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Friday, February 15, 2019

Emergency Declared -- Finally!

~ Trump swinging a much-needed symbolic bat over Dems' heads..

Unless Trump changes his mind at the very last second, he will finally declare a national emergency at the border and move things along in his goal of getting full funding to build the wall

Absolutely brilliant on the President's part

Get the funding for the wall agreed to by the Dem-Rep compromise earlier in the week And declare the emergency to get more funding later on
According to ABC News:

"The president plans to announce on Friday his intention to spend about $8 billion on the border wall with a mix of spending from Congressional appropriations approved Thursday night, executive action and an emergency declaration.

A senior White House official familiar with the plan told ABC News that $1.375 billion would come from the spending bill Congress passed Thursday; $600 million would come from the Treasury Department's drug forfeiture fund; $2.5 billion would come from the Pentagon's drug interdiction program; and through an emergency declaration: $3.5 billion from the Pentagon's military construction budget."
Love it!

Will it be a slow process dealing with legal challenges?  --   Yes

But finally the ball is rolling..

Sorta like when someone needs food stamps or disability - no matter how long it may take to get the money, nothing happens until the person needing the money goes forward and the process is put into motion
This should have been done two months ago but we kinda understand why in a PR sense to explain to dimwitted Americans how much bad continually occurs in this nation because of an open border

We keep trying to think why so many fake-Americans are against Trump on this

Sure there's the political strategy to make him go back on a campaign pledge so to try to hurt him in 2020 and a belief among Democrat operatives that every ignorant illegal becomes another ignorant liberal voter come election time

But there must be more to it surely..
Basically what we've come to believe is that Democrat politicians do not care about securing our borders in the same way someone living in Hawaii doesn't care about an impending blizzard in the Midwest

If illegals started robbing, raping and killing the families of Democrat Congresspeople and Senators.. if their daughters and granddaughters were captured and sold into sexual slavery..  If these greasy brown monsters were targeting those in power directly and chopping off their heads and limbs with machetes..

Can you imagine?!

Dems would be screaming at Trump to build the wall immediately
Unfortunately Democrat politicians are safe and cozy in their well guarded abodes so everyday people end up being the daily targets

And the funny thing that no one including the President mentions is that it is every Democrats who are physically harmed by illegals more than Republicans because demographically everyday Democrats are poorer and less educated and forced to live in communities where illegals are heavily concentrated

But since these Mexican and Central American dirt bags are not coming up from the border to take the jobs of government officials, the politicians who represent evil do not care and will not ever as long as Trump is attached to it
So a very positive way to end the week and Trump certainly has made up for all the bumbling and stumbling the last few weeks

Nice to see after seeing that revolting Pelosi prevent the President from giving his State of the Union when originally scheduled a few weeks back, that Trump is once again the most powerful person in the free world