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Thursday, February 28, 2019

What Are These US - North Korea Meetings Really About?

So the President is in Vietnam speaking with North Korea about basically joining the nations of the world in peace and prosperity through economic enticements, trying to show that one can make their nation somewhat capitalistic and still be in total authoritarian control of its people

We'll see in time how that works out

But if you're curious why this concerted effort to form a bridge of partnership with North Korea and you are a bit cynical that the motives are simply to denuclearize a 'madman' for the sake of world peace..
Here's a couple pieces of trivia you may or may not know that might help clarify things

1 - Currently there are only 3 nations on earth that have not borrowed from and thus not financially indebted to any US controlled bank (IMF, World Bank, etc..)

Iran..   Cuba..   and...

2 -  Currently there are only two countries on earth where you will not find a McDonalds or Coca Cola or pretty much any US corporation with a physical presence

Cuba and...
Do not for a second discount this as the driving force in everything going on

Its the same reason why we are causing so much economic instability in Venezuela.

Used to be in times of ole', we'd use military force or at least the threat of it to open a nation to trading with us
Commodore Perry sent a large fleet to Japan in the 1840s with the clear message we would blow the country to pieces if they did not open trade to us and in the case of China, we along with a few European nations sent troops in the 1890s to force that vast nation to not be closed borders

Perhaps we would have done that today if we were not concerned how others would perceive us and once NK got a nuke, then that option was pretty much off the table

North Korea's population is a little over 25 million but that is 25 million new customers to buy our products and services
And here's what basically will happen if/once NK capitulates to the will of the rest of the world:

First, we will offer very generous loans with teaser interest rates much like how the mortgage industry does to the poor and ignorant

North Korea will have this wonderful influx of new money and everyone will be kinda-sorta happy (remember it is a dictatorship after all)
Then once the genuine interest rates kick in, the people will have more and more financial hardship as they try to pay the debts and when they can't, through global courts and the like, you will see in NK what happened in Greece

It's called privatization - the corporations own the national resources, the infrastructure, etc and force intense austerity (financial belt tightening) to get re-paid from every orifice possible

When this happens, there will be great political destabilization.. perhaps riots..  a coup? 

From there Kim is ousted, a leader who is friendly to the US is in place and you got yourself a very peaceful and profitable regime change of a nation that got rid of all their nuclear capabilities in exchange for some kind words and a Nobel Peace Prize worth 75 cents..
In the global matrix, everyone must be in debt...

Black, white, brown, yellow.. 

Male, female, gay, bi, tranny, pedophiles, bestiality lovers..

Everyone.  Must.   Be.   In.   Debt.
Every individual.. Every group.. Every nation - Must owe money to some entity so they will keep working and working and working..

And if the system can not get everyone in debt through need for basic survival and incremental wages just enough to get you off to work but not enough to punch your female or male boss in the face without consequence, then it does so through constant enticements

New home.. New car..  New clothes with pretty logo pictures on it..

If you do not understand this, you really do not understand the world.
And what we're trying to do to North Korea is no different than what is done to everyone else

Will Trump succeed ultimately?

As much as we love and support the President overall, we kinda hope he fails on this
When one sees a wild horse running free and uncontrolled, those fenced in tend to feel one of two emotions:

Resentment or Admiration

Most tend to feel the former...

We always feel the latter.

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Social Representation in Advertising 'Cheat Sheet'

~ A Ralph Lauren print ad..  Disgusting

Whether it be through television or Internet, we're all bombarded by endless advertising seeking to separate us from our money

And we all know 99.9% of ads use emotion rather than logic/reason playing upon people's inner needs, fears, insecurities, jealousies and desire to conform to what others are doing/buying

It's quite a science

The same goes for group representation in ads so here's a quick primer or 'cheat sheet' of how everyone is represented so you can follow for 'fun'
* The woman is always more intelligent than the man, especially when a couple - this goes for all races..

This is 100% untrue but this is how it is in the world of advertising and movies and TV and music and books and magazines and...

* The black is always more intelligent than the white

If one race needs to be comic relief or 'goofy', it is the white..  The black usually gives the reaction shot representing the common person
* The black is never to be degraded, humiliated, lampooned or projected in any realistic way and always depicted as very financially well to do

They also are never to appear sloppy, disheveled, ghetto-like or as if they spent their adulthood living in their parents' basement (think how all 20-something whites are depicted in all beer ads)..

