere else is a month to celebrate women and this group and that group

Where's the month to celebrate the extremely Vast contributions of white Christian and Jewish men?
Kind of a fucked up world we have where the achievements in history of the majority race who basically made what this nation is today, is continually ignored so to promote minorities who were inconsequential

We use these examples before but they matter so we'll use it again

First example - Boston Massacre occurred prior to the Revolutionary War...  How many died at the hands of the British?

Answer:  5
Who is the one who died that we all are indoctrinated to remember?

The colored guy..  Crispus Attackus

Give yourself a hundred million gold stars if you can name any one of the other 4 whites whose lives were taken during that incident?

Yep. thought so..
Next example -  Anyone know what was so special about the 54th Massachusetts according to historians?

That was an all colored regiment..  OOps, we mean Afric. cough cough..

Since there was a 54th Mass, there must have been a 53rd and 55th Mass regiment as well, yes?

Give yourself a trillion gold stars if you can name one historical fact involving the other regiments
No one knows any information on any other of the thousands of regiments that made up armies in North and South they were white and what do they matter?

Only black lives matter in our society, yes?   ~spits~

On and on and on the game goes..

Sorry to be so harsh but there's great frustration among us as to how much this society has devolved and how few to no one one will express any honesty on this topic in 2019
Year after year after year these same damn people and same damn groups are exalted and feted while no one wants to outwardly acknowledge the Vast contributions to society made over the many centuries in this country by Caucasians

And in the process, freedom of speech and of thought/expression is a thing of the past

In a truly free society, you are allow to think, feel and express what you believe pro or con about any other person or group as long as you don't try to hurt someone or impede their forward progress through life
Absolutely no difference between a white hating blacks or a black hating whites and someone hating broccoli and Nike sneakers..


It is all individual choice, preference and personal opinion which every individual has the right and should fight for the freedom to possess without worrying about losing one's job or whatever one spent a lifetime to build because another is not strong enough inside to ignore or verbally fight back

Such a rotten cowardly world we've become..
Afraid to say 'Boo'..  Content to voluntarily take the posture of subservience to another in language, thought and gesture

The only way this can ever change is on an individual basis..  Every person who buys into this nonsense waking up and starting to think for themselves instead of wanting to fit in and obey.'

No group is worth a damn or worth celebrating.. Not whites.. not coloreds.. Not anyone..

Only the individual matters and being proud of being black or white is as fucking stupid as being proud that you have two eyes, ears, breasts and/or testicles

You better start to wake up  or else you're going to continue to have nothing but meaningless 'dreams'