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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

The State of Union is 'Strong' but Only 50% Deserve To Enjoy It

~ Trump speaking at podium in front of a good man and an evil woman

The above header is pretty long but it basically was our takeaway of Trump's State of the Union

Sure the President pandered too much to colored people, using that vomit-inducing hyphenated-term of fake superiority those people demand from whites..

And sure the speech was full of nauseating platitudes about reaching across the aisle and working together (God, we hope this never happens as a reality)
Overall as we listened to Trump's speech and watched Democrats especially the cunt Congresswomen and Senators in white dyke suits refuse to stand on anything that touted the President's successes in office...

Anyways, watching it we just felt repeatedly how much of a shame it is that those who ally themselves as liberals get to enjoy the same freedoms, rights and economic benefits of such a wonderful nation as the quality Americans do

Sorry if that's not 'democratic' but honesty is honesty

BTW.. Funny how every disgusting liberal woman had to wear the same clothing, like the good socialist-fascists they are; used to be a time people like that all wore cheap brown shirts with swastikas around their arms.. Now its expensive white pantsuits
Democrats have been seeking to destroy this nation from within for decades..

Back in the turn of the 20th century through the Great Depression and through the Eisenhower years to the present, they have latch-keyed themselves to the ideological principles of socialism and communism, wanting desperately to destroy Capitalism

And sad to say, over time they've done a great job succeeding at it
Unionization.. Social Security.. Welfare.. Unemployment benefits.. Mandatory health care for all..

Really just one continuous slippery slope over the last 120 years as some work to pay for the benefit of others as part of this fictitious notion of 'greater good'

Liberals showed back in the 1960s how much that hated their country, its values and everything it stood for through years and years of meaningless protests and flag burning demonstrations

And every decade their collective souls become more black as they embrace the never ending cesspool of political correctness and social progressivism where white Caucasians are America's scapegoat equivalent of Nazi Germany's Jews
So we're listening to this speech and thinking..  Jesus!

Why is it so great that blue collar liberals have work in manufacturing jobs?

Why is it so wonderful that colored people who vote at a 92% rate for Democrats have the lowest unemployment rate ever?!

Many black piece of shit Congresspeople couldn't even bring themselves to clap to celebrate their own kind finding work because Trump gets the credit
Why is it worth celebrating when any liberal in this country benefits from policies solely implemented by Trump and Republicans then turns around and keeps supporting that other God-Damn political party?

The one thing that all Presidents get wrong during a State of a Union speech is that we are NOT one Nation

We've never been united ever at any point in history..  Not at its inception.. Not during World War II..
Not ever..  Just pure nonsense
We have been and always been a nation of groups of people with different agendas and interests through sectionalism, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, etc to mold the country through political power manipulations to change the nation to go in unwanted directions at the forced detriment of those who absolutely disagree

And while 'compromise' sounds nice, no sincere person of any conviction really seeks that..
If you're deeply pro-choice, why would you concede anything to pro-life believers when it comes to killing babies inside the womb for selfish expediency especially when the courts give you victory after victory?

And what is the advantage of someone who firmly believes in life to concede that in some instances it perfectly fine to extinguish a baby?

Makes no sense and yet we're all supposed to embrace compromise as this wonderful ideal?
Historically we tried compromise for the first 75 years of our nation where slavery was concerned and all it did was kick the can to where one section of the nation wanted to be left alone, another wanted to force a shotgun marriage and 600,000 people had to die to free a race of ingrates who we're all as a country paying the price for every day

So why would any free thinking person be embracing Trump saying he wants to reach across the aisle and work with spit on face Pelosi or the rest of that cackle of crap on the left

Let's hope Trump was bullshitting on that olive branch
It really is amazing how truly Wonderful and Incredible the United States is, especially when you consider 50% of its population hunger every day to destroy everything great about this nation from within and turn it into a Planet of the Apes-like country

Can one imagine how spectacular a nation we'd be if in a fantasy world, Democrats were deported?

Unfortunately its all a nice dream and nothing more
This means two years of hell then another election between some evil to the core Democrat nominee vs Trump, a person we thought would Attack and Destroy the left, not seek to find common ground


So yes, the State of the Union is strong.. 

Just a real bitch that despicable, parasitic people on the left get to enjoy the same benefits and successes as the 50% who are the real Americans.