That is what the token Caucasian is for
* If a couple of the same sex is depicted, they possess equal intelligence

In addition, no one is degraded or depicted as odd in any way because to advertisers, homosexuality is beautiful and wonderful

When there's the need for a buffoon, just add a straight white guy into the ad, then the queer couple can provide the reaction shot together
* The child is much more intelligent than the Dad - this pathetic device is especially used when selling something deemed complicated or technological

Now when that 'dumb' middle age father becomes elderly, he magically becomes intelligent again so to set his now dumb middle-age son straight

When two kids are in an advertisement without any adults around, the same gender, race and ethnic rules apply..  the girl or black kid knows more than the white
* If Muslims are depicted, its in the most positive way possible with women wearing their putrid head scarf with no one noticing or caring

In addition in every ad where a Muslim observing their faith is depicted, everyone else always goes out of their way to smile and make them feel included
* If a Jew is depicted, it is never in any religious connotation to celebrate their faith

Jews in commercials are depicted as weak, nasally Woody Allen sounding creatures with domineering, loud wives selling embarrassing products like laxatives or hemorrhoid cream (this was extremely common place in the 1960s through 1980s)

This is really fucked up when one realizes that Jews are far more representative in advertising and other visual media than Muslims so the self-hate just oozes out which is just sad
* All Hispanics in advertisements are intelligent and well to do; they tend not to represent anything comical in any way for fear of offending them unless the ad is 100% Hispanic representation and usually targeted to other Latinos

If Hispanics are in commercials with whites, they know more than them and always provide reaction shots to the stupidity of the white guy

* Asians are never in commercials for any genuine purpose - they are all super intelligent but rarely are given any personality

Usually if you see an Asian, its with a person of a different race so to push bi-racial relationships in a way not so jarring to some as seeing a black guy with a gorgeous white woman.
So in summary, the middle aged, straight white male is depicted time and time again as a fuck up with every other race, gender and ethnicity superior

It's OK to continually degrade the group of people that built not only America but all of Western Civilization because well.. they deserve it, eh?

The only group treated worse in ads are Jews, assuming they're depicted in any way at all

And since they rarely if ever complain and many in the industry are Jews themselves with deep self-hate for their culture and lineage, no one bothers to make a stink like colored people would if depicted similarly

So now that you have your cheat sheet, turn on the TV on go on YouTube, relax & enjoy the ads

Monday, February 25, 2019

Hollywood: Phony F Feminism v Genuine Feminism

~ 'I am a real woman because I have bulging muscles and am making a fist'

Well Oscars have come and gone..

Sure glad we don't make our living making predictions or we'd be living in our cars

Of course most people waking up today probably forgot who won all the major awards last night.. 

Don't feel bad though.. Hard to remember movies being honored that you never heard of, you never had a desire seeing, and probably never will
Even though we didn't think or care to watch the telecast, movies generally speaking were on our mind over the weekend, and specifically when it comes how women are depicted

Now if we were a liberal blog, we'd vent how terribly they're treated in roles of victimization and how actresses don't get paid enough and this and that..

But since we're not, we are not going to perpetuate and expand upon the lies
No, what we marvel at is how horribly women are portrayed in film roles in terms of what we term phony fuck feminism which is not the same as genuine feminism

So what's the difference?   That is a truly wonderful question

Phony fuck feminism basically says in order for women to be treated as equal they need to be aggressive bitches because everyone with a penis is seeking to subjugate them to making babies instead of allowing a woman her so-called natural right to abort them, and cooking over a hot stove
So the way to combat this is to be very tough, ready to verbally (or in the case of films, physically) fight at a snap of a finger and emasculate the male so he is shame and guilt ridden with his gender to the point he accepts her at face value and essentially doesn't get in her way

Phony fuck feminism pushes a warrior like fantasy that they are tough, strong, invincible and one does not really need a man for anything

This is what is constantly pushed in movies, TV shows, music, modern novels, magazines, advertising and any other persuasion based venue
OK, so what is Genuine Feminism?

This is where a woman does not possess a victimization mindset, seeks out a path to her own personal happiness and does not possess anger or resentment toward others; essentially she does not possess a chip on her shoulder

If she wishes to be a teacher or doctor or lumberjack, it is her choice

And if she chooses to not work at all and/or be a full time stay at home mom, it is also her decision
Phony fuck feminists like to push the narrative that only true independent women work and climb the career ladder while juggling hubby and kids and if he doesn't like it, then fuck him

A genuine feminist may choose that path or see working for another for it is - a sickening, tiring experience but no matter the decision, the hubby is not seen as the enemy

To phony fuck feminists, a male boss will treat a woman better than a husband so more satisfying to work for a stranger 8 hours a day.

