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Monday, February 25, 2019

Hollywood: Phony F Feminism v Genuine Feminism

~ 'I am a real woman because I have bulging muscles and am making a fist'

Well Oscars have come and gone..

Sure glad we don't make our living making predictions or we'd be living in our cars

Of course most people waking up today probably forgot who won all the major awards last night.. 

Don't feel bad though.. Hard to remember movies being honored that you never heard of, you never had a desire seeing, and probably never will
Even though we didn't think or care to watch the telecast, movies generally speaking were on our mind over the weekend, and specifically when it comes how women are depicted

Now if we were a liberal blog, we'd vent how terribly they're treated in roles of victimization and how actresses don't get paid enough and this and that..

But since we're not, we are not going to perpetuate and expand upon the lies
No, what we marvel at is how horribly women are portrayed in film roles in terms of what we term phony fuck feminism which is not the same as genuine feminism

So what's the difference?   That is a truly wonderful question

Phony fuck feminism basically says in order for women to be treated as equal they need to be aggressive bitches because everyone with a penis is seeking to subjugate them to making babies instead of allowing a woman her so-called natural right to abort them, and cooking over a hot stove
So the way to combat this is to be very tough, ready to verbally (or in the case of films, physically) fight at a snap of a finger and emasculate the male so he is shame and guilt ridden with his gender to the point he accepts her at face value and essentially doesn't get in her way

Phony fuck feminism pushes a warrior like fantasy that they are tough, strong, invincible and one does not really need a man for anything

This is what is constantly pushed in movies, TV shows, music, modern novels, magazines, advertising and any other persuasion based venue
OK, so what is Genuine Feminism?

This is where a woman does not possess a victimization mindset, seeks out a path to her own personal happiness and does not possess anger or resentment toward others; essentially she does not possess a chip on her shoulder

If she wishes to be a teacher or doctor or lumberjack, it is her choice

And if she chooses to not work at all and/or be a full time stay at home mom, it is also her decision
Phony fuck feminists like to push the narrative that only true independent women work and climb the career ladder while juggling hubby and kids and if he doesn't like it, then fuck him

A genuine feminist may choose that path or see working for another for it is - a sickening, tiring experience but no matter the decision, the hubby is not seen as the enemy

To phony fuck feminists, a male boss will treat a woman better than a husband so more satisfying to work for a stranger 8 hours a day.

Of course bosses fire employees for any or no reason as suits the employer's best interests while a husband does not, but since most phony fuck feminists are so fugly inside and out that no man has ever hit on them, they really wouldn't know the difference
In addition, a genuine feminist is not afraid to be vulnerable or express a soft side to a male; she is not on-guard and on the defensive, seeing everyone out to control and suffocate her

In simplest terms, the phony fuck feminist woman is paranoid of how she is perceived and expecting the worst from men so preparing for it at all times; the genuine feminist is not

So let's go back to movies and ask yourself when is the last time you saw a genuine feminist depicted on-screen?

Certainly not in comic-book films like Wonder Woman and Avengers
There the females are warriors.. They can shoot a million bullets or fight a thousand baddies double their size strength without breaking a sweat

And when there's a male they're attracted to, there always has to be an idiotic 'fight' scene so she can establish how tough and independent she is to him and the audience

This way when vulnerability is displayed in the middle of the film, no one thinks her weak because remember, at any moment she can fight better than any man

And putting aside those comic book films, when is the last time you've seen a woman in a film taking place in the present vs a period piece movie, who is a contented homemaker?

Usually if one is depicted and its extremely rare, she's portrayed as weak or ignorant and devoid of any power in the relationship

No in movies, all women must work..  Must have a job..  Must have a boss..  Must have obligations and stress and entities wishing to put her down

Hollywood would call this good drama..  Really it is contrivance
And men are depicted in films where gender relationships (romantic and professional) are involved as either assholes or emasculated to conform to her wants/desires)

In true male-female relationships there's give and take..  No one's on edge.. No one is worried their 'power' is being affected or looked upon with less respect because one acquiesces

And in real life most women if they smart and really understand the world, go to work and seek promotion, etc because of practical, tangible reasons and not for any idiotic spiritual fulfillment or notions of making things right in the imaginary gender war
It used to be in Hollywood back in the golden years, that to depict a strong, independent woman on screen, she had to always have a cigarette between her fingers in one hand as she was drinking with the other

Then it got to where she had to curse and be promiscuous without guilt and do recreational drugs like the guys

And over the last few decades, to be strong and independent, a woman has to shoot guns and do elaborate choreography fights and save men who are in danger

No wonder why society is so fucked up confused as to who they are as individuals and collectively as groups