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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

News or Non-News.. What is What?

There's a lot of news that is reported every day and by and large 99.99% of it is mostly or fully irrelevant, useless, trivial or some combination of..

So for 'fun' we decided to look at what the current Drudge Report headers are as of this posting - 2:30a Wed Feb 13, 2019 and decide if its news or non-news, with brief comments as needed

Before we begin, the purpose is not to criticize Drudge because overall it is a useful site for finding out information most mainstream media don't wish people to know

This is more an exercise of how completely bombarded we all are on a daily basis with non-news
*  'El Chapo' gets life in jail  -- If you're not related to the drug kingpin, really why do you care?

Also its not like his arrest and ultimate incarceration has lessened the drug wars or deterred stupid Americans (mostly Millennials) from taking drugs to pretend they're cool

So this is non-news
*  National Debt tops $22 Trillion  -- This Should be newsworthy but it is not

As a nation we've gotten to the point where when the debt hits the $100 trillion mark, it is not going to really matter to anyone because no one for better or worse has felt economic repercussions for the debtload

So because those in power haven't done anything to fix this situation or the fact that our annual deficit is about $1 Trillion (we spend about $1T more than we take in taxes), we declare this non-news especially since statistics like this are never told to people with the goal of us to take action; just empty trivia
*  Senate Committee uncovers NO evidence of any collusion between Trump and Russians -- They only wasted 2 years of taxpayer dollars on this witch hunt; shame those who led the charge to destroy Trump can't be sent to prison or worse

News-worthy?  Yes but only because it forces despicable liberal news entities to report it as they swallow their collective bile of Trump hate

Any free thinking person knows that not only was there no collusion but no Russian meddling in the 2016 election either (putting silly ads on Facebook does not manipulate the democratic process while tampering with voting machines for example would be), this has been two full years of complete non-news
*  Budget Deal reached in principle - $1.3 Trillion to build 55 miles of wall; Trump not happy..

This is one of those kinda-sorta newsworthy but really should not be

Even if you put aside the fact that Trump should have just declared a national emergency at the border in late 2018 when that Central American scum funded by Democrat operatives were marching through Mexico, it is simply an agreement in principle reached by Dems and Reps

All that matters is whether Trump will accept it and in essence middle finger his base and find himself out of office in 2020 or stay strong on full funding and declare that 'emergency' already

So this news item is that rare grey area of newsworthy to a point but also non-news because there's nothing definitive in it
*  Most Americans are one serious illness away from bankruptcy - We see this as not just newsworthy but should be obvious since over half of all Americans do not have $1,000 in cash for an emergency and continue to spend like there's no tomorrow

We wish the news would talk more on this topic and dedicate at least 10% of the passion and energy to wake people up to how fragile their financial situations are in calamity as they do in their pathetic vendetta to destroy a good President..

But then again if news told people to spend less, save more, think about the future and stop making such a big deal about holidays like Christmas and Valentines' Day when it comes to consumption, their masters, the advertisers wouldn't be all too pleased.
* Peanuts and Cracker Jacks banned at ballparks due to allergy concerns

The only thing semi news-worthy is its another example of one's individual freedoms being taken away for the betterment of others who are too God-Damn stupid to know they have allergies and thus should not be ordering the overpriced snack at concessions

Otherwise, this is absolutely non-news and typical of the shit people are forced to hear and read about on a daily basis
We could go on but we won't

The main point of course being pretty much everything the news reports as important is really not and most everything that everyday people Should be told that would have genuine impact upon their daily lives, the information is concealed or outright withheld

Thank god for the Internet and an inquisitive mind..

Remember, without a curious intellect, the Internet is simply a place to look at porn and get sports scores