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Friday, February 8, 2019

What Really is this 'Green New Deal'?

~ A Green New Deal propaganda poster and a Soviet Russia poster..  Pretty similar isn't it

We here at A&G are really not all that big on hyperbole..

We like who like, hate who we hate and express it in the most blunt terms possible so no reader can ever think, 'What do they Really think?'

So when we express that the Democrat party of 2019 is not your Mommy or Daddy's Democrat party or even your older brother/sister's party, understand this is no exaggeration

Of course others have expressed this as well..
We won't pretend to be original in this sentiment, we really don't think most people understand how far left they've gone since their last humiliating election loss to Trump

When someone as rotten as Hillary seems mildly moderate, you know a political party is completely hijacked by the extremist elements of leftist society.

Recently a group of Congressional Dems led by admittedly attractive but otherwise imbecilic Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez who has only been in Congress a mere month have decided America needs a Green New Deal to transform the nation to their way of thinking when it comes to the environment.
Below are the details of the proposal with our comments in blue font:

* Rebuild every single building in the U.S.

“Upgrade or replace every building in US for state-of-the-art energy efficiency.”

Think about that a moment..  every... single... building in the entire nation..  upgraded or replaced..   Every one..
* Will end all traditional forms of energy in the next ten years.

The Green New Deal is “a 10-year plan to mobilize every aspect of American society at a scale not seen since World War 2 to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions.”

According to Wikipedia, in 2014 under Obama, the US was responsible for 14% of greenhouse gas emissions..   China was #1 with over 25% or nearly double US emissions..  The nations that make up the European Union add up to over 16%

Yet America is always treated as the biggest threat to the environment, often by American liberals..  Hatred of one's country will cause one to think that way.
* Plans to ban nuclear energy within 10 years if possible.

“It’s unclear if we will be able to decommission every nuclear plant within 10 years, but the plan is to transition off of nuclear and all fossil fuels as soon as possible.”

Psst..  If magically everyone stopped using fossil fuels, the economy of the Middle East goes kaput.. Thought leftist new Democrats were pro-Muslim Arab and anti-Israel?
* Build trains across oceans and end all air travel!

“Build out high speed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary”.

Just silly-stupid

* Don’t invest in new technology of Carbon Capture and Storage, just plant trees instead!

“We believe the right way to capture carbon is to plant trees and restore our natural ecosystems. CCUS technology to date has not proven effective.”
* Mandates all new jobs be unionized.

“Ensure that all GND jobs are union jobs that pay prevailing wages and hire local.”

All those workers in 3rd world countries making products for US corporations..  Are they unionized?   Think these companies that are slowly coming back and opening new factories and hiring US workers would be doing so if forced to deal with unions?   

And which political party do unions heavily donate to whether their members wish their dues to be used that way or not?   Hmmm..
*May include a carbon tax.

“We’re not ruling a carbon tax out, but a carbon tax would be a tiny part of a Green New Deal.”

New World Order Globalism means one world, one currency, open borders, central planning with the UN being the only government of consequence and of course global taxes including carbon
* May include cap and trade.

“…Cap and trade may be a tiny part of the larger Green New Deal plan.”

Oh, and how much would this little fart-fantasy cost?

No estimate of the total cost of implementing the Green New deal is offered by that little dummy woman
However, as Ocasio-Cortez admits, “even if every billionaire and company came together and were willing to pour all the resources at their disposal into this investment, the aggregate value of the investments they could make would not be sufficient.”

Now she does provide one estimate - the cost to repair and upgrade infrastructure alone will cost “$4.6 trillion at minimum.”

How will it be paid for?   Ehh, Cortez is not worried about it so why should you
To her, “The Federal Reserve can extend credit to power these projects and investments and new public banks can be created to extend credit.. the question isn’t how will we pay for it, but what will we do with our new shared prosperity”.

Spoken like a true Marxist-Leninist

Wonder if the brown squirt knows the Fed is the US' biggest lender and most of the $22+ Trillion in National Debt that we owe to this point is to Them?
You know we wouldn't mind hearing Cortez' views if it was while she was let's say, laying on her back applying her trade at a Nevada chicken ranch or the backseat of a car in a darken alleyway

Just amazing we have to hear her thoughts with the title 'Congresswoman' in front of it and pretend her views have merit

Then again politicians Are whores so..