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Monday, February 4, 2019

Barnyard Animals Control America's 'Animal Farm'

~ To some they look refined but a pig in a suit is still a pig

When it comes to news, especially what anyone with half a brain should refer to as "news", we don't know who we can't stand more - those who report it or those who exploit it for their strategic nefarious purposes

So the big "news" story of last week that is still talked about today is the Governor of Virginia having a high school yearbook page where he's in blackface next to a kid dressed as Klansman or maybe its vice-versa...

The story is so unimportant to us especially since we don't even live in Virginia that it really doesn't matter who wore what much less the Governor's name
But it involves Racismmm..  OOhhhh Noooo!

No one in the media seemed to mind or give a damn that this same guy believes a woman has the right to murder the baby inside her for convenience up to the moment before birth

And if the scandal was this guy enjoyed taking another penis inside him or liked to put it inside other men, not only would the media not report it but defend it as 'beautiful'
But its Racismmmm..  OOOhh...

That's modern society for you.. Where 'racist' is worse that 'rapist'

Who gives a damn what someone thought or said 40+ years ago?
Let's say this Governor is 100% dye in the wool racist and hates even the sight of a black person in his presence..

OK, what has he done as Governor or in any public office he's served to hurt blacks either to deny or prevent them from any basic civil right or economic opportunity?

We don't know because we don't give a damn about the state politics of Virginia before this non-news story and don't care any more so at present

And he is a Democrat after all - part of the political party that bends over backwards then does some side flips to make sure blacks are treated as an exceptional class of special superior people deserving every benefit possible over whites so they prosper while Caucasians pay for their supposed sins
So we have to assume this person has never made any policy decision to exclude or harm colored people in any way

And really that is all that should matter in life - not what a person says but what they do

For instance, let's say a well educated black person is applying for a lucrative job that is going to pay A Lot of money - which is the better response from the prospective employer:
'You're a very intelligent Af-Am with an impressive resume, a good head on your shoulders and you will go far in life, but right now I can not hire you at this time..."


'Wow.. What a resume!  Boy, you're Hired!

Two extremes but we're absolutely serious on this point..  '
Which is worse - polite words using all the ass-kissing PC hyphenated bullshit then denying a qualified person work or being called a name but getting the lucrative high-paying position?

No one wants to be insulted or degraded but in purely practical terms, it is far worse to get the polite nonsense then be denied the ability to make a good living and provide for one's family

But some feel words are more damaging then sticks n stones and that is why those companies who make coloring books and sippy cups will never go out of business.
Democrats being a politically coward race, are scared - they want to piss and spit and shit on Trump in 2020 and don't want anything threatening their pretend moral-superiority on race and social issues

And its deeply disgusting to see conservatives especially Trump pile on and pander so pathetic to colored people as if they're going to score brownie points with the browns.

We hate that more than anything - a person or group calls one 'racist' repeatedly and to fight the attacks, the person who is attacked goes out of their way to show they aren't so instead of directly saying something like 'Fuck you.. throw your race-bombs elsewhere!'

That is what a person of strong character would respond
We're still waiting for Trump to take that approach rather than empty meaningless tweets about how offended he is, how great and wonderful blacks are and using that god-damn Fake hyphenated power-control term in his messages.

As of this writing (2pm EST), the Governor has refused to resign

We've no idea what will happen tomorrow or next week much less in 20 minutes but how absolutely refreshing to see someone with guts who will not cower to the pressure of others
Kinda thought we had a President exactly like that but after 5+ weeks of refusing declare a national emergency at the border after verbally cock-teasing it, we aren't as sure as we once was

But the big life lessons are as follows:

1)  If someone doesn't like you for any reason and you have any kind of success in your life, public or private, expect your enemies to look into every aspect of your background to tear you down, especially if you ever looked at blacks in any way other than as wonderful
2)  When you are ever attacked, expect nearly everyone you call friend or ally to abandon you for their own selfish purposes while opportunists from all corners pile on to exploit the situation for their nefarious advantages

3)  The barnyard animals control the farm and we allowed it