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Friday, March 29, 2019

How You Can Work to Make America Great Again

We're going to wrap up this week's theme regarding America and greatness with a short post to tie everything we've written all together

As we've expressed, America is not great but instead 50% of its population are and its the other half who vote Democrat and suffer from Trump Derangement Syndrome who have continually sought to destroy a once magnificent country into what it is now

Political correctness and identity politics may be modern trends of the last few decades but social progressivism has been going on for over a century
In simplest terms, to be S-P means the need to constantly tinker and alter society how other people live and function in day to day society so that some intentionally must suffer so others may benefit without doing so on their own

And what it becomes is change for change sake or political OCD

Life in 2019 for minorities has never been better than any point in our nation's history and while some realize this and are able to focus their energies on being successes, many others still are bitter and their hatred of America, its history, culture, values and traditions just poison everything
So how do the 50% who are great combat the 50% who seek to make America a terrible place to live?

To steal a line from the never-Trumpers - 'Resist!.. Resist.. Resist!'

We have to fight them at every turn, and no we do not mean literally unless one of them physically assaults you for your beliefs or wearing a MAGA hat - In that scenario, we'd hope you'd hit back twice as hard and as often
We're talking more about getting in the enemies' face figurative and literal - to not keep quiet anymore when Trump or one's beliefs and values are attacked

Stop avoiding confrontation among friends, family and coworkers just to keep the peace

If someone says Trump is a shithead and he/she knows you support him then that person is really saying by extension that you are a shithead and/or 'I do not respect or value you enough to avoid upsetting you'

Amazing how many do not understand this or make the connection -  If you believe in X or Y and you are around those who say they like or love you who just vent how people who believe in X or Y are idiots or such, it doesn't matter how much its tailored to sound like a general expression..

It is meant for you.
Question then becomes do you take it or do you defend yourself and your core convictions

Yours truly had to get rid of many social and personal relationships with liberals over the last couple years to avoid needless tension and just an overall desire not to associate myself with people with genuinely rotten blacken souls

Those liberals who could argue with reason and intellect and showed that overall that friendship or family came before politics, I continued to stay in contact with and all those relationships are as strong as before the election

The others?  Had to discard them like one would rancid meat or contaminated dairy one finds in the fridge if left too long and got rid of some really nasty, terrible people with the same sadness I would throwing out a nasty, terrible bag of expired lettuce
What you do in this regard is your own business, not ours but we would think after 2+ years of how despicable and zombie-like liberals have shown themselves to be, one would make necessary decisions to preserve their mental and emotional wellness

The only way this country can ever be great again in meaningful ways is the 50% who are great have to be even greater to compensate for the 50% who are lower than roadkill

We have to be more involved in politics from local grassroots levels to national elections
We have to speak out and defend our beliefs by all means necessary and appropriate to the level of threat posed by the enemy i.e. physical response is only justified when there's a physical action toward you - otherwise fight with your mind and passion

Also don't be afraid to pester mainstream news and/or those liberals who write Trump-offensive comments - keep attacking in responses and tweets..

Show the other side that WE are the majority, not they.

As General Forrest once said, "Keep up the scare!"
We as conservatives have been too passive since Trump won..

Too quiet..

We laugh at the snowflakes and see them as silly or harmless but they aren't and never were

They are more like rabid dogs or raccoons
There is a mental sickness in the mind of just about every Democrat which is very scary and it will forever prevent this nation from being great again until politically and socially, its confronted with as much ferocity as they daily demonstrate toward us

When we who represent goodness and decency finally have the courage as individuals to stand up to them, ultimately we will win more than an election

We will win back our country.