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Thursday, February 28, 2019

What Are These US - North Korea Meetings Really About?

So the President is in Vietnam speaking with North Korea about basically joining the nations of the world in peace and prosperity through economic enticements, trying to show that one can make their nation somewhat capitalistic and still be in total authoritarian control of its people

We'll see in time how that works out

But if you're curious why this concerted effort to form a bridge of partnership with North Korea and you are a bit cynical that the motives are simply to denuclearize a 'madman' for the sake of world peace..
Here's a couple pieces of trivia you may or may not know that might help clarify things

1 - Currently there are only 3 nations on earth that have not borrowed from and thus not financially indebted to any US controlled bank (IMF, World Bank, etc..)

Iran..   Cuba..   and...

2 -  Currently there are only two countries on earth where you will not find a McDonalds or Coca Cola or pretty much any US corporation with a physical presence

Cuba and...
Do not for a second discount this as the driving force in everything going on

Its the same reason why we are causing so much economic instability in Venezuela.

Used to be in times of ole', we'd use military force or at least the threat of it to open a nation to trading with us
Commodore Perry sent a large fleet to Japan in the 1840s with the clear message we would blow the country to pieces if they did not open trade to us and in the case of China, we along with a few European nations sent troops in the 1890s to force that vast nation to not be closed borders

Perhaps we would have done that today if we were not concerned how others would perceive us and once NK got a nuke, then that option was pretty much off the table

North Korea's population is a little over 25 million but that is 25 million new customers to buy our products and services
And here's what basically will happen if/once NK capitulates to the will of the rest of the world:

First, we will offer very generous loans with teaser interest rates much like how the mortgage industry does to the poor and ignorant

North Korea will have this wonderful influx of new money and everyone will be kinda-sorta happy (remember it is a dictatorship after all)
Then once the genuine interest rates kick in, the people will have more and more financial hardship as they try to pay the debts and when they can't, through global courts and the like, you will see in NK what happened in Greece

It's called privatization - the corporations own the national resources, the infrastructure, etc and force intense austerity (financial belt tightening) to get re-paid from every orifice possible

When this happens, there will be great political destabilization.. perhaps riots..  a coup? 

From there Kim is ousted, a leader who is friendly to the US is in place and you got yourself a very peaceful and profitable regime change of a nation that got rid of all their nuclear capabilities in exchange for some kind words and a Nobel Peace Prize worth 75 cents..
In the global matrix, everyone must be in debt...

Black, white, brown, yellow.. 

Male, female, gay, bi, tranny, pedophiles, bestiality lovers..

Everyone.  Must.   Be.   In.   Debt.
Every individual.. Every group.. Every nation - Must owe money to some entity so they will keep working and working and working..

And if the system can not get everyone in debt through need for basic survival and incremental wages just enough to get you off to work but not enough to punch your female or male boss in the face without consequence, then it does so through constant enticements

New home.. New car..  New clothes with pretty logo pictures on it..

If you do not understand this, you really do not understand the world.
And what we're trying to do to North Korea is no different than what is done to everyone else

Will Trump succeed ultimately?

As much as we love and support the President overall, we kinda hope he fails on this
When one sees a wild horse running free and uncontrolled, those fenced in tend to feel one of two emotions:

Resentment or Admiration

Most tend to feel the former...

We always feel the latter.