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Friday, March 22, 2019

Mailbag Q&A: 3/22/19

It is a Friday so we thought we'd sift through the mail and answer a few

So let's begin with..

Q:  I hear so many people questioning the President's sanity especially with his attacks on McCain - do you suppose they are correct?

A:  Nope.  Trump is how Presidents are Supposed to act - honest, direct, sincere, non-conformist.   He has enemies.. He attacks them back.   Good.

We don't want a fake President.. Tired of leaders who choose their words extra careful and always excessively self restrained.
Q:  Do you think its bad taste for Trump to go after McCain who's been dead 8 months now?  It just seems so tacky.  I don't know.

A:  Is it bad taste to attack Hitler or Stalin?  They are dead too..  

McCain was an absolute devious bastard to Trump; attacks are absolutely warranted

It was that rotten soulless cadaver McCain who leaked the fake Trump dossier to the press and who spitefully went back on his word to vote to repeal Obamacare at the last second
McCain was a corrupt, despicable man - most forget he was part of the 'Keating 5', a group of US Senators back in the mid 1980s who took financial payoffs from Charles Keating who was head of Lincoln Savings and Loan which was primarily responsible for the S&L crisis costing taxpayers billions to bail out

McCain also was no hero - if allowing yourself to be captured in times of war to avoid dying is heroic, then wouldn't every Nazi who surrendered to the Allies in WWII to go to a POW camp for the duration be heroic as well?

Besides, anyone who calls their wife a cunt to her face as he did to Cindy McCain on the 2008 campaign trail as documented in the book 'Game Change', is a fucker deserving of a spit into the eye.
Q:  You used to write often about an impending financial collapse especially during the Obama years but it never materialized - the economy is strong.. stocks keep rising..  Do you feel foolish with your doom n' gloom predictions?

A:  Nope.  Every couple decades from country's beginnings, there has been a financial reset which causes recession, panic and occasionally worse; it Will happen again ultimately.

Take the Great Depression - everyone knows of the Crash in 1929 - it was followed by some growth in 1930 & 1931 then a second crash in 1932 which added to the suffering followed by more dramatic up/down the following 10 years

We got out of the Depression thanks to WWII and once it was over, the nation went into a 12 month recession as the economy had to get adjusted to peace time and other recessions followed in the 70+ years since
Now understand we do not want it to happen, especially with Trump in office 

But also understand that absolutely nothing from the 2008 crash was fixed..  It was papered over and thanks to trillions upon trillions of dollars being poured into the system to enrich the rich and massive amounts of excess home valuation, we have what we have at this moment

Everything goes in cycles:  life-death, the change of seasons..  economics is no different and most people here and around the world are barely surviving as it is 

Last question:
Q:  Any thoughts/opinions on what happened in New Zealand last week

A:  Can't think of a nation at this moment we despise more - pathetic excrement country

A violent man kills 50+ people in a mosque and instead of focusing on punishing the one crazed individual to the fullest extent of New Zealand law, they decide to go knee-jerk and take away everyone else's freedoms

It is the chewing gum in the classroom way of solving problems - you know where you have a class of say 40 students and because one puts the gum under the desk instead of disposing it properly like the other 39, the rule becomes No One can enjoy gum
Could have sworn its illegal to kill other human beings - we're sure NZ has laws in the books for that and corresponding criminal justice punishments

Why is that not enough?!  Why instantly ban guns?

And assuming their citizens needed background checks to obtain, this means their police will have conduct house to house searches to force everyone to turn them in, just like one would expect in a Nazi or Soviet state

And then there's the state imposed threat of 10 to 14 years imprisonment for merely possessing the Facebook live video of the killings much less posting
We sure as shit don't ever want to see it but the video is out there - it was made, it was seen, it was re-posted and quite frankly its scary the depths a government will go to control what others see or hear

Guess censorship is OK if the majority wish it

Just a rotten shit island nation and one that every Democrat wants to emulate when it comes to the gun confiscation debate 

Well time to enjoy the weekend.. hope you do as well