Of course bosses fire employees for any or no reason as suits the employer's best interests while a husband does not, but since most phony fuck feminists are so fugly inside and out that no man has ever hit on them, they really wouldn't know the difference
In addition, a genuine feminist is not afraid to be vulnerable or express a soft side to a male; she is not on-guard and on the defensive, seeing everyone out to control and suffocate her

In simplest terms, the phony fuck feminist woman is paranoid of how she is perceived and expecting the worst from men so preparing for it at all times; the genuine feminist is not

So let's go back to movies and ask yourself when is the last time you saw a genuine feminist depicted on-screen?

Certainly not in comic-book films like Wonder Woman and Avengers
There the females are warriors.. They can shoot a million bullets or fight a thousand baddies double their size strength without breaking a sweat

And when there's a male they're attracted to, there always has to be an idiotic 'fight' scene so she can establish how tough and independent she is to him and the audience

This way when vulnerability is displayed in the middle of the film, no one thinks her weak because remember, at any moment she can fight better than any man

And putting aside those comic book films, when is the last time you've seen a woman in a film taking place in the present vs a period piece movie, who is a contented homemaker?

Usually if one is depicted and its extremely rare, she's portrayed as weak or ignorant and devoid of any power in the relationship

No in movies, all women must work..  Must have a job..  Must have a boss..  Must have obligations and stress and entities wishing to put her down

Hollywood would call this good drama..  Really it is contrivance
And men are depicted in films where gender relationships (romantic and professional) are involved as either assholes or emasculated to conform to her wants/desires)

In true male-female relationships there's give and take..  No one's on edge.. No one is worried their 'power' is being affected or looked upon with less respect because one acquiesces

And in real life most women if they smart and really understand the world, go to work and seek promotion, etc because of practical, tangible reasons and not for any idiotic spiritual fulfillment or notions of making things right in the imaginary gender war
It used to be in Hollywood back in the golden years, that to depict a strong, independent woman on screen, she had to always have a cigarette between her fingers in one hand as she was drinking with the other

Then it got to where she had to curse and be promiscuous without guilt and do recreational drugs like the guys

And over the last few decades, to be strong and independent, a woman has to shoot guns and do elaborate choreography fights and save men who are in danger

No wonder why society is so fucked up confused as to who they are as individuals and collectively as groups

Friday, February 22, 2019

The Nominees for Best Film Few to None Have Seen Are...

So this Sunday will be the Oscars which most people will watch out of genuine interest or mere curiosity

We will not..  Mostly because we don't take time out of our lives to hear celebrities spew Trump hate

But also because this year like pretty much all other years, few to none of the films nominated are worth bothering to see

The nominees are always endlessly hyped but do people really bother to see the films that we're all told are so 'amazing' and 'important'?

Let's see by doing what has become an annual tradition at A&G

We're going to list the nominees of every major category and next to it, the domestic box office based on information provided at and let's see outside of the comic book film 'Black Panther' and the remake 'A Star Is Born', if Americans really bothered to see these nominated films

Best Picture:

Black Panther   --  $700 Million
BlacKkKlansman  -- $48.6 Million
Bohemian Rhapsody -- $212.3 million
The Favourite -- $31.4 Million
Roma --  (no info given)
Green Book -- $67.2 Million
A Star Is Born  --  $210.1 Million
Vice -- $46.4 Million

-  So Americans basically flocked to three of the nominated films while so few people saw 'Roma' that didn't even have any figures to provide

How can something be nominated that no one has seen?

We're happy 'Vice' only made $46m because its just a vicious hit piece on Dick Cheney that makes fake-Americans (liberals) feel good but it historically inaccurate from beginning to end

We're going to predict 'A Star is Born' is going to be winning a lot of awards in major categories on Sunday just because its popular and the Oscars need to start giving awards to films that people actually See or their ratings will continue to plunge

Best Director:

Alfonso Cuaron (Roma)  --  (no figures given)
Yorgos Lanthimos (The Favourite)  -- $31.4 Million
Spike Lee (BlacKkKlansman) -- $48.6 Million
Adam McKay (Vice) --  $46.4 Million
Pawel Pawlikowski (Cold War) -- $3.5 Million

-  'Cold War' is an Amazon movie.. No idea why anything they produce is allowed to be nominated equal to a theatrical release?

