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Thursday, March 28, 2019

Can Never Be Great if Full of Self Hate

~ America can Never be great as long as people like above live here..

The past two days we have delved into the question of America's greatness, when it last was, is it now and can it ever be again

Because this topic is so important to understanding truly were we are as a nation and as individuals, we're going to continue

We stated yesterday that America is not great but rather it has some great people - 50% of the country to be a bit more precise with the rest tending to vote Democrat.
So how can we make such a pronouncement that is sure to offend some as if A&G ever concerns ourselves on That?
Simply..  No one.. no person or group no matter how big or small can ever be great if filled with self hatred and guilt, especially when its for things one did not directly do

If you are a white straight male and you personally owned slaves and beat them and mated with them and/or exploited them through the sharecropping system and/or denied a black person use of a toilet or drinking fountain, etc then yes, you would owe blacks a big apology

Otherwise if you have not, then respectfully please, pretty please with jimmies and cherries on top shut the hell up!
America historically has not been a perfect nation and there have been historic wrongs but it not your burden to carry the sins of generations and centuries past upon your shoulders

It simply is not.

Many Americans deeply hate the country of their birth, especially its history and prey upon the mentally and emotionally weak to force others, especially Caucasians to humble themselves over accusations of 'white privilege', slavery, Jim Crow, and other offenses from time past

The strong-minded confront the idiots or simply ignore

The weak minded vote Democrat and actively seek a society where they are on the bottom rung and those who used to be oppressed can be their oppressor
It sounds really messed up that someone would think that way but many Americans do; a sort of political-social Stockholm Syndrome where those who are white will not be happy until all the wrongs of hundreds of years of history going back to Columbus are corrected to where they and all like them do 21st century penance

Even many minorities see white guilters as weak pathetic creatures and deservedly mock them privately and sometimes even publicly - what is a person full of self hate going to do, suddenly develop self-pride?

But hard to fault most minorities who exploit this because who does not want their cake and eat it too 
Who doesn't want to be powerful, dominant and 'exceptional' while pretending they're being discriminated and made to be inferior to others in order to usurp more social and political power

Quite brilliant really if others let you get away with it

All this goes back to one of the most central themes of our blog and why we keep on strong after over 8.5 years and nearly 2,600 postings

The battle between the Individual and the collective
There is nothing more important than the Individual...  

You come into this world by yourself, all your life experiences are specifically unique to you, whatever your successes/failures and happiness/pain is specific to you and when your time on this Earth is done, the greater world keeps on spinning and does not miss a beat

An Individual can only feel bad for their personal wrongs and make amends or fix the personal hurts they did others..  No one else

This means a person who embraces the Individual mindset is not going to feel guilt or apologize for slavery or denying the woman the right to vote 100 years ago any more than he/she would apologize to the store where their next door neighbor stole a loaf of bread or a co-worker called someone an epithet
So how are so many people so warped in their thinking?

They embrace the collectivist groupthink mindset that says it doesn't matter what you do or didn't do..  What matters is what those like you who share your pigment, gender or religious beliefs do or did in the past

This is why Jews have been historically persecuted and still hated by many for over 2,000 years i.e. the belief that they killed Jesus thus his blood is on those who were alive then and all descendants forevermore
Doesn't matter the individual Jew to some..  Their kind killed Jesus so they all must pay until the end of time..

This is how the collectivist thinks

Amazing so many Jewish people think this way and vote liberal when it is the #1 reason that group have dealt with so much suffering over the centuries
If you are white and embrace collectivism, then you allow yourself to believe that you as a living being in 2019 are responsible for everything from the so-called 'genocide' of the Indian population and bringing blacks over on slave ships to putting Japanese Americans in internment camps and forcing women to slave away in the kitchen while popping out a dozen children..

Nope..  Nope..

America can never be great as long as a large percentage of its population think this way and wish to create social policy to force those who disagree to come to heel

That's something that even Trump in all his personal and presidential greatness is powerless to change
When it comes to historical wrongs that others have suffered, one can feel empathetic and with a profound desire to never allow such things to happen again

But you never apologize for what you did not directly do and no self respecting person ever volunteers to be berated, demonized or placed in a position of voluntary inferiority and subservience because of the wrongs of others of times past

Now that you know, try to get this lesson through to any liberals you may have the misfortune of knowing