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Monday, February 18, 2019

Racial Stockholm Syndrome

We are now 19 years into both the new century and millennium and there is no more self-evident truth in our national and global society that it we live in a black planet

They are the super.. the amazing.. exceptional..

Well, no.. not really..   Far, Far from it..

But like the selling of any product or idea, once it gets ingrained into the public's subconscious it takes root and becomes new reality and this has been hard-pushed for decades
It is not just that blacks are in everything -  Every movie.. Every TV show.. Every Commercial even though in most cases they have no realistic reason for their presence but even how they are depicted is false reality and double-standard distortion

We could give dozens upon dozens of examples but one is as good as any

Over the weekend, we happened to watch a couple minutes of television and there was a commercial for a motel chain
A white woman in her 30s was approaching the breakfast bar looking very plain and sloppy looking and embarrassed how another 30-something woman who happened to be black was dressed professional and polished, rested and ready to start her day so she hides behind the motel employee..

Now obviously there are black professional women who are successful - that wasn't the problem

It was more the how the actresses were selected to play the two parts
Imagine the same ad where a black woman looked sloppy in tattered clothes and maybe with curlers in her hair admiring how good looking a strong, confident white woman was and wanting to find a place to cower and hide as the white lady did later on in the actual ad

This is far more realistic to everyday life yet of course never ever depicted

Understand that absolutely nothing in a commercial or TV show or film is accidental..  When a specific race or gender or sexual orientation is depicted, it is 100% purposeful and specific to the part which is being played

This is why you always see black judges, brain surgeons and nuclear physicists and all murderers, rapists and other criminal scum are played by Caucasians

This of course is absolutely not true but try telling that to someone under 30..
Then you have the whole Colin Kaepernick farce

You remember him..  the America hating bastard ex-football quarterback who kneeled as his way of middle-fingering the national anthem and white society because he felt it wrong that a white cop killed a black, as if the piece of trash would ever have protested a black cop killing a white person

Anyways after a few years of the NFL cowardly avoiding dealing with him and the rest of the barnyard animals who pretended to be social justice 'warriors' and copied Kaepernick's anti-America stance and the league being sued by Kap under the bogus accusation that the NFL blackballed him..
Well this fuck was able to settle with the NFL where the league will pay him between $60 to $80 million dollars which is really rewarding the monkey for his defiance

The NFL was scared to death to deal with the black scum and white cuckold players who emulated Kap even though they are just employees of the league and the Supreme Court has ruled in the past that the First Amendment does not apply in a employer-employee relationshi

The NFL was also scared to let the lawsuit go to trial
They sure as shit weren't scared to see white Conservatives stop watching and attending games..

'Fuck them.. They're Trump supporters and have no worth' - that's basically how every corporation sees Red State America

That's because it pays to be colored

They have the power.. They hold all the cards

They absolutely should not be allowed but they do and we all allowed it
Those people get special privileges..  scholarships only for they to enjoy..  get to go to the top colleges with academic grades substandard to other races/ethnicities..  Have it much easier to get hired for top paying jobs..

All because their skin is the color of a Snickers bar

They also can cry 'racist' for any reason or no reason and whitey cowers and allows themselves to be put on the defensive which is the position of weakness..
Of course all their control and influence was given to them by white-guilt/shame liberals who hate themselves and their heritage so deeply, they happily embrace a position of subservience to make amends for something or another

Sad...  Stockholm Syndrome in overdrive

No one is ever content being 100% equal..  Strange but true

When one is in a position of inferiority, he/she strives to be given equal status, and when one obtains it, they want a bigger and bigger piece of the power pie

No person or group seems to want genuine equality.
Yep, blacks control everything because liberal whites need it to be and conservative whites are too frightened to combat it for fear of having everything they worked hard to create destroyed

Can't fault self-preservation but if you wonder why things are so bad and just never get better even with Trump in power, the blame lies in you

Harsh we know, but still..
So all this stuff in the news which everyone is bombarded with.. obstacles to the wall, the ongoing nonsense about Russian collusion, stocks going up or down..

All completely meaningless really in the long run - they will all get resolved one way or another in due course

But society.. race.. political correctness.. social progressivism..  This keeps going on and on and the good guys keep losing and losing because few to none wish to engage the cliched elephant in the room

Except us..  And hopefully one day you too.