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Friday, March 29, 2019

How You Can Work to Make America Great Again

We're going to wrap up this week's theme regarding America and greatness with a short post to tie everything we've written all together

As we've expressed, America is not great but instead 50% of its population are and its the other half who vote Democrat and suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome who have continually sought to destroy a once magnificent country into what it is now

Political correctness and identity politics may be modern trends of the last few decades but social progressivism has been going on for over a century
In simplest terms, to be S-P means the need to constantly tinker and alter society how other people live and function in day to day society so that some intentionally must suffer so others may benefit without doing so on their own

And what it becomes is change for change sake or political OCD

Life in 2019 for minorities has never been better than any point in our nation's history and while some realize this and are able to focus their energies on being successes, many others still are bitter and their hatred of America, its history, culture, values and traditions just poison everything
So how do the 50% who are great combat the 50% who seek to make America a terrible place to live?

To steal a line from the never-Trumpers - 'Resist!.. Resist.. Resist!'

We have to fight them at every turn, and no we do not mean literally unless one of them physically assaults you for your beliefs or wearing a MAGA hat - In that scenario, we'd hope you'd hit back twice as hard and as often
We're talking more about getting in the enemies' face figurative and literal - to not keep quiet anymore when Trump or one's beliefs and values are attacked

Stop avoiding confrontation among friends, family and coworkers just to keep the peace

If someone says Trump is a shithead and he/she knows you support him then that person is really saying by extension that you are a shithead and/or 'I do not respect or value you enough to avoid upsetting you'

Amazing how many do not understand this or make the connection -  If you believe in X or Y and you are around those who say they like or love you who just vent how people who believe in X or Y are idiots or such, it doesn't matter how much its tailored to sound like a general expression..

It is meant for you.
Question then becomes do you take it or do you defend yourself and your core convictions

Yours truly had to get rid of many social and personal relationships with liberals over the last couple years to avoid needless tension and just an overall desire not to associate myself with people with genuinely rotten blacken souls

Those liberals who could argue with reason and intellect and showed that overall that friendship or family came before politics, I continued to stay in contact with and all those relationships are as strong as before the election

The others?  Had to discard them like one would rancid meat or contaminated dairy one finds in the fridge if left too long and got rid of some really nasty, terrible people with the same sadness I would throwing out a nasty, terrible bag of expired lettuce
What you do in this regard is your own business, not ours but we would think after 2+ years of how despicable and zombie-like liberals have shown themselves to be, one would make necessary decisions to preserve their mental and emotional wellness

The only way this country can ever be great again in meaningful ways is the 50% who are great have to be even greater to compensate for the 50% who are lower than roadkill

We have to be more involved in politics from local grassroots levels to national elections
We have to speak out and defend our beliefs by all means necessary and appropriate to the level of threat posed by the enemy i.e. physical response is only justified when there's a physical action toward you - otherwise fight with your mind and passion

Also don't be afraid to pester mainstream news and/or those liberals who write Trump-offensive comments - keep attacking in responses and tweets..

Show the other side that WE are the majority, not they.

As General Forrest once said, "Keep up the scare!"
We as conservatives have been too passive since Trump won..

Too quiet..

We laugh at the snowflakes and see them as silly or harmless but they aren't and never were

They are more like rabid dogs or raccoons
There is a mental sickness in the mind of just about every Democrat which is very scary and it will forever prevent this nation from being great again until politically and socially, its confronted with as much ferocity as they daily demonstrate toward us

When we who represent goodness and decency finally have the courage as individuals to stand up to them, ultimately we will win more than an election

We will win back our country.

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Can Never Be Great if Full of Self Hate

~ America can Never be great as long as people like above live here..

The past two days we have delved into the question of America's greatness, when it last was, is it now and can it ever be again

Because this topic is so important to understanding truly were we are as a nation and as individuals, we're going to continue

We stated yesterday that America is not great but rather it has some great people - 50% of the country to be a bit more precise with the rest tending to vote Democrat.
So how can we make such a pronouncement that is sure to offend some as if A&G ever concerns ourselves on That?
Simply..  No one.. no person or group no matter how big or small can ever be great if filled with self hatred and guilt, especially when its for things one did not directly do

If you are a white straight male and you personally owned slaves and beat them and mated with them and/or exploited them through the sharecropping system and/or denied a black person use of a toilet or drinking fountain, etc then yes, you would owe blacks a big apology

Otherwise if you have not, then respectfully please, pretty please with jimmies and cherries on top shut the hell up!
America historically has not been a perfect nation and there have been historic wrongs but it not your burden to carry the sins of generations and centuries past upon your shoulders

It simply is not.

