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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

The Social Representation in Advertising 'Cheat Sheet'

~ A Ralph Lauren print ad..  Disgusting

Whether it be through television or Internet, we're all bombarded by endless advertising seeking to separate us from our money

And we all know 99.9% of ads use emotion rather than logic/reason playing upon people's inner needs, fears, insecurities, jealousies and desire to conform to what others are doing/buying

It's quite a science

The same goes for group representation in ads so here's a quick primer or 'cheat sheet' of how everyone is represented so you can follow for 'fun'
* The woman is always more intelligent than the man, especially when a couple - this goes for all races..

This is 100% untrue but this is how it is in the world of advertising and movies and TV and music and books and magazines and...

* The black is always more intelligent than the white

If one race needs to be comic relief or 'goofy', it is the white..  The black usually gives the reaction shot representing the common person
* The black is never to be degraded, humiliated, lampooned or projected in any realistic way and always depicted as very financially well to do

They also are never to appear sloppy, disheveled, ghetto-like or as if they spent their adulthood living in their parents' basement (think how all 20-something whites are depicted in all beer ads)..

That is what the token Caucasian is for
* If a couple of the same sex is depicted, they possess equal intelligence

In addition, no one is degraded or depicted as odd in any way because to advertisers, homosexuality is beautiful and wonderful

When there's the need for a buffoon, just add a straight white guy into the ad, then the queer couple can provide the reaction shot together
* The child is much more intelligent than the Dad - this pathetic device is especially used when selling something deemed complicated or technological

Now when that 'dumb' middle age father becomes elderly, he magically becomes intelligent again so to set his now dumb middle-age son straight

When two kids are in an advertisement without any adults around, the same gender, race and ethnic rules apply..  the girl or black kid knows more than the white
* If Muslims are depicted, its in the most positive way possible with women wearing their putrid head scarf with no one noticing or caring

In addition in every ad where a Muslim observing their faith is depicted, everyone else always goes out of their way to smile and make them feel included
* If a Jew is depicted, it is never in any religious connotation to celebrate their faith

Jews in commercials are depicted as weak, nasally Woody Allen sounding creatures with domineering, loud wives selling embarrassing products like laxatives or hemorrhoid cream (this was extremely common place in the 1960s through 1980s)

This is really fucked up when one realizes that Jews are far more representative in advertising and other visual media than Muslims so the self-hate just oozes out which is just sad
* All Hispanics in advertisements are intelligent and well to do; they tend not to represent anything comical in any way for fear of offending them unless the ad is 100% Hispanic representation and usually targeted to other Latinos

If Hispanics are in commercials with whites, they know more than them and always provide reaction shots to the stupidity of the white guy

* Asians are never in commercials for any genuine purpose - they are all super intelligent but rarely are given any personality

Usually if you see an Asian, its with a person of a different race so to push bi-racial relationships in a way not so jarring to some as seeing a black guy with a gorgeous white woman.
So in summary, the middle aged, straight white male is depicted time and time again as a fuck up with every other race, gender and ethnicity superior

It's OK to continually degrade the group of people that built not only America but all of Western Civilization because well.. they deserve it, eh?

The only group treated worse in ads are Jews, assuming they're depicted in any way at all

And since they rarely if ever complain and many in the industry are Jews themselves with deep self-hate for their culture and lineage, no one bothers to make a stink like colored people would if depicted similarly

So now that you have your cheat sheet, turn on the TV on go on YouTube, relax & enjoy the ads