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Thursday, February 21, 2019

Let Sheep Be Sheep..

The last couple weeks, nearly a dozen fake Americans (Democrats) have thrown their hats into the ring and stated their desire to run for President

It will be interesting to see which man or woman gets to be 2020's version of Walter Mondale

That said, we really don't know why anyone is bothering to run - as the treatment of Trump the last two years has demonstrated, its a thankless job serving an ungrateful public who for the most part does not possess even a modicum of genuine independent thought
How else to explain the Dems winning the House this past November in spite of everything Trump has achieved

We wonder if any of these despicable people really believe if he/she wins, that magically things are going to be different - that Republicans aren't going to use the same gutter politics tactics of obstruction, delay and court challenges to stall everything a liberal President would seek to impose upon the nation?

We guess they do, or figure their ego and personality is so strong, they'd just get their way by sheer force of will
Wonder if the lil' brown squirt (Congresswoman Cortez) will run?

Why not.. She's only been in office a month or so and has just as much political experience as that licorice stick Obama when he ran

At least the cute vapid girl who belongs in a cathouse can say she was born in America, which Obama couldn't, so already she would have an advantage over the guy everyone voted for in 2008 out of race guilt.
So funny that so many are deciding to run with so many more to come..

Makes you think.. Where were all these bitches and bastards in 2016?

Well we know the answer.  Hillary was supposed to run basically unopposed with Bernie pretending to run until he got walloped in New Hampshire and them it could be Hillary alone so she wouldn't have to waste money on primary campaigns that could be used in general election

In other words, the Democrat party is a painful hemorrhoid and Hillary was to be the annointment

Little play on words there..
So from basically one real candidate in 2016, you now will probably have a couple dozen or more running this time

And what will their platform be --  'Vote for me because I hate Trump more than the others'?

Or will it be a competition to see who will pander to coloreds, gays, transsexuals and child molesters and express the greatest hatred & scapegoating toward Caucasians?

You know those who scream in anger the loudest toward whitey will be the white candidates

Always the way it goes in that evil party
We can't yet predict who will represent the Dems in 2020 when they lose to Trump but we can say assuredly a lot of truly detestable people will be making a lot of money from campaigning

Don't know if you are aware but when you run for office, you can legally pay yourself and technically your family a salary so it allows you and then to keep a certain percentage of donations that are not directly used to campaign

That's why so many enter the race who know they stand no chance.. It's a nice profit stream and allows for a short period of ego stroking and enjoying expensive perks
For instance in 2016, that thick nasal New-Yawker Bernie made a deal with dyke Hillary that he would end his campaign for President before the Democrat convention in exchange for getting money and exclusive use of a private plane

In 2008, multi-millionaire bitch Hillary agreed to end her campaign run before the convention in exchange for Obama agreeing to pay all her campaign debts from his funds so she didn't have to put her money out and to make her Secretary of State

So that's how politics goes and why you should never donate
The funny part is millions of insipid ignorant Democrats will think they have a choice this go round

Their party is set up so that 75% of the Convention vote is made of super-delegates who often work out behind the scenes who they will support, making Democrat primaries a sham (Republicans don't use super-delegates)

But shhh..  Let sheep be sheep..  Don't upset them

Makes it so much easier to sheer them