Many Americans deeply hate the country of their birth, especially its history and prey upon the mentally and emotionally weak to force others, especially Caucasians to humble themselves over accusations of 'white privilege', slavery, Jim Crow, and other offenses from time past

The strong-minded confront the idiots or simply ignore

The weak minded vote Democrat and actively seek a society where they are on the bottom rung and those who used to be oppressed can be their oppressor
It sounds really messed up that someone would think that way but many Americans do; a sort of political-social Stockholm Syndrome where those who are white will not be happy until all the wrongs of hundreds of years of history going back to Columbus are corrected to where they and all like them do 21st century penance

Even many minorities see white guilters as weak pathetic creatures and deservedly mock them privately and sometimes even publicly - what is a person full of self hate going to do, suddenly develop self-pride?

But hard to fault most minorities who exploit this because who does not want their cake and eat it too 
Who doesn't want to be powerful, dominant and 'exceptional' while pretending they're being discriminated and made to be inferior to others in order to usurp more social and political power

Quite brilliant really if others let you get away with it

All this goes back to one of the most central themes of our blog and why we keep on strong after over 8.5 years and nearly 2,600 postings

The battle between the Individual and the collective
There is nothing more important than the Individual...  

You come into this world by yourself, all your life experiences are specifically unique to you, whatever your successes/failures and happiness/pain is specific to you and when your time on this Earth is done, the greater world keeps on spinning and does not miss a beat

An Individual can only feel bad for their personal wrongs and make amends or fix the personal hurts they did others..  No one else

This means a person who embraces the Individual mindset is not going to feel guilt or apologize for slavery or denying the woman the right to vote 100 years ago any more than he/she would apologize to the store where their next door neighbor stole a loaf of bread or a co-worker called someone an epithet
So how are so many people so warped in their thinking?

They embrace the collectivist groupthink mindset that says it doesn't matter what you do or didn't do..  What matters is what those like you who share your pigment, gender or religious beliefs do or did in the past

This is why Jews have been historically persecuted and still hated by many for over 2,000 years i.e. the belief that they killed Jesus thus his blood is on those who were alive then and all descendants forevermore
Doesn't matter the individual Jew to some..  Their kind killed Jesus so they all must pay until the end of time..

This is how the collectivist thinks

Amazing so many Jewish people think this way and vote liberal when it is the #1 reason that group have dealt with so much suffering over the centuries
If you are white and embrace collectivism, then you allow yourself to believe that you as a living being in 2019 are responsible for everything from the so-called 'genocide' of the Indian population and bringing blacks over on slave ships to putting Japanese Americans in internment camps and forcing women to slave away in the kitchen while popping out a dozen children..

Nope..  Nope..

America can never be great as long as a large percentage of its population think this way and wish to create social policy to force those who disagree to come to heel

That's something that even Trump in all his personal and presidential greatness is powerless to change
When it comes to historical wrongs that others have suffered, one can feel empathetic and with a profound desire to never allow such things to happen again

But you never apologize for what you did not directly do and no self respecting person ever volunteers to be berated, demonized or placed in a position of voluntary inferiority and subservience because of the wrongs of others of times past

Now that you know, try to get this lesson through to any liberals you may have the misfortune of knowing

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

America's Greatness? 50% of Us Possess It

~ Hey Tony the Tiger, what do you think of Trump & his supporters?

Today we want to continue on what was written yesterday i.e. America and its greatness

So what makes a nation great?

There's statistical greatness like how big our military is compared to other nations or how we rank in different categories vs the rest of the world

That's kind of like all the women in a room taking off their tops and comparing breasts to see whose is the best (hint.. the bigger and non-implant, the better)
Then there's all the other factors that truly make a nation great

We'll start with freedom - that definitely makes America the greatest in the world or so the slogan goes

But are we really free?
Can we say what we wish without prosecution or persecution?   No

Try tweeting something very mean or threatening to a Democrat politician or say that no-no N word that sounds like Tigger and Jigger

See how quick you're arrested or in the case of the word that sounds like Nipper, how quick you lose Everything you spend a lifetime building

One person's reasonable restriction is another's unreasonable restraint
Are we free to have firearms without limitations?  Nope

Put aside needless background checks which is just a means of providing voluntary information for government when its time for confiscation, and there's still certain types of weapons and ammo the average citizen is not legally allowed to possess

Now if Constitutional freedoms are not sincerely granted without limitations and controls, imagine how restricted the individual is in ways not protected by the Bill of Rights
So if we measure America's greatness by our freedoms, we're really not great at all - just superior to everyone else in the world which is like taking a math test and feeling smug you got a C because the rest of the class got D's and F's

Another way to determine greatness in America is in its people

Well 50% of its people are horrible despicable creatures who are 100% wrong in every belief, value and worldview - they tend to vote for people like Obama and Hillary
How can any nation call themselves 'great' where a large percentage of the population wants infants in mothers' wombs to be killed just for her convenience and passionately fight for the right for women to kill what's inside them

And then to do this with no moral quandaries or guilt..