Also nice to see another Spike Lee movie do mediocre box office..  Can't think of a colored director more overhyped in the history of cinema..

But because Lee is an extreme liberal black bastard and white guilt/shame Hollywood loves that type of person to put them in their place, we predict he'll win

Best Actor:

Christian Bale (Vice) --  $46.4 Million
Bradley Cooper (A Star Is Born)  --  $210.1 Million
Willem Dafoe (At Eternity's Gate) -- $2.2 Million
Rami Malek (Bohemian Rhapsody) -- $212.3 million
Viggo Mortensen (Green Book) -- $67.2 Million

- Figure if the average movie ticket is $13, that means only 5.1 million people of a population of 325 million Americans saw 'Green Book' while 3.5 million people cared to see 'Vice' and a measly 169,000 people cared to see 'At Eternity's Gate'

We predict the guy with the Muslim name will win because Freddie Mercury was a faggot who contracted AIDS from unprotected anal sex with other gay men and died from the disease thus representing the type of person Hollywood admires

Best Actress:

Yalitza Aparicio (Roma) -- (No figures given)
Glenn Close (The Wife) -- $9.2 million
Olivia Colman (The Favourite) -- $31.4 Million
Lady Gaga (A Star Is Born)  --  $210.1 Million
Melissa McCarthy (Can You Ever Forgive Me?) -- $8.6 Million

- Based on box office, why should any of the nominees other than Lady Gaga even bother to show up in this category?

Best Supporting Actor:

Mahershala Ali (Green Book) -- $67.2 Million
Adam Driver (BlacKkKlansman) -- $48.6 Million
Sam Elliott (A Star Is Born)  --  $210.1 Million
Richard E. Grant (Can You Ever Forgive Me?) -- $8.6 Million
Sam Rockwell (Vice) --  $46.4 Million

- Every year Hollywood throws a very old actor a bone and nominates him or her based more on their body of work then the actual film he/she was in..

This year it is Sam Elliott..  He may win or it may be the colored guy Ali ..

Who knows..  Who cares

Best Supporting Actress:

Amy Adams (Vice) - --  $46.4 Million
Marina de Tavira (Roma) -- (No figures given)
Regina King (If Beale Street Could Talk) -- $14.2 Million
Emma Stone (The Favourite) -- $31.4 Million
Rachel Weisz (The Favourite) -- $31.4 Million

- Five nominees representing four films no one's heard of that three minutes from the end of the Oscars no one will remember in two days and unfortunately one will win

If we had to predict..  hmm..  Eeny.. Meeny.. Miney.. Moe..

Amy Adams..  Its an anti-Republican film so why not..

We miss the days when the Oscars were worth watching..  When the films were of actual quality and the celebs pretty much shut the fuck up about their political and social beliefs

So we'll skip the show and watch something more enjoyable like sports, cartoons or porn

Thursday, February 21, 2019

Let Sheep Be Sheep..

The last couple weeks, nearly a dozen fake Americans (Democrats) have thrown their hats into the ring and stated their desire to run for President

It will be interesting to see which man or woman gets to be 2020's version of Walter Mondale

That said, we really don't know why anyone is bothering to run - as the treatment of Trump the last two years has demonstrated, its a thankless job serving an ungrateful public who for the most part does not possess even a modicum of genuine independent thought
How else to explain the Dems winning the House this past November in spite of everything Trump has achieved

We wonder if any of these despicable people really believe if he/she wins, that magically things are going to be different - that Republicans aren't going to use the same gutter politics tactics of obstruction, delay and court challenges to stall everything a liberal President would seek to impose upon the nation?

We guess they do, or figure their ego and personality is so strong, they'd just get their way by sheer force of will
Wonder if the lil' brown squirt (Congresswoman Cortez) will run?

Why not.. She's only been in office a month or so and has just as much political experience as that licorice stick Obama when he ran

At least the cute vapid girl who belongs in a cathouse can say she was born in America, which Obama couldn't, so already she would have an advantage over the guy everyone voted for in 2008 out of race guilt.
So funny that so many are deciding to run with so many more to come..

Makes you think.. Where were all these bitches and bastards in 2016?

Well we know the answer.  Hillary was supposed to run basically unopposed with Bernie pretending to run until he got walloped in New Hampshire and them it could be Hillary alone so she wouldn't have to waste money on primary campaigns that could be used in general election

In other words, the Democrat party is a painful hemorrhoid and Hillary was to be the annointment

Little play on words there..
So from basically one real candidate in 2016, you now will probably have a couple dozen or more running this time

And what will their platform be --  'Vote for me because I hate Trump more than the others'?

