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Friday, February 1, 2019

To Be A Free Thinking Individual - When Was Your 'Wow' Moment?

February 1..  Ugh..

It's the start of 'Black' History month.. 28 days of pretending their accomplishments matter more than that of Caucasians

Of course to us, we'd rather think of February 1 as when Texas sought to free itself from the incessant control and meddling of the Union and seceded (1861)

But anyways you know how this Black History jive goes..
1.7million Americans fought in the Civil War.. 10% were black

Guess who gets the focus and exceptional status?

Whites invent everything from electricity to the automobile to the airplane and a million-billion important things we use in our lives daily but which inventor gets the focus this month? 

George Washington Carver..  the peanut guy.

On and on..
Sometimes it really feels like America is not 'free' like it advertises

Oh sure we are free to go into a supermarket and choose between Tide and Gain or to choose to put Chevron or Texaco gas in the car

But free as a nation of truly free thinking individuals who are filled with knowledge and the motivation to question and satisfy intellectual curiosity?

2,340 days... Think about that a moment.  180 school year days x 13 years..

That is how many days between Kindergarten and graduating high school that the public school system keeps a child mentally imprisoned, away from outside influences including the parents who they've already indoctrinated a generation prior

And there a child is taught some useful things like 2+2 and how to spell 'cat'

And also taught many dangerous horrible things..
Things like we are all part of one world; one global community that should have open borders and things like gender, race, ethnicity, religion and sexual identity are to be embraced and celebrated unless you are well, you know - white, male, Western European, Christian and heterosexual

Taught that blacks are Exceptional - they achieved more than whites; did more important things and of course were the most persecuted group in all of history so their achievements mean more

Of course there were those pesky Jews who suffered far worse in history then any colored person in America ever has and ever will, but psst.. Shhhh!   That fucks up the victimization narrative they have carefully cultivated while white guilt society embraces.
Blacks were slaves for 200 years.. Jews were slaves in Egypt for 400 years..

Blacks were beaten and taken from their homes and made to work, etc.. They suffered a 'holocaust'

Jews were also beaten and taken from their homes and put on trains and made to work and raped and gassed, etc.. They experienced a real Holocaust

No wonder so many of those classless blacks, especially the Muslims who believe the shit that come out of Farrakhan's anuses (mouth and real anus) hate Jews so much.. 

No one likes competition.
The school system has very specific goals and none of them involve stimulating thought and discussion in youth much less creativity of spirit in youth.

The goals are to foster social cohesion and to prepare kids and teenagers to enter the workforce where they will be future taxpayers

Gotta get the youth's minds molded to not think outside their 'box' so the vast majority can be engaged in mindless repetitive tasks for the rest of their work lives and not have a mental breakdown in the process.
This is why math and science is so heavily focused - it does not require thought but rather, memorization.

You can not question 5 + 3..  It's going to be 8 even if you argue to the top of your voice and you can not analyze or debate H20 or photosynthesis..

History and other social studies?

For instance, no matter how intense the education system pushes the lie that during the Civil War, the Union was moral, noble and on the side of good and the Confederacy was 'evil' and all the rest of that empty narrative, any inquisitive person can do research and see how much they were lied to, and then question teachers on it

Most people if lucky or intelligent enough have that wake-up 'Wow' moment

For yours truly it happened when I was 12 and involved the Civil War which originally was taught to me in 6th grade when I was 11
So I sat in class like everyone else and accepted fully that the Union was wonderful and the South was awful and Lincoln was this 'god' who did no wrong and Generals Grant and Sherman were heroes and everyone in the Confederacy were evil except Lee who was decent...

And I learned that happily we won the war and the slaves were free and Fredrick Douglass was awesome and on and on and on..

I believed all that Shit hook, line and sinker
The Civil War excited me so much, I asked my parents to get me a subscription to a magazine called 'Civil War Times' which was and is still a very mainstream historical publication

The first issue arrives over the summer and the entire issue is devoted to Jews in the war on both the North and South..  I figure, 'OK.. I don't know much if anything on them but I'm sure the CSA treated them terribly, etc..' and I start reading

Then I learn that the south treated Jewish people back then far more like equals then in the north
I learned in this magazine that the CSA has not one but Two Jews who served in President Davis' cabinet - Judah Benjamin (served as Attorney General, then Secretary of War and then Secretary of State) and David Yulee who has a county in Florida named after him (the first Jew to serve in a US cabinet was 70 years later under FDR)

Also learned that Jews served for decades prior to the war in the US Senate representing southern states like Mississippi and Florida - long before a Jew ever represented a Northern one
Then I learned in the same publication that both Grant and Sherman were deep and I mean Deep anti-Semites with Grant in particular issuing 'Order #13' in 1862 which expelled all Jews from his Army of the Tennessee which had to be rescinded by Lincoln a few days later

And my reaction was this expression of 'Wow!'

My teacher never told me of This!  The school textbook never mentioned anything of this topic..  Nothing..  Never had seen a movie or TV show on this topic (to this day I still have not)

And I started to immerse myself in reading and studying of the war from as many different sources and avenues I could find and over time I realized how much I was completely Lied to when it came to the war and slavery and Lincoln and 'good v evil'
From there I assumed I was probably lied to in elementary about other aspects of US history and by extension everything else not involving decimals, fractions and the temperature of boiling water.

Wish to God that others had their 'Wow' moment at 12 years old so they could figuratively or literally get in their teachers and ultimately Professors' faces, especially all the liberal ones who do nothing but Goebbels indoctrinate students to their worldviews.

The government does not want free thinking individuals who will not accept things at the face value it is presented or be told to confine their choices to A or B like as we have every single election from President to state Senator
In this way, America is really no different that any totalitarian government of the 20th century

It molds and manipulates the minds, uses peer pressure and other subtle coercions like media propaganda are out there to reinforced the main narratives while having the audacity to trick people into thinking they represent freedom of thought

Agree that interracial love and bi-racial children is beautiful and homosexual marriage is valid among other social progressive perversions and you can be 'free' too
We have written a ton over the last 8+ years on a variety of topics but ultimately it comes down to one constant goal:

We at A&G want you the reader to question Everything..  Do not take anything you were taught or hear or read at face value because most everyone has agendas which rarely or never are for your benefit

There is this amazing technological wonder out there called the Internet where one can get information on anything one is curious to learn about from as many different perspectives as one is presented
You've no idea how completely brainwashed you and we have been over the course of our academic lives prior to adulthood..

How many of our thoughts and beliefs and values are because it was implanted through educational rote at some point in childhood when we didn't possess the skill or ability to filter it out.

We hope and pray whether by us or within to be motivated to learn for yourself and embrace your beautiful Individuality.