How great is America when half the population are mindless animals so easily swayed by Goebbels-like propaganda from media and their Democrat leaders telling them Trump 'stole' the election, is a plant of Putin and the only way to save democracy is to overthrow him in a non-violent coup d' etat
How great is this country when 50% want to destroy this nation from within like termites deep into a home's woodwork based on white guilt, identity politics and other distorted value systems

Most importantly, how can Trump or anyone else ever make America great again when they're either legally powerless or completely unwilling to grab the tiger by the tail

America is not a great nation...

It is a nation with some great people.
This is not one and the same - Some people who were born here genuinely love this country; others seek its destruction or at very least to be subservient to the global community of nations

Some seek to make this a better place to live for all; some only seek to make this a better place to live for their skin color, religion, gender, sexual identity or ethnicity and see white, straight men as the 21st century version of the Jew in Nazi Germany

Some Americans are very decent, law abiding quality people with good hearts and souls who want a better life for themselves and their families

And then the rest are fake Americans who vote liberal
We haven't been a great nation for a long time..  Not since the Civil War

Why that event? 

Simple - the Civil War was not over slavery or morality - it was an economic war where one geographic section wanted to keep control over another in a forced shotgun marriage

And when the victim 'wife' (the south) wanted to break free of the oppression, the abuser husband (the north) resorted to extreme violence to beat the spirit and fight out of the other

Shame no one came up with clever-clever hashtags back in 1861
In the process, the Union's President Lincoln repeatedly violated the US Constitution by preventing the US Supreme Court from convening (Union soldiers were posted to literally block the Court to prevent them from ruling on validity of secession)

Also newspapers with perceived southern sympathies were burnt down with reporters arrested and detained without due process for months if not years

People like to pretend JFK's death killed the illusion of America from this silly Camelot to the reality of government being corrupt and power mad but just go back to the Civil War - that was when the bubble was truly first burst
So can Trump make America 'great again' then in 2020 keep it so?

Only in ways that do not really matter or which he has no true direct control over like the economy which can crumble in a finger snap with the right stock market panic to trigger it

No one is strong enough or resolved to fix what ills this nation to make it truly great again because it would require a Herculean effort and a willingness to be hated for the rest of his/her life since no one really desires big change even if its for their ultimate good
We say it a million-zillion times.. 

The greatest threat to this nation is not North Korea, Iran or ISIS

It is those who live among us.. the politically correct, social progressive identity politics embracing liberal

And they have done a masterful job in achieving their goals especially when we, the side that is right both politically and spiritually give back little to no meaningful resistence

Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Making America Great Again.. But Compared to What?

~  The Antebellum South.. A Time America was truly Great

Back during the 2016 Election, the slogan of Trump was 'Make America Great Again" and for the upcoming campaign, it will be "Keep America Great" or some variation

But is it really great and if so, can its greatness be maintained?

If one is looking at things like economy, military strength and re-establishing a strong US presence abroad then yes they are correct that we are far greater than we were during the chocolate pretzel stick's presidency.

But we kinda look at things askew here at A&G and all those barometers mentioned a moment ago have a natural ebb and flow which often the person in the Oval Office does not have direct control
Our question is 'when was the last time America was great in ways that mattered?'

If one has a nation where an opposition political party can try to take down a legally elected sitting President vis a vis a carefully orchestrated non-violent coup attempt by creating a narrative of a fake Constitutional crisis which has gone on more than 2 years with no let up even after Mueller's report...

Well is that a 'great' nation?
When the pure unadulterated evils of political correctness, social progressivism and identity politics is allowed to go unchecked for not years but Decades with both the 4th estate (the press) and every aspect of the entertainment industry pushing beliefs and world views that have systematically destroyed the ability of an individual to be a free thinker among the endless deluge of propaganda..

Well is that a 'great' nation?
When you have a nation where so many people hate America, hate its history, hate white 'privilege' (sorry but it is a wonderful thing to be Caucasians - we do feel privileged), hate themselves (white-guilt liberals) and along with bitter people of color do everything possible to destroy the country from within, making it a daily mission to tear down the moral and social fabric of our society and government allows it..

