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Tuesday, February 5, 2019

Cable TV News: All Irrelevance.. All PC-Bias.. All the Time

God how we Hate TV news..

Hate the people in front of the camera reading nonsense and lies on the teleprompter

Hate those behind the camera who write the telecopy and the producers who decide what is going to be presented and the way it will be slanted

Hate those who continually watch and give credence to it
CNN.. Fox.. MSNBC.. Breitbart..

No difference really when you peel back the veneers - the 'information' presenting versions of Tide, Cheer, Gain and Era laundry detergent

And in case you didn't know, all 4 brands are made by the same company, Proctor & Gamble so when you think you're choosing one over another, your money ends up going to the same entity

Establishment news is Establishment news and while one network may slam Trump while another defends, when you look beyond the surface, what really is the difference.
Every network says the same putrid political correct hyphenated terminology, the Worst being'Af-Am' to describe blacks because they demand it, white-guilters enjoy being subservient and so the blacks get their way

To us, somehow its more disgusting when Fox News does it

Never believed we'd live in a time where being 'racist' was more horrible and bring out more wrath in others than being a rapist..

So many silly people.
In spite of liberal news' flirtations with socialism to draw Democrat viewers, really they're no different than the fiscal conservative networks..

All about making as much money as possible from advertisers by attracting the most viewers possible and keeping them glued into nonstop coverage of nothing meaningful

They all use flashy graphics and dramatic 'alert' music and use the same sensationalist tactics of 'You won't believe what X said!'  and 'You will be shocked by Y's response'

Yawnnnn ~
24 hours a day and no news entity whether it be TV, print or internet tells people what they need to know; no one actually wants to inform

For instance, let's say a person is a die-hard liberal watching the crap on CNN - they obviously hate Trump deeply and personally

Yet why do they not have the courage to stir up their viewership to tell them how to go after Trump and his supporters and make them suffer for electing him?
Why doesn't Fox News  after telling viewers how much of a real threat to democracy liberals are, demonstrate how to combat them (physically if need be)

We're absolutely serious on this..

Why does every damn news apparatus from left to right work tirelessly to stir up anger and fear and generate such inner tension in people then never provide any avenues for people to take a pro-active stance

Why do we all have to have the equivalent of intellectual blue balls with no outlet to 'explode' except to our friends and loved ones in earshot who often shouldn't be the target but end up so because the fucking news only benefits from a viewers' victimization
We know..we know.. Anger and Fear keeps people watching

But its like elections.. At some point should not those who stir a peaceful public into wanting to beat the shit out of each other, take some blame and have legal culpability for the purposeful chaos they create?!

And when we said news does not want to inform its viewer or readership, there is one exception - weather related events

The stock market could crash 10,000 points and no one will have the decency to advise people to sell their stocks or take all their money out of the bank but if a part of the country is expecting a tropical storm or 2 inches of snow, a gluttonous amount of over-information is provided how to prepare for it.
Right now its nonstop news about the VA governor..  We do not genuinely care if he screamed 'Nigger' a hundred million billion times when he was 18 or 21..

It is non-news..  nothing news

And yet everyone cares or is supposed to care and the god-awful news keeps browbeating how terrible the guy was/is and do you know how painful it is to the ears and mind to hear people like Hannity get on their moral high horse and spew that fuck term 'Afr-Amer' 1,000 times every hour on the hour?
Who gives a shit about Virginia?!  Really..

It used to be an absolutely Gorgeous state rich in history especially so many wonderful Confederate victories during the Civil War and a most serene place to visit or live

Then it allowed the blacks to take it over with the assistance of white-guilt liberals in power, and now just like about every other state in the Union where they've instilled their political and social dominance, Virginia is now quite unexceptional.
This non-news thing (doesn't deserve being called a 'story') will end when the Governor unfortunately weakens and resigns or after another week if he stays strong and fickle fuck minds move on to the next big nothing..

And all this deeply useless information on him and every opinion from every 'expert' and political know it all will be so useless 10 seconds later

Ask yourself this..   Remember over last summer or early autumn when that deeply fugly lying Bitch Christine Ford lied about now Justice Kavanaugh and how everyone talked nonstop on it including us which were disgusted to do but who else was providing an alternate point of view..
Ok.. now state one fact from that needless theater that has any relevance to your life today or matters in any way to what's going on in the country?

Same with this Governor guy and 99% of anything else you hear, read or watch in the news

The only way you will find honest, truthful perspectives of the country and world at large is sites like this
Doesn't matter if you agree with us some of the time, most of the time or none of the time - you get complete unfiltered non-PC honesty and a window as to what others besides us really think so you know you're not alone in your beliefs and/or irritations.

Some can handle us and what we do..

The rest keep watching cable news