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Sunday, March 3, 2019

MLB: "DL" to" IL" 2 B PC, U C

We're submitting Monday's post on Sunday night..

Yours truly was watching a spring training baseball game on TV earlier today and at one point the announcers were talking about a player who was going to go on the IL and then explaining the term meant 'Injured List' to replace DL

Seems that MLB in all its political correct idiocy has decided that saying 'Disabled List' is too offensive to the crippled so after 150 years of saying DL it will be IL

Is that not retarded and insane or what?

Yep we know those are PC no-no words too..  That was the point..
But even though people can groan and say Jeez!, this is another indication of how far down the cesspool this nation has fallen thanks to the control of fake Americans (liberals) who pretend to love this country and deep down despise it, when it comes to political correctness and social progressivism

Perfectly OK for MLB to make sick every red-blooded American with the Constant Non-Stop pandering of colored people through Jackie Robinson day where everyone is Forced to wear #42 on their jersey and all the other garbage the league does in their desperate attempt to keep colored people from switching passions to the NBA and NFL
Perfectly OK for baseball along with other sports leagues to go out of their way to celebrate and fete homosexual pride by putting a whole line of sports merchandise out there in rainbow colors to show one celebrate being a Braves fan and a queer, which kinda goes hand in hand like being from Tennessee and being inbred trash  (that's meant for only one specific person)

Perfectly OK for baseball teams and the league itself to celebrate along with 'Af-Am' pride, every other group of people except Caucasians of Western European descent (Irish being the exception) and to change businessman specials (afternoon games targeted for those who normally work) to the safe term 'businessperson'

Everything in life from sports to any other aspect of society, it is supposed to be acceptable to alter words, concepts, beliefs to appease to those who make the most stink and pretend their the most offended and the Majority groups continually shuts up
Are disabled people really That offended by the term 'disabled list'?

We don't believe so but if they are, well tough S!

Amazing what a weak pathetic pussified society we've become..  So many people of so many groups need to just toughen the hell up and stop exploiting a victimization that is not there in reality

"Sticks n stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me" - Remember that?!!
The fault of all this.. What has happened over the last few decades lies squarely on the shoulders and at the feet of all those who know that political correctness and over-sensitivity is absolute bullshit and yet never made any effort to combat it

Fear too great of losing a job or a friendship or believing all the lies that life is better this way or just not worth the bother to get stressed over it; pretending a slippery slope does not exist

Whoever thinks that way.. You're to blame
It's like with Hitler and the Nazis.. Why were they so embolden to take Poland in 1939?  Simple.. No one bothered to make any effort to stop them when they took the Sudetenland, Austria and Czechoslovakia

And why did no one do anything when the Jews were gassed?  No one bothered to stand up and fight the Nazis when they took away the Jews' civil rights and closed their businesses and put them in ghettos, etc..

No different here..  You may disagree..  OK, you're still wrong.
So much power and control have been given to so many who absolutely do not deserve it and have taken full advantage of the situation to usurp more societal control over words and thought,,,

And the majority still cowers in fear of offending

The goal is not equality or fairness or dignity..  It's power and economics

Now we really don't believe there's a disabled community who demanded MLB change how they refer to an injured player..  We just see liberal pieces of shit in control of most corporate entities injecting their distorted value systems onto all with no venue for average people to fight back
Look at the NFL..  80% of fans could have boycotted going to games and the prick Roger Goodell who runs the league still would have ignored the demand that the National Anthem be respected and side with the black barnyard animal players because all that matters is pleasing them and advertisers

And in the case of league revenue, most come from TV deals, ads and merchandising which statistically speaking the majority is purchased not from educated Caucasians but minorities who were born post 9/11

This goes for all sports leagues except hockey which has still been able to retain a white, straight fanbase in spite of all their efforts to reach out to the black and gay communities as if they were more important to have as fans then who do currently follow the league
Most things in the news are so damned  inconsequential..

Yes, even Presidential elections

Trump is in office and those fake pretend Americans still control every aspect of the media and pop culture zeitgeist,

They still push their poison upon the greater society and the President has not done a single thing to combat it, not that he really has the power to even if he chose not to pander to the same god-awful groups
What matters is how society is shaped/altered and the ways impressionable minds, especially youth are going to be brainwashed by the constant selling of belief and attitude

Already we see a society where black is not only "beautiful" but exceptional and if you want to be 'cool', find a colored girl to fuck or let them fuck you so you can create wonderful caramel colored children

That's what Calvin Klein's Eternity cologne campaign and so many other corporate advertisement strategies are about..
And we see a changed, rather distorted society look at the perversity and abnormality of homosexual relationships, pretend 'marriage' and they raising families as if its the way Jesus, Buddha, Mohammad or the Jewish god intended

Such brainwashing on such a massive scale over so many generations..

And you can either succumb or fight it especially through pro-active raising of your children to question everything especially what is popular at a given moment

Its' a long struggle and the good guys n gals have practically lost due to reasons and rationales absolutely bizarre to anyone aware how the world is really run

But it all starts with an Individual.. 

He/she will always make the difference in any battle for the control of one's thoughts, beliefs and soul.