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Friday, January 25, 2019

Wall or Nothing? A Big All For Nothing

It's Friday afternoon and Trump finished speaking at the Rose Garden about a compromise on border security and wall funding

The temporary bill will leave government open until Feb. 15. If no deal is reached by then, a national emergency order to circumvent Congress and build the wall is expected.

The stopgap won't include funding for a border wall.
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R) is reportedly planning to pass the stopgap bill on Friday, and Congressional leaders have agreed to advance the bill which includes arrangements for negotiations on border security

The bill would extend funding for border security at current levels - that is, $1.3 billion, but not expressly for a wall.

We do not know yet if this means the State of the Union is back on for next Tuesday but we have to assume it is since the condition that Queen Nancy imposed on jester Donald was he was not allowed to have dinner until he cleaned his room.. umm.. we mean he had to end the shutdown
Funny how of all the things Trump has said and done in the 3.5 years since he officially announced his Presidency that have annoyed and/or angered people and this impasse with the Democrats is the first time we have sincerely felt it

Oh sure we absolutely hate his gender, race and ethnicity pandering but that's mere annoyance, like when one breaks a hemorrhoid

But this has been worse because at no point in the last 5 weeks on this matter has the President shown himself to be strong or manly or have consideration or thought for those who financially aren't in the same position as he
We keep repeating this point ad nauseum but that's because it needs to keep being repeated:

Trump said weeks ago he had the power to declare an emergency and bypass Congress..

He said he didn't want to.. Preferred making a deal.. How noble

In the process 800,000 people economically no different than you and we had to go without a paycheck for 35 days including through the Christmas - New Years holiday
All that stress and strain on top of any other tensions a normal person goes through in their financial lives which of course seeps into one's home life and relationships with spouses, lovers and children..

For Nothing...   NOTHING!

Once Trump could sniff the foul stench from between Pelosi's legs and her ears of recalcitrance (stubbornness), the emergency should have been declared immediately.

So nearly a million people had to suffer for no reason
 To be clear, had there been no executive order option, we would have supported the shutdown as long as possible because the wall is too important

But this was different..  once Trump boastfully uttered weeks ago he had the power to end the shutdown at any time and get his wall money with a snap of a finger or stroke of a pen, then those workers turned into nothing more but hostages and were collateral damage in a fight that didn't need to be

That's the kind of thing Democrat Presidents do because they are devoid of conscience and ethics

Really terrible..
So what did we learn this week kids?

1)  Pelosi is the most powerful person in the free world now until Trump starts acting like a man, becomes the person he was during the '16 campaign and takes the reins back

2)  800,000 Federal workers had to suffer for 5 weeks for Nothing

3)  Our President is no different than any other politician.. a liar and compromiser who plays political games to strategize for the next election and/or to mold legacy

4)  That if you know any person who is a liberal who voted for a Democrat candidate for the House in a mid-term election where said Democrat won, helping to propel Pelosi to speaker...

Whether it be male or female, please punch that person in the face