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Thursday, February 7, 2019

How SOTU Speeches Have Changed - 1844 v 2019

~ President John Tyler (10th President) - 1841-1845

We were thinking about Trump's State of the Union speech today..

Thinking that overall all Presidents' SOTU addresses regardless of party affiliation are pretty much all shit and not worth the time and trouble listening to

The problem is that modern addresses don't really speak about what the speech's true intent is supposed to be.. to tell Congress of the current state of the nation and the main culprit to blame is television
Inspired by Trump's mentioning of the 75th Anniversary of D-Day coming up and the 50th Anniversary of landing on the moon, yours truly decided to go back 175 years to read word for word the State of the Union of our 10th President, John Tyler, given to Congress in 1844

Admittedly its quite a dry speech and wouldn't play well to modern audiences

No pandering to women, gays, Jews or Muslims or Hispanics or Asians
No constant browbeating in fake hyphenated terms how colored folk are exceptional

No mention of special people in the gallery who are then asked to stand so Congress can get up from their seats in unison like clapping seals

No pandering... no ass-kissing.. no playing to the audience
Then again in Tyler's day there was no television and the speech was not used as a barometer of a President's popularity with every word carefully chosen to sway the audience to think positive of the speaker

It was not even read to members of Congress back then as the only legal requirement of the President was that their was to be a document presented to Capitol Hill stating what the state of the nation was and not that it be read out loud

The 1844 State of the Union is pretty non-emotional and outside of a couple references to how America is blessed by God and celebrating the fact we were the only country back then who put to death those involved in the slave trade, sticks to facts
It tells of our then relationship with various nations from Britain to the Germanic States to Brazil to Peru, what our debt was, trade deficits or surpluses,etc

The 1844 SOTU was an educated, fact based document written by a educated man for educated people to read and interpret based on their particular political bents

It was not meant to appeal to the dumb, dumber and the dumbest Democrat.
Since the advent of TV, all SOTU are terrible and that's going back many decades because the goal is more to sway people to feel positive about whoever the President in office is and give the illusion he cares about everyday folk more than really explaining how things have improved or gotten worse depending on the situation.

Trump did a pretty good job talking on his achievements though the black and female pandering was absolutely repugnant especially since the core of his voting base in 2016 was and still is white men

But still it was a lot of pomp and fluff, though really no different than any other
The SOTU that was the most absolute BS in our lifetime occurred in 2009 when Obama gave his first address to Congress

The state of the nation, just 6 months after the stock market crash and beginnings of the Great Recession was 3 D's - Dismal, Dreary and Depressing

But he lied to Congress and the American people as soulless cadaver John McCain would have lied had he won or any other putrid politician..

All flowers and sunshine and optimistic hocus pocus which never translated to anything real in Obama's 8 years in office
Why did he spew incessant fiction about recovery and hope?

Because the SOTU was about promoting Him rather than honestly reporting where the nation was

Plus people deep down don't want to know how bad things really are which is why everyone involved in the financial corruption of the crash and those who unethically bailed them out, never suffered any repercussion from the general public
And as we have stated repeatedly, every President since the advent of radio then television has used this annual occasion to blow smoke up people's bum-bums while pushing the continual falsehood that we are one nation

Get in your car and drive anywhere.. to work.. to the supermarket..  Get on a local road or interstate or turnpike and watch how people 'respect' one another on the road.. See just how unified and 'ONE' this nation really is

Just a collection of deeply selfish fucks who happen to share the same geographical space for their birth or naturalization and for the most part seek their identity through a collective need to be a part of a group (blacks/whites.. Dems/Reps..  Dolphins and Jets fans..

But we know why Presidents must say and do it so we can't slam any of them past or present too hard
The real state of the country at this moment is as follows:

1)  The economy overall is in Excellent shape and Trump deserves the credit

2)  Many rot-rotten people who irrationally hate the President, namely blacks have benefited greatly yet are pathetic ingrates and will vote liberal because with few exceptions, they are fully entrenched in the Democrat slave plantation mindset
3)  The wall absolutely must be funded and built but all these 'humanitarian' reasons about protecting women and children is pure contrived bullshit

Too many ignorant backward uneducated Hispanics enter this country and abuse every economic benefit and safety net created for Real Americans, natural born and Legal immigrant from quality schools to healthcare and contribute little to nothing in return while being easy pawns for Democrat voter manipulation
4)  America IS respected again..

Do not confuse respect with being liked.. 

No nation likes being called out and forced to contribute more money to the UN and NATO or told outright they're not a true ally in different ways

But no other nation challenges us or seeks to provoke confrontation with Trump do they?

Respect is fear, not friendship and we have it back in spades
5)  Lastly, Trump is correct that the nation is Strong and absolutely no credit goes to Democrats who as we said yesterday in a perfect world would all be deported since they display constantly in word and deed how much they really hate this great nation.

And now we call can focus on new mainstream fake and non-news triviality in the coming days, weeks, months and years