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Wednesday, March 6, 2019

Cortez: A Frankenstein or A Mrs Potato Head?

~ "Socialism isn't so bad..  Give it a try.."

For today's post we wanted to briefly expand upon what we discussed yesterday i.e. why is Congresswoman Cortez being constantly propped up by the media to the point where every expression she makes is reported and treated as if she is President

We mentioned the money factor i.e. ratings, appeasing advertisers and her youth and attractiveness (overall she's as common as your average Days Inn housekeeper but compared to your typical wrinkle-faced Congresswoman, she's beautiful)
But the real motivation especially for liberals for focusing all attention on her is to create their own Frankenstein much in the way they feel Trump is nothing more than a manifestation of a human body with nothing inside but projections that common conservatives place upon him

If you ever take the time to watch Trump speak in an interview or David Letterman appearance during the 1980s and 1990s, he's quite soft spoken, a bit guarded, and personality-wise does not really stand out in any way that would be considered clownish or cartoon-like

Politically speaking, he was a fiscal conservative and otherwise pretty moderate to liberal on social issues and by the time of his buddy Bill Clinton's inauguration in 1993, was Hollywood and most media's darling as they saw him as a Democrat like them..

Which he was.
Then came 'The Apprentice' and we assume through a lot of coaching and acting by the show's producers, became the abrasive personality of 'The Donald'

So person became persona and even if people couldn't stand him, they were glued in every week to the show for many seasons to see who he would fire and advertisers sought him out to pitch all their products from Pepsi to pizza..

And as much as Trump is/was a successful businessman and real estate developer and whatever else makes him tick inside and out, for many people he was elected specifically because he was outspoken, brash and a 'Love me or Hate me - ehh' attitude
We know why Democrats hate him and establishment Conservatives hate him because no matter what he does policy wise, he's not one of them; he is just an outsider and to them, an embarrassment//

Sorta like how the wealthy who go back many generations look at the nouveau riche as akin to the Beverly Hillbillies

So let's go to Cortez -  She's not very academically bright (she is shrewd and cunning which are different things so don't dismiss her on that) and a year ago at this time she was a bartender which is a lowly job

But she possesses qualities that right now no other Democrat in the public eye possesses - brashness, spontaneity, courage of conviction, lack of concern of offending those she doesn't like and unlike pretty much all Congresspeople who represent older generations, she is a master of social media
That also is how Trump won in 2016 but for Cortez, being late 20s/early 30s its much more instinctual like posting Instagram videos of herself while preparing a salad talking policy as if it was a normal casual chat as to the positives of Socialism

Of course everything she regurgitates is not new or fresh..   Its the same tired lines used since Karl Marx's "Das Capital" was released in the mid 1800s and repackaged and re-presented every generation since

Now social media is the vestibule to transport the ideological poison to the masses instead of standing on peach crates, yelling and pounding the fist like days of old
The media and liberals see her as young, fresh, representing a community that could easily keep voting her back to Congress for decades if not ultimately Senator or more if the party can change more to the left to make people like her more stomachable to vote for

So while at Cortez core, she is 100% sincere in her views, everything else about her is a complete media creation and if you think about it, what you're seeing now is really no different then what goes on constantly in sports

How many times does the sports media overhype a rookie who starts out with a statistical bang as if this is to be the next Babe Ruth or Magic Johnson or Wayne Gretzky depending on the sport
Then what almost always happens is that athlete either demonstrates he's mere mortal or peters out completely and the media move on to the next sensation because hype drives sales, plus everyone wants to feel they got in on the ground floor sorta-speak when someone new and promising enters the scene

Now you're seeing it with politics

Every day..  Every hour of every day..  Something this dum-dum says or tweets or expresses gets all the attention and treated with exaggerated importance
Let's pretend she expressed the US flag should be flown upside down (Cortez never said this - maybe thought it.. who knows)...

Now if Trump said it, the comment would be laughed at and mocked but no one would take it seriously..

If she said it, there'd suddenly be a media contrived national debate on its merits, polls taken and probably 50% of the nation supporting it

That's what happens when media create their Frankenstein monsters
We see Cortez more as a thin brown Ms Potato Head

Ultimately down the line all that matters is how others see her and the way fake Americans (liberals) think right now, they'd vote Hitler into office if he was pro-choice and pro-illegal immigrant (he would be allowed to keep his anti-Semitism since many Democrats especially the the two Muslim cunt Congresswomen seem to share similar sentiments)

That's the nation we live in today and even with Trump in office, it never seems to truly get better because we never see and act upon people like Cortez for what they are

Enemies of the State.