Or will it be a competition to see who will pander to coloreds, gays, transsexuals and child molesters and express the greatest hatred & scapegoating toward Caucasians?

You know those who scream in anger the loudest toward whitey will be the white candidates

Always the way it goes in that evil party
We can't yet predict who will represent the Dems in 2020 when they lose to Trump but we can say assuredly a lot of truly detestable people will be making a lot of money from campaigning

Don't know if you are aware but when you run for office, you can legally pay yourself and technically your family a salary so it allows you and then to keep a certain percentage of donations that are not directly used to campaign

That's why so many enter the race who know they stand no chance.. It's a nice profit stream and allows for a short period of ego stroking and enjoying expensive perks
For instance in 2016, that thick nasal New-Yawker Bernie made a deal with dyke Hillary that he would end his campaign for President before the Democrat convention in exchange for getting money and exclusive use of a private plane

In 2008, multi-millionaire bitch Hillary agreed to end her campaign run before the convention in exchange for Obama agreeing to pay all her campaign debts from his funds so she didn't have to put her money out and to make her Secretary of State

So that's how politics goes and why you should never donate
The funny part is millions of insipid ignorant Democrats will think they have a choice this go round

Their party is set up so that 75% of the Convention vote is made of super-delegates who often work out behind the scenes who they will support, making Democrat primaries a sham (Republicans don't use super-delegates)

But shhh..  Let sheep be sheep..  Don't upset them

Makes it so much easier to sheer them

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Why Do We at A&G Do What We Do?

Today's post will be short and succinct..

Let's start with a question i.e. why do we write such inflammatory posts like we did yesterday?

Many reasons but primarily because no one else has the guts to, especially where mainstream news in concerned which means you are not getting any perspective when it comes to issues of race and social order other than to accept what you are told
Our belief is simple..  Everyone is 100% Equal..

There's good in everyone..   Honestly a lot of bad people in every group who outnumber the good.. 

White trash..  Black trash.. male scum.. female scum.. straight assholes.. gay.. well you know
The following may seem extremely infantile obvious but it really is not:

Whites are Not superior to blacks..  Blacks are Not superior to whites

Men should not dominate, intimidate, harass or harm women..  Women should not be so power hungry so to seek to emasculate men and make them scared to even give a compliment

Homosexuals and transgender people should not be attacked verbally or physically and left alone to live their lives..   Those who practice alternative sexual lifestyles are not mainstream normal and their quirks should not be pushed and glorified to the masses
Society used to be taught A was better than B..   Now we're all being conditioned to believe B is better than A and neither are true because groups do not matter

Every group of people is equal to another in the fact they're all worthless, and the only exceptionalism that exists is among individuals

But this is not what you are told.. This is not what your children are taught and sometimes a person in a literal or figurative deep-sleep has to be jarred or shocked to wake up

So we write what we write in the manner we express it
Black pride is no different than white pride or gay pride or female pride or any other kind of collectivist thinking..

It's pathetic, repulsive and makes one much easier to mold and control

You feel pride in achievement; accomplishment - being proud of your skin color is like being proud that you are right-handed or blue eyes or 10 toes and an anus

But this is the mindset that is pushed by society because it is so much easier for those in power to keep people in line or get them to act/react in ways those pulling the strings wish
Think about how much you and we are manipulated every time there's a Presidential election

Billions of dollars spent to get you and we to go out and vote as if our lives depended on it, usually using anger and fear as biggest weapons

And if that doesn't work, they play upon group identification
'Don't vote for X.. He's a racist.. He wants to put women back in the kitchen.. He said something against gays..'

So if you're black or female or gay, you're not supposed to focus on how X is going to improve the economy or keep the nation safe, etc..  You are just supposed to vote as your told because you're part of an identity bloc; kept in a 'pen' like ostriches or sheep

And of course if you vote what's best for you as an individual you're a 'tom' or 'house nigger' or idiot, etc..
This blog has been very consistent in one thing over the 8.5 years its been in existence

The Individual matters most; Never the collective

Whether readers agree, disagree, think we're full of shit or waking them up from a mental zombie state is not important to us

We want you to Think as Individuals and we will express this point of view as softly or in harshest shocking language to get the point home..
Live.. Breathe.. Take in the world in all its good and bad as Individuals

Teach your children and grandchildren to question everything and don't follow the pack

And stop hiding behind shit that is meaningless like your pigment, possessing penis or vagina and a hundred other inconsequential collective nothings

That is why we keep doing what we do and its too important for us to ever stop...

