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Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Freedom of Speech - Did We Ever Really Have It?

We in America love to have lots of academic debates over broad topics like freedom, liberty and the like..

The most noxious of them all deal with freedom of speech

Everyone supposedly wants freedom of speech; to not be censored or silenced or punished for the things they say and express

Yet with few exceptions, everyone really deep down wants caveats and limitations which are based solely upon each individual's tolerance

This is absolutely NOT what free speech and self expression is about
Freedom of speech has nothing to do with saying things that are harmless, innocuous or the popular opinion of the day 

Who gives a fig if you say you like apples or hate grapes

Freedom of speech is about saying the unpopular.. It is about causing offense and anger in others - sometimes a by product of the words and sometimes purposeful
For example, unfortunately no one is going to take someone to task for calling a black person that awful hyphenated fake term Af-Am meant to promote and validate a fantasy sense of 'exceptionalism' where African matters more than American

Try expressing terms like negro, colored or otherwise.. Try telling a black they are not better than a white but 100% equal..   Try telling that to a white-guilt shame ridden Caucasian..

And God help whoever says Nigger even to make a larger point

No such thing as freedom of speech in society when a group of people can completely control the word choices of others
We're so conditioned to fear government control of our lives that we constantly allow other entities to have powers over us that no sane person would ever tolerate but seem to accept due to fear

The worst culprit is by far the workplace

All that stuff about former NFL QB Colin Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem and his then employer the NFL standing by impotent and allowing its colored barnyard animals to run its farm was an anomaly based on race fear
Truth is the employer has more controls over you and what you say and do then you ever realize and it extends outside the workplace

Try texting or tweeting or posting a video expressing that a co-worker is fuckable or that you find homosexuality vile and your boss sees it

Doesn't matter if it was your off-time or after hours when expressed..  you are toast, and all Supreme Court protected based on how they've ruled in the past on such issues brought before them
The 1st Amendment only protects someone from government punishment and even that is noy absolute

Try expressing you wish that Obama was.. 

Um.. Nope.. not going there..

But just try typing it or saying it in a public venue...  Double Dog Dare you

Of course the most common example of yelling 'Fire!' in a crowded theater where there is no danger..  One gets arrested for that as well
Truth is for most, they can vent and get nutty-nutz over their freedom of speech being curtailed but deep down they love and need the control or else they wouldn't passively accept it

For instance, everyone today seems to use social media..  Entities like Facebook and Twitter actively control content and suspend, boot or block anyone's accounts where they disagree with what is expressed

Express that blacks are awesome.. Great..  Express they're not.. Gone
Tweet that you wish Trump gets cancer or Ivanka should sleep with her father..  Cool..  Tell the person who tweeted it you hope She gets cancer (Samantha Bee)..  Account Suspended

Celebrate gay and tranny pride..  Awesome...  Express that its disgusting..  Yep, you got it - time to create another dummy Twitter account

Maybe the President can do something to fix this but who knows..

There is no such thing as free speech and sadly it really has never existed 
From President John Adams' Sedition Acts to Lincoln directing the Union Army to shut down newspapers who were pro-Southern and keep reporters incarcerated without due process to Woodrow Wilson punishing foreign born individuals who spoke against WWI by sending them back to their home country, there's a common pattern which emerges

The only speech anyone will tolerate or accept is what doesn't go against their beliefs
No one who likes the color blue really cares if you like green or red or pink

Try telling a Democrat that every single thing they believe; every value and worldview they hold dear is bullshit..

Doesn't matter if its 100% Truth..  It won't be received well

Same with the Fact that Islam is pure evil..  Go ahead - express it on social media

Now express that Christianity is evil and watch what happens or rather what doesn't happen
As a society we've never been more controlled as to what we publicly express and for all the historical belly-aching by the left that they were victims of censorship and oppression, it is they doing the controlling and Conservatives have been shockingly weak fighting back

Even Fox News keeps calling blacks 'Af-Am' like it was a directive from God or at least the ones writing out their paychecks

How can anyone say with a straight face they are against political correctness or refuse to play that game and yet say bullshit like 'Af-Am' or Native-Am for Indians?

Everyone is confused.. scared to offend.. terrified of consequence

Just as those soulless fake Americans (liberals) want it.
We've become a deeply phony fake society

Just about no one says how they really think and feel, all insincerity is masked behind professional smiles and to survive in this white-guilt ridden society, we have to play the game so not to lose everything

And is that how you really want to be living?