Well..  you know..
Trump is many ways has shown to be a great President but on this issue, he either does not get into the fight or perhaps legally he is powerless to

Then again, the amount of minority pandering by Trump especially to blacks and women who statistically speaking are equal in numbers to men so how can they be oppressed, is Revolting and Insulting

Like he along with Ivanka (who we can not stomach) keep pushing all these initiatives for women to succeed as entrepreneurs
That's nice except for one thing - show us what gene or DNA strand in a male gives him this natural ability to start up and run a successful business vs what a woman is born with

Absolute bullshit but this is the kind of PC nonsense no one but us argue against

If government wants to help get people by giving them the educational and financial tools to start their own companies and become successes, that is wonderful but it has to be for Both genders.

How does society keep getting away with this constant double standard that we are a nation of equals and all of us have value and importance and yet everything from government programs to public policy is geared to helping specific groups at the detriment and disadvantage of others?!

Amazing that no one really wants true equality - those who are on top never want to give up their superiority status and those at the bottom only want equality as a stepping stone to gain power and control to avenge their wrongs

And we are a deeply phony, fake nation..

Everyone forced to tolerate each other which is a polite way of saying stomach having to live among people that normally would never seek to socialize with if not for the system forcing it
Freedom of speech and expression is an illusion, generation upon generation of youth is being indoctrinated to embrace values, ideas and sexual deviances that go against their core ethic and religion beliefs and to fight it means to lose everything

And we live in a society where there is no ability to get away and break from the system thanks to advancements in tracking technology that even the most gadget-loving geek is not aware

Just a brutal time in both America's and the world's history.
So we see Trump's 2016 slogan of making America great again to be accurate but perhaps a more precise but less catchy 2020 slogan should be 'Still trying to make America great again - but that requires going back to pre-Civil War days'

Hard to get voters excited with that one even if true.

Monday, March 25, 2019

Mueller Report.. Why It Makes Us Think of the Aztecs

When thinking about the Mueller Report, its findings and the fact this nonsense has gone on for 18 months, it made us think of the Aztecs

Specifically, their most popular game called Tlachtli were two teams played on a field shaped like an H between two walls and the goal was to get an 8-10 pound rubber ball to the other team’s side using only hips and the feet to move the ball. 

The losing side would be killed by the winner for sacrifice purposes.

Yes, sometimes it is a shame we live in a democracy.
From the very onset of Trump's Presidency he has had to deal with continual lies of Russian meddling and collusion and accusations illegality & illegitimacy and threats of Impeachment by some of the most despicable mindless monsters one could have the embarrassment to call fellow countrymen

We call them fake Americans

You still call them Democrats.
And after over 2 years of incessant investigation and people's lives being ruined just for knowing Trump, those on the left are not to be punished in any way for it

As it is, Democrat filth were rewarded by winning the House this past November

One can say with naive serious that the liberals will get their punishment when Trump wins in 2020 and we certainly hope this occurs but really who knows..

The election is not for another 20 months and even if the President wins, we get 4 more years of horrible identity politic pandering that is just as disgusting and intrinsically Wrong as when a Democrat does it
So yes we thought of the Aztecs

Shame there can't be actual punishments meted out to those responsible for this time waster and national distraction

In a nice pretend fantasy scenario, the one who is the most severely punished is Hillary along with all those on the top levels of her staff during her failed 2016 campaign

It was she and they who conjured up the lie for purposes fear mongering including the creation and payment of the fake Trump dossier which were packed with lies alleging Trump ties to Putin, etc

So for Hillary and the top scum who started all this, we're thinking something involving dungeons, racks n' pulleys, piano wire and Iron Maiden (no, not the music group)
For Robert Mueller and all those on his staff who tirelessly worked for two years to try to bring down a great President, we'd send them to Guantanamo for the exact same length of time this so-called investigation occurred

For the liberal corporate establishment media both visual and in print who basically aided and abetted Clinton throughout that last election and have done everything to fan the flames of criminality and molding stupid people (Democrat voters) into believing Trump won via a coup, in a just world, we'd punish by preventing all entities from keeping their ad revenue for 6 months unless they voluntarily cleaned house then it would be loss of ad revenue for 2 weeks.

