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Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Why Do We at A&G Do What We Do?

Today's post will be short and succinct..

Let's start with a question i.e. why do we write such inflammatory posts like we did yesterday?

Many reasons but primarily because no one else has the guts to, especially where mainstream news in concerned which means you are not getting any perspective when it comes to issues of race and social order other than to accept what you are told
Our belief is simple..  Everyone is 100% Equal..

There's good in everyone..   Honestly a lot of bad people in every group who outnumber the good.. 

White trash..  Black trash.. male scum.. female scum.. straight assholes.. gay.. well you know
The following may seem extremely infantile obvious but it really is not:

Whites are Not superior to blacks..  Blacks are Not superior to whites

Men should not dominate, intimidate, harass or harm women..  Women should not be so power hungry so to seek to emasculate men and make them scared to even give a compliment

Homosexuals and transgender people should not be attacked verbally or physically and left alone to live their lives..   Those who practice alternative sexual lifestyles are not mainstream normal and their quirks should not be pushed and glorified to the masses
Society used to be taught A was better than B..   Now we're all being conditioned to believe B is better than A and neither are true because groups do not matter

Every group of people is equal to another in the fact they're all worthless, and the only exceptionalism that exists is among individuals

But this is not what you are told.. This is not what your children are taught and sometimes a person in a literal or figurative deep-sleep has to be jarred or shocked to wake up

So we write what we write in the manner we express it
Black pride is no different than white pride or gay pride or female pride or any other kind of collectivist thinking..

It's pathetic, repulsive and makes one much easier to mold and control

You feel pride in achievement; accomplishment - being proud of your skin color is like being proud that you are right-handed or blue eyes or 10 toes and an anus

But this is the mindset that is pushed by society because it is so much easier for those in power to keep people in line or get them to act/react in ways those pulling the strings wish
Think about how much you and we are manipulated every time there's a Presidential election

Billions of dollars spent to get you and we to go out and vote as if our lives depended on it, usually using anger and fear as biggest weapons

And if that doesn't work, they play upon group identification
'Don't vote for X.. He's a racist.. He wants to put women back in the kitchen.. He said something against gays..'

So if you're black or female or gay, you're not supposed to focus on how X is going to improve the economy or keep the nation safe, etc..  You are just supposed to vote as your told because you're part of an identity bloc; kept in a 'pen' like ostriches or sheep

And of course if you vote what's best for you as an individual you're a 'tom' or 'house nigger' or idiot, etc..
This blog has been very consistent in one thing over the 8.5 years its been in existence

The Individual matters most; Never the collective

Whether readers agree, disagree, think we're full of shit or waking them up from a mental zombie state is not important to us

We want you to Think as Individuals and we will express this point of view as softly or in harshest shocking language to get the point home..
Live.. Breathe.. Take in the world in all its good and bad as Individuals

Teach your children and grandchildren to question everything and don't follow the pack

And stop hiding behind shit that is meaningless like your pigment, possessing penis or vagina and a hundred other inconsequential collective nothings

That is why we keep doing what we do and its too important for us to ever stop...