Monday, February 18, 2019

Racial Stockholm Syndrome

We are now 19 years into both the new century and millennium and there is no more self-evident truth in our national and global society that it we live in a black planet

They are the super.. the amazing.. exceptional..

Well, no.. not really..   Far, Far from it..

But like the selling of any product or idea, once it gets ingrained into the public's subconscious it takes root and becomes new reality and this has been hard-pushed for decades
It is not just that blacks are in everything -  Every movie.. Every TV show.. Every Commercial even though in most cases they have no realistic reason for their presence but even how they are depicted is false reality and double-standard distortion

We could give dozens upon dozens of examples but one is as good as any

Over the weekend, we happened to watch a couple minutes of television and there was a commercial for a motel chain
A white woman in her 30s was approaching the breakfast bar looking very plain and sloppy looking and embarrassed how another 30-something woman who happened to be black was dressed professional and polished, rested and ready to start her day so she hides behind the motel employee..

Now obviously there are black professional women who are successful - that wasn't the problem

It was more the how the actresses were selected to play the two parts
Imagine the same ad where a black woman looked sloppy in tattered clothes and maybe with curlers in her hair admiring how good looking a strong, confident white woman was and wanting to find a place to cower and hide as the white lady did later on in the actual ad

This is far more realistic to everyday life yet of course never ever depicted

Understand that absolutely nothing in a commercial or TV show or film is accidental..  When a specific race or gender or sexual orientation is depicted, it is 100% purposeful and specific to the part which is being played

This is why you always see black judges, brain surgeons and nuclear physicists and all murderers, rapists and other criminal scum are played by Caucasians

This of course is absolutely not true but try telling that to someone under 30..
Then you have the whole Colin Kaepernick farce

You remember him..  the America hating bastard ex-football quarterback who kneeled as his way of middle-fingering the national anthem and white society because he felt it wrong that a white cop killed a black, as if the piece of trash would ever have protested a black cop killing a white person

Anyways after a few years of the NFL cowardly avoiding dealing with him and the rest of the barnyard animals who pretended to be social justice 'warriors' and copied Kaepernick's anti-America stance and the league being sued by Kap under the bogus accusation that the NFL blackballed him..
Well this fuck was able to settle with the NFL where the league will pay him between $60 to $80 million dollars which is really rewarding the monkey for his defiance

The NFL was scared to death to deal with the black scum and white cuckold players who emulated Kap even though they are just employees of the league and the Supreme Court has ruled in the past that the First Amendment does not apply in a employer-employee relationshi

The NFL was also scared to let the lawsuit go to trial
They sure as shit weren't scared to see white Conservatives stop watching and attending games..

'Fuck them.. They're Trump supporters and have no worth' - that's basically how every corporation sees Red State America

That's because it pays to be colored

They have the power.. They hold all the cards

They absolutely should not be allowed but they do and we all allowed it
Those people get special privileges..  scholarships only for they to enjoy..  get to go to the top colleges with academic grades substandard to other races/ethnicities..  Have it much easier to get hired for top paying jobs..

All because their skin is the color of a Snickers bar

They also can cry 'racist' for any reason or no reason and whitey cowers and allows themselves to be put on the defensive which is the position of weakness..
Of course all their control and influence was given to them by white-guilt/shame liberals who hate themselves and their heritage so deeply, they happily embrace a position of subservience to make amends for something or another

Sad...  Stockholm Syndrome in overdrive

No one is ever content being 100% equal..  Strange but true

When one is in a position of inferiority, he/she strives to be given equal status, and when one obtains it, they want a bigger and bigger piece of the power pie

No person or group seems to want genuine equality.
Yep, blacks control everything because liberal whites need it to be and conservative whites are too frightened to combat it for fear of having everything they worked hard to create destroyed

Can't fault self-preservation but if you wonder why things are so bad and just never get better even with Trump in power, the blame lies in you

Harsh we know, but still..
So all this stuff in the news which everyone is bombarded with.. obstacles to the wall, the ongoing nonsense about Russian collusion, stocks going up or down..

All completely meaningless really in the long run - they will all get resolved one way or another in due course

But society.. race.. political correctness.. social progressivism..  This keeps going on and on and the good guys keep losing and losing because few to none wish to engage the cliched elephant in the room

Except us..  And hopefully one day you too.