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Wednesday, March 27, 2019

America's Greatness? 50% of Us Possess It

~ Hey Tony the Tiger, what do you think of Trump & his supporters?

Today we want to continue on what was written yesterday i.e. America and its greatness

So what makes a nation great?

There's statistical greatness like how big our military is compared to other nations or how we rank in different categories vs the rest of the world

That's kind of like all the women in a room taking off their tops and comparing breasts to see whose is the best (hint.. the bigger and non-implant, the better)
Then there's all the other factors that truly make a nation great

We'll start with freedom - that definitely makes America the greatest in the world or so the slogan goes

But are we really free?
Can we say what we wish without prosecution or persecution?   No

Try tweeting something very mean or threatening to a Democrat politician or say that no-no N word that sounds like Tigger and Jigger

See how quick you're arrested or in the case of the word that sounds like Nipper, how quick you lose Everything you spend a lifetime building

One person's reasonable restriction is another's unreasonable restraint
Are we free to have firearms without limitations?  Nope

Put aside needless background checks which is just a means of providing voluntary information for government when its time for confiscation, and there's still certain types of weapons and ammo the average citizen is not legally allowed to possess

Now if Constitutional freedoms are not sincerely granted without limitations and controls, imagine how restricted the individual is in ways not protected by the Bill of Rights
So if we measure America's greatness by our freedoms, we're really not great at all - just superior to everyone else in the world which is like taking a math test and feeling smug you got a C because the rest of the class got D's and F's

Another way to determine greatness in America is in its people

Well 50% of its people are horrible despicable creatures who are 100% wrong in every belief, value and worldview - they tend to vote for people like Obama and Hillary
How can any nation call themselves 'great' where a large percentage of the population wants infants in mothers' wombs to be killed just for her convenience and passionately fight for the right for women to kill what's inside them

And then to do this with no moral quandaries or guilt..

How great is America when half the population are mindless animals so easily swayed by Goebbels-like propaganda from media and their Democrat leaders telling them Trump 'stole' the election, is a plant of Putin and the only way to save democracy is to overthrow him in a non-violent coup d' etat
How great is this country when 50% want to destroy this nation from within like termites deep into a home's woodwork based on white guilt, identity politics and other distorted value systems

Most importantly, how can Trump or anyone else ever make America great again when they're either legally powerless or completely unwilling to grab the tiger by the tail

America is not a great nation...

It is a nation with some great people.
This is not one and the same - Some people who were born here genuinely love this country; others seek its destruction or at very least to be subservient to the global community of nations

Some seek to make this a better place to live for all; some only seek to make this a better place to live for their skin color, religion, gender, sexual identity or ethnicity and see white, straight men as the 21st century version of the Jew in Nazi Germany

Some Americans are very decent, law abiding quality people with good hearts and souls who want a better life for themselves and their families

And then the rest are fake Americans who vote liberal
We haven't been a great nation for a long time..  Not since the Civil War

Why that event? 

Simple - the Civil War was not over slavery or morality - it was an economic war where one geographic section wanted to keep control over another in a forced shotgun marriage

And when the victim 'wife' (the south) wanted to break free of the oppression, the abuser husband (the north) resorted to extreme violence to beat the spirit and fight out of the other

Shame no one came up with clever-clever hashtags back in 1861
In the process, the Union's President Lincoln repeatedly violated the US Constitution by preventing the US Supreme Court from convening (Union soldiers were posted to literally block the Court to prevent them from ruling on validity of secession)

Also newspapers with perceived southern sympathies were burnt down with reporters arrested and detained without due process for months if not years

People like to pretend JFK's death killed the illusion of America from this silly Camelot to the reality of government being corrupt and power mad but just go back to the Civil War - that was when the bubble was truly first burst
So can Trump make America 'great again' then in 2020 keep it so?

Only in ways that do not really matter or which he has no true direct control over like the economy which can crumble in a finger snap with the right stock market panic to trigger it

No one is strong enough or resolved to fix what ills this nation to make it truly great again because it would require a Herculean effort and a willingness to be hated for the rest of his/her life since no one really desires big change even if its for their ultimate good
We say it a million-zillion times.. 

The greatest threat to this nation is not North Korea, Iran or ISIS

It is those who live among us.. the politically correct, social progressive identity politics embracing liberal

And they have done a masterful job in achieving their goals especially when we, the side that is right both politically and spiritually give back little to no meaningful resistence