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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Making America Great Again.. But Compared to What?

~  The Antebellum South.. A Time America was truly Great

Back during the 2016 Election, the slogan of Trump was 'Make America Great Again" and for the upcoming campaign, it will be "Keep America Great" or some variation

But is it really great and if so, can its greatness be maintained?

If one is looking at things like economy, military strength and re-establishing a strong US presence abroad then yes they are correct that we are far greater than we were during the chocolate pretzel stick's presidency.

But we kinda look at things askew here at A&G and all those barometers mentioned a moment ago have a natural ebb and flow which often the person in the Oval Office does not have direct control
Our question is 'when was the last time America was great in ways that mattered?'

If one has a nation where an opposition political party can try to take down a legally elected sitting President vis a vis a carefully orchestrated non-violent coup attempt by creating a narrative of a fake Constitutional crisis which has gone on more than 2 years with no let up even after Mueller's report...

Well is that a 'great' nation?
When the pure unadulterated evils of political correctness, social progressivism and identity politics is allowed to go unchecked for not years but Decades with both the 4th estate (the press) and every aspect of the entertainment industry pushing beliefs and world views that have systematically destroyed the ability of an individual to be a free thinker among the endless deluge of propaganda..

Well is that a 'great' nation?
When you have a nation where so many people hate America, hate its history, hate white 'privilege' (sorry but it is a wonderful thing to be Caucasians - we do feel privileged), hate themselves (white-guilt liberals) and along with bitter people of color do everything possible to destroy the country from within, making it a daily mission to tear down the moral and social fabric of our society and government allows it..

Well..  you know..
Trump is many ways has shown to be a great President but on this issue, he either does not get into the fight or perhaps legally he is powerless to

Then again, the amount of minority pandering by Trump especially to blacks and women who statistically speaking are equal in numbers to men so how can they be oppressed, is Revolting and Insulting

Like he along with Ivanka (who we can not stomach) keep pushing all these initiatives for women to succeed as entrepreneurs
That's nice except for one thing - show us what gene or DNA strand in a male gives him this natural ability to start up and run a successful business vs what a woman is born with

Absolute bullshit but this is the kind of PC nonsense no one but us argue against

If government wants to help get people by giving them the educational and financial tools to start their own companies and become successes, that is wonderful but it has to be for Both genders.

How does society keep getting away with this constant double standard that we are a nation of equals and all of us have value and importance and yet everything from government programs to public policy is geared to helping specific groups at the detriment and disadvantage of others?!

Amazing that no one really wants true equality - those who are on top never want to give up their superiority status and those at the bottom only want equality as a stepping stone to gain power and control to avenge their wrongs

And we are a deeply phony, fake nation..

Everyone forced to tolerate each other which is a polite way of saying stomach having to live among people that normally would never seek to socialize with if not for the system forcing it
Freedom of speech and expression is an illusion, generation upon generation of youth is being indoctrinated to embrace values, ideas and sexual deviances that go against their core ethic and religion beliefs and to fight it means to lose everything

And we live in a society where there is no ability to get away and break from the system thanks to advancements in tracking technology that even the most gadget-loving geek is not aware

Just a brutal time in both America's and the world's history.
So we see Trump's 2016 slogan of making America great again to be accurate but perhaps a more precise but less catchy 2020 slogan should be 'Still trying to make America great again - but that requires going back to pre-Civil War days'

Hard to get voters excited with that one even if true.