Trust us, that would hurt them more than anything physical
Those in Congress like that bitter brillo pad head monkey Congresswoman Maxine Waters who have wanted to Impeach Trump just for breathing still won't let up even after Mueller's findings, would be forced to resign and never be allowed to run for any political office on any level for the rest of their lives

Finally in this nice fantasy scenario, all liberals who irrationally hate Trump which is pretty much all of them would be forced to pay 25% more in income taxes than normally paid for 2 years - this money would be used to fully fund the wall   

How lovely would that be.
So while America overall is a great country, it does a piss-poor job when it comes to punishing those who seek to destroy this nation from within

If one is a foreign threat, we'll issue crippling sanctions, drop bombs, send in our military to invade and overthrow regimes that go against us

But domestic threats like liberals we tolerate and passively stand back as they figure out every way possible politically, economically and socially to destroy this nation from the inside while the media and entertainment apparatuses work together in conjunction to push their worldview especially upon the young

Yep, we're thinking about Aztecs.

Friday, March 22, 2019

Mailbag Q&A: 3/22/19

It is a Friday so we thought we'd sift through the mail and answer a few

So let's begin with..

Q:  I hear so many people questioning the President's sanity especially with his attacks on McCain - do you suppose they are correct?

A:  Nope.  Trump is how Presidents are Supposed to act - honest, direct, sincere, non-conformist.   He has enemies.. He attacks them back.   Good.

We don't want a fake President.. Tired of leaders who choose their words extra careful and always excessively self restrained.
Q:  Do you think its bad taste for Trump to go after McCain who's been dead 8 months now?  It just seems so tacky.  I don't know.

A:  Is it bad taste to attack Hitler or Stalin?  They are dead too..  

McCain was an absolute devious bastard to Trump; attacks are absolutely warranted

It was that rotten soulless cadaver McCain who leaked the fake Trump dossier to the press and who spitefully went back on his word to vote to repeal Obamacare at the last second
McCain was a corrupt, despicable man - most forget he was part of the 'Keating 5', a group of US Senators back in the mid 1980s who took financial payoffs from Charles Keating who was head of Lincoln Savings and Loan which was primarily responsible for the S&L crisis costing taxpayers billions to bail out

McCain also was no hero - if allowing yourself to be captured in times of war to avoid dying is heroic, then wouldn't every Nazi who surrendered to the Allies in WWII to go to a POW camp for the duration be heroic as well?

Besides, anyone who calls their wife a cunt to her face as he did to Cindy McCain on the 2008 campaign trail as documented in the book 'Game Change', is a fucker deserving of a spit into the eye.
Q:  You used to write often about an impending financial collapse especially during the Obama years but it never materialized - the economy is strong.. stocks keep rising..  Do you feel foolish with your doom n' gloom predictions?

A:  Nope.  Every couple decades from country's beginnings, there has been a financial reset which causes recession, panic and occasionally worse; it Will happen again ultimately.

Take the Great Depression - everyone knows of the Crash in 1929 - it was followed by some growth in 1930 & 1931 then a second crash in 1932 which added to the suffering followed by more dramatic up/down the following 10 years

We got out of the Depression thanks to WWII and once it was over, the nation went into a 12 month recession as the economy had to get adjusted to peace time and other recessions followed in the 70+ years since
Now understand we do not want it to happen, especially with Trump in office 

But also understand that absolutely nothing from the 2008 crash was fixed..  It was papered over and thanks to trillions upon trillions of dollars being poured into the system to enrich the rich and massive amounts of excess home valuation, we have what we have at this moment

Everything goes in cycles:  life-death, the change of seasons..  economics is no different and most people here and around the world are barely surviving as it is 

Last question:
Q:  Any thoughts/opinions on what happened in New Zealand last week

A:  Can't think of a nation at this moment we despise more - pathetic excrement country

A violent man kills 50+ people in a mosque and instead of focusing on punishing the one crazed individual to the fullest extent of New Zealand law, they decide to go knee-jerk and take away everyone else's freedoms

It is the chewing gum in the classroom way of solving problems - you know where you have a class of say 40 students and because one puts the gum under the desk instead of disposing it properly like the other 39, the rule becomes No One can enjoy gum
Could have sworn its illegal to kill other human beings - we're sure NZ has laws in the books for that and corresponding criminal justice punishments

Why is that not enough?!  Why instantly ban guns?

And assuming their citizens needed background checks to obtain, this means their police will have conduct house to house searches to force everyone to turn them in, just like one would expect in a Nazi or Soviet state

And then there's the state imposed threat of 10 to 14 years imprisonment for merely possessing the Facebook live video of the killings much less posting
We sure as shit don't ever want to see it but the video is out there - it was made, it was seen, it was re-posted and quite frankly its scary the depths a government will go to control what others see or hear

Guess censorship is OK if the majority wish it

Just a rotten shit island nation and one that every Democrat wants to emulate when it comes to the gun confiscation debate 

Well time to enjoy the weekend